7 