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"I don't have any questions, but I can only thank God for leading me here to The Marriage Foundation. I'm still in the first week of the marriage course for women and I'm the happiest I have been in a long time."
Dana H.
"Thank you again for your course. I saw my whole life flashing before my eyes, and your course slowed things down and homed in on the causes of our problems, not with just some superficial band-aids. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about repairing their marriage!"


Our teachings on marriage are scientific, spiritual, and effective. Our specialty is the “impossible”

Is Our System Right for You?

Whether you’ve come across Paul’s YouTube videos, read his articles, or heard about us from clergy or a friend, we appreciate your interest in exploring what we have to offer. Our goal is to help you transform your marital life by using our comprehensive systems, techniques, methods, and courses. With over 22 years of experience, we have fine-tuned our principle’s-based approach. It is experience, not theory, that guided our improvements.

Paul’s background as a divorce mediator brings a unique perspective to our marriage-savior courses. His discoveries about marriage are 100% applicable to those seeking the same goals they had when they first got married: happiness, love, and harmony. To cater to practical needs, our courses are individualized by gender, specifically designed to accelerate the healing process and teach you how to unlock your marriage’s true potential. The improvements come very quickly.

We recommend that you, as an individual, take the course specific to your gender and allow your spouse to decide whether they want to join later or not. We strongly advise against pressuring them into taking the course, as it is important for both partners to make a voluntary commitment. If your spouse chooses to join at a later time, you can add their course with a significant discount whether it will be days, weeks, or even months later.

Almost from the day you begin your course, you will begin experiencing a profound transformation, both within yourself and then within your marriage. Personal growth and a thriving relationship go hand in hand and this course will be all you will ever need. It includes both the process you need to start reversing all the negative trends and troubles, as well as providing you the education you must have to enjoy continual lifelong improvements in your happiness, love, and harmony. And, our TMF trained marriage counselors are always there for you when you need them. Each marriage help course is yours for life, you can access it online forever, anytime, and from anywhere there is internet access.

Some are not sure whether their marriage “is worth it” or can survive what they are going through. For that reason, we include a 3-day free trial period, followed by a 90-day guarantee. We do not want you to give up, not easily, anyway.
"I have been adopting the SEW technique over the past 3-4 weeks and things have really calmed down between us. We are able to have decent conversations and when things flare up I immediately utilize the SEW technique which I am now practicing every day."
Irish T.

Experience Personal Transformation in Your Marriage and Yourself

The course will first guide your steps out of the horrible conditions that brings you to us. It is not always the path of least resistance but our system is methodical, time-tested for over 22 years and proven, which is what counts. It will serve you forever as your guiding and trusted “Marriage Manual”. Never again will you fall into the traps that brought you and your marriage from happiness to stress. You will learn what happened so you never have to suffer, again, and you will create lasting incredibly positive changes, not just for a few days or weeks but for the rest of your lives. What distinguishes TMF is our methods, techniques, and system that reliably makes your individual efforts create definite results, recognizing the absolute laws of cause and effect.

Your happiness and your marriage depends more on your personal growth than you realize (we are not taught this, but it is truth) and we mean more than just feel-good platitudes. You will learn how to turn habitual and Instinctive reactions, even anger, Into wisdom-based responses. In short you will no longer be inwardly or outwardly reactive, and that happens in the first month! With our unique SEW technique, discovered and formulated by our founder Paul Friedman, you’ll finally be able to use your own power to make deep, lasting, and permanent transformations from within. You will no longer be a slave to anger, emotions, fears, or moods. You will be happy, you will change your marriage in undreamed of ways.
"Hello Counselor, Just saying hi and thanks. In September my husband told me he was having an affair and wasn’t sure he wanted to stay married. With your help, I have been working really hard- sometimes I slip up and that’s usually when I write in. The responses always get me back on track. Here I am some months later preparing to celebrate our wedding anniversary! September seems like a lifetime ago and I’m still reviewing the course material periodically. I just want to say thanks for the support and the lessons. I am truly seeing the vast power that I have in my marriage - just as you said. God bless you all."
Juliana K.

