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I don't just like TMF, I'm such an advocate that I feel it NEEDS to be shared with as many couples as possible. I don't know how many times I've read the book now.

The Marriage Foundation's work and teachings have revolutionized my perspective on marriage, counseling couples, and what my role is as a husband in my own relationship. 

—Stephen Byrd, LPC, Atlanta GA

Linda Sorkin, MA, LMFT, TMF Certified

The most important principles I share with my clients are how to avoid the 3 Killers Of Marriage and how to bring the sweetness back into marriage.

—Linda Sorkin, MA, LMFT, TMF Certified, San Diego, CA

I do not make your program an option. I insist my married clients take it.  

—Dr. Alfonso S., PhD, New York City, NY

Michael Karp, MFC, LPC, TMF Certified

TMF principles have become an essential part of my practice. My clients are improving their marriages rapidly instead of slogging through a long therapy process, often getting nowhere.

—Michael Karp, MFC, LPC, TMF Certified, San Diego, CA

The way you combine body, mind and consciousness is not only brilliant, it is essential.

—Dr. Henry M., PhD, Portland, OR

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