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Romance is fine.Marriage is a serious lifetime commitment

Marriages should be incredible journeys of loving harmony. But the problems in a troubled marriage are so numerous that isolating one or two causes, which is the typical approach, is not enough. Resolving only surface issues produces only temporary results. Regaining love and friendship this way is nearly impossible; especially when you are in the middle of big problems.

This conundrum is well known to our founder, Paul Friedman. Because he was in the thick of it himself, and later, as a divorce mediator, he saw couples who, like himself, were at the end of their marital rope.

The solution is science! In every other facet of life we rely on science, but somehow, when it comes to our most important part of life, we have forgotten science, and core principles of cause and effect. Yet deliberate execution of purposeful actions are just as important in marriage.

Our organization is dedicated to doing more than giving advice. We have outlined all the pertinent marital principles into practical, logical, and therefore effective actions.

In doing so, we have transformed the lives of thousands, and future millions, with happiness producing marital knowledge. Knowledge that gives every individual, and couple, control over their own destinies.

We are also the "FREE WILL" organization. Knowing what to do is often not enough. Our minds are strong. In fact, the part of our minds that is strongest is usually our habits; stronger in fact than our own free will. That is why part of our groundbreaking program is a technique called the SEW, which gives every individual the ability to not just influence their habits, but change them at will.

Our mission is to serve you. We offer free advice to those with simple problems, life changing books, and the most scientifically advanced marriage help programs that exist. Our nonprofit status allows us to affordably spread our teachings all over the world.

Linda Sorkin, MA, LMFT, TMF Certified

The most important principles I share with my clients are how to avoid the 3 Killers Of Marriage and how to bring the sweetness back into marriage.

—Linda Sorkin, MA, LMFT, TMF Certified, San Diego, CA

I do not make your program an option. I insist my married clients take it.  

—Dr. Alfonso S., PhD, New York City, NY

Michael Karp, MFC, LPC, TMF Certified

TMF principles have become an essential part of my practice. My clients are improving their marriages rapidly instead of slogging through a long therapy process, often getting nowhere.

—Michael Karp, MFC, LPC, TMF Certified, San Diego, CA

The way you combine body, mind and consciousness is not only brilliant, it is essential.

—Dr. Henry M., PhD, Portland, OR

About The Marriage Foundation

The Marriage Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Paul Friedman in 2009. We are not affiliated with any other organization, religious or otherwise. Our marriage saving principles have been proven to be universally applicable and highly effective for couples struggling to make their marriages work.

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