No matter how hopeless your marriage may seem, we will guide you towards happiness, love, and harmony

Don’t give up and we won’t either. At The Marriage Foundation, we have an exceptional record of healing and transforming marriages regardless of how difficult, even those on the very brink. Maybe you just want to take your marriage to new heights of happiness, love, and harmony, from where you are, now. Or, like most of our students, the severity of your marital struggles has you on the brink, or even past the brink. Our courses are designed to bring you to a positive and fulfilling future. Our unwavering commitment ensures that you will experience the transformative impact of our positive, understanding, and loving approach.

In some cases, we have saved marriages where the couple are already lawyering up. By working with these severe cases was how Paul was able to develop our unique processes. This is the step-by-step system that has saved thousands of marriages. Because he was a divorce mediator, he was able to go to “the belly of the beast” speaking at divorce support groups for women, and later, for men. They thought their marriage was over. They were saved.

Our methodical guidance within the online video women’s or men’s course, given by Paul himself (so you benefit from what he emphasizes) is supported by expert guidance from veteran TMF marriage counselors, all of whom are volunteers who themselves have gone through the program.

Our proven methods will revitalize your relationship and create a solid, and durable foundation. Not just a quick ‘do this, do that’ kind of program, ours is a dynamic life-changer that puts you on a sure path of ever-increasing happiness, ever-expanding love, and longed for harmony. And, yes, just your efforts, alone, will do it all. Our courses are for an individual. If your spouse wants to take their course later you can sign them up any time in the future with a generous discount.
"My husband was in tears and told me that he loves me. Thank you for your positivity and all the reassurance. I now know that I’m on the right track in getting my marriage back and better!!! You are AWESOME!!! God Bless You!"
Kate M.

We also prioritize your individual happiness because it is essential for the happiness of your marriage

Very early on Paul saw that everyone who needed marriage help was stressed and that their state of mind was also impacting their marriage. Although your own happiness cannot be dependent on your marriage, individual and marital happiness is a circle cycle when your marriage is working, with both feeding each other. That’s why we make calmness and inner happiness a simultaneous priority along with focusing on the marriage.

Using the course, you will be calmer, less worried, and increasingly more fun to be with, as well as much happier within yourself. At first only you will notice the changes, but soon everyone will notice, especially your partner. That happens in the beginning, and faster than you can now imagine. The process Paul developed is progressive, bringing you out of the mess and up to happiness.
"Hello, I know I have so much more work to do, but this program finally clicked for me about a week and a half ago. I have been able to change negative thoughts to thoughts (and thereby actions) of love. I feel love for my husband and am seeing him in a different way. It has been life changing the past week. He has been treating me with love also. Doing things that he hasn’t done for me in a long time. It’s been so beautiful"
Cassey T.


For over 22 years and thousands of successes, The Marriage Foundation remains dedicated to helping individuals like you who are experiencing failure, or just a decline in the core pillars of marriage: happiness, harmony, and unconditional love. Our mission is to guide you in reclaiming these essential elements of a healthy and fulfilling partnership. Let us be your trusted companion on this journey towards restoring the happiness and unconditional love that you deserve in your marriage.

Our course provides a guided pathway to happiness and marital love, supported by our team of TMF marriage counselors. You will learn the essential rules of a successful marriage.

While we are not affiliated with any specific religious organization, we recognize that love and marriage are spiritual gifts. Our teachings are rooted in universal principles. Without any contradiction you will learn a scientifically methodical system that progressively changes you and your marriage.

“I have a burden for marriages in my church and community and family. Jamie, my wife, and I have adapted the principles of Marriage Foundation and it revolutionized our marriage. We are 54 years wed but only in the past few years have learned the keys to happy and enduring love through your materials and concepts.” Justin


Our Marriage Courses are for individuals, you may add your spouse later, at a discount.

$10 a WEEK

✅ Men’s & Women’s Online Course
✅ Unlimited Email Counseling
✅ 90-Day Guarantee
✅ 3-Day Free Trial


$39.95 / month

Less than $10 a week


$39.95 / month

Less than $10 a week


✅ Women’s Online Course
✅ Unlimited Email Counseling
✅ 90-Day Guarantee
✅ 3-Day Free Trial


$139.95 / month

$39.95 / month


✅ Men’s Online Course
✅ Unlimited Email Counseling
✅ 90-Day Guarantee
✅ 3-Day Free Trial


$139.95 / month

$39.95 / month


If your marriage isn’t in serious trouble please consider just watching our YouTube Videos, read our

Free Articles or purchasing one of our books.


Paul’s first book is simple and effective. Although it is a wonderful and accurate overlay for marriage we recommend one of the courses when your marriage is on a steep slide toward separation and divorce.


Again and again we hear from clients, marriage counselors, and clergy that the principles taught by The Marriage Foundation are revolutionary because they unravel the so-called “mysteries of marriage” and reduce everything to practical do’s and don’ts. 

BTC is similar but deeper than Lessons for a Happy Marriage and we still recommend one of the courses when your marriage is on a steep slide toward separation and divorce.



“Dear Counsellor,

Thank you to Paul and the entire TMF family! I made it to the end of the course and not only do I feel accomplished, I feel empowered. I have had a couple of slips ups when my emotions whipped me but I unburdened to a counselor and kept it away from my husband and importantly I didn’t share it with anyone. I am happy I did this course bc I recognized so many ways that I held back love from my husband and as I correct those – I am seeing subtle changes in him. I will continue to listen the videos in the car on my to work etc. I will continue to work on watching my mind and guarding my thoughts. I might still need to write to you, if I get in an emotional ‘battle’ but I hope not much. Continue to help and pray for marriages the world over. May God continue to bless you richly.”

Nelli Dalia

Albany, NY

“Thank you so much. I am learning so much through this course and I want to commit to it with all that I have. Thank you for teaching me a better way to live my life without being controlled by my thoughts and emotions. I want to learn the SEW more than anything.”


“Hey there, Just wanted to give an update. As I’ve worked on myself and focused on making all of my interactions with my wife positive experiences where I’ve been intentional to be respectful, courteous, considerate, kind, and helpful with the kids and a number of things, I’ve seen progress every day. My wife is engaging me in conversation. Two days ago, she brought me lunch. Tonight, she told my son to bring her phone over to me so I could watch the video on it and laugh with them. I felt a very good moment there as she watched me and waited to see my laughter as I watched it. These are all good things and I seem to see more of them every day.”

Jeffrey C

New Haven, CT

“Hello, I know I have so much work to do, but I think this program finally clicked for me about a week and a half ago. I have been able to change negative thoughts to thoughts (and thereby actions) of love. I feel love for my husband and am seeing him in a different way. It has been life changing the past week. He has been treating me with love also. Doing things that he hasn’t done for me in a long time. It’s been so beautiful”

Sonia L

Olivette, MO

“Dear Team!

I hope you are all doing well!

I confess that it took me a LONG time to complete the course! Although some of the knowledge has been there, controlling my mind and emotions were so so hard! The problems would always speak louder, and I would continue with my old behavior! It was only until I heard my husband say for the first time the word divorce! It shook me! I ran to Paul’s YouTube page and found his advice in regard to what to not do if your husband asks for a divorce! I tried to follow the steps and also ran back to complete the course! I can say that once my behavior shifted my husband’s mood also shifted INSTANTLY! The house was a lot more peaceful, I was taking accountability for my behavior and mistakes, my feminine side started flourishing and he calmed down! I am now going through the course again and will continue to do so until I am the person I truly want to be! I am truly focused on me and my growth and looking forward to do everything with love from now on!”’

Michele W

Honolulu, HI



Watch videos of Paul answering specific questions from viewers.


Listen to our podcast as our founder, Paul Friedman and his co-host, David Kruse, discuss a wide range of marriage related topics and social issues.


Paul has written many articles on marriage for you to read.


You may write to our counselors for free advice on your particular situation.


We serve clients in over 45 countries. Our operational costs are met primarily through selling educational books and programs, but we wouldn’t be here without our generous benefactors.