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"It's the best it's been in decades." -Dana H.

About The Marriage Foundation

Paul Friedman, Executive Director & Founder

Paul Friedman, Founder

Marriage expert, Paul Friedman, founded The Marriage Foundation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to spread his revolutionary marriage system and dramatically improve the lives of couples around the world.

Since 2003, Paul has been refining his system; initially through personally working with hundreds of couples, then by training and certifying counselors. He has written two books on marriage, produced several educational video courses, trained marriage counselors in his system, and he continues to guide the growth of the organization.

Paul's unique system rebuilds the entire foundation of your marriage. You'll no longer worry about cracks, because there won't be any. Your marriage will be an incredible journey of loving harmony.

Couples who go through our course learn marriage so thoroughly that they see pitfalls coming long before they become an issue. Their marriages flourish and become a continual source of happiness and fulfillment.

We continue to transform the lives of countless families worldwide. Empowered with our marriage system, each individual and couple gains control over their own destiny.

Our mission is to serve you. We offer free marriage help to those with simple problems, insightful marriage books, and Paul's life changing Complete Marriage System taught through in an online video course.

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TMF is a nonprofit organization that serves clients in over 30 countries. Our principles have improved the lives of countless families.

Our operational costs are met through selling educational books and programs, and by our generous benefactors. Donations and corporate sponsorships allow us to offer our services for a very modest fee, and be very flexible with couples in need.

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If I hadn’t personally witnessed it for myself, I would not believe it possible.

Well, I have to say that if I hadn’t personally witnessed it for myself, I would not believe it possible. In 4 weeks, my husband has made a complete 180 and recommitted to me on our 12th anniversary yesterday. I told him that 13 is a lucky number and this is going to be the best year yet! He wants to do the couples program with me and add the men’s course for himself. We have a long way to go to ensure that current behaviors become permanent habits, but it is definitely all in controlling the mind. I can’t wait to finish the rest of the program and how can I not possibly share this with my friends???!!!

Carrie C. Orange County, CA

It's the best it's been in decades.

Thank you! I have been wanting to write a card thanking you again for how much you have helped our marriage. It's the best it's been in decades. John has been amazing!

Dana H. San Diego, CA

I am feeling a sense of peace.

Very impressed with the program!! I've tried many times in the past to make constructive changes in my behavior, but it was always very hit and miss. Now, with the understanding that the conflict between body and mind and controlling the conflict with will power will be a lifetime effort, I am feeling a sense of peace. A journey and not a destination is my take away. Thank you so much!!

Paul N. Denver, CO

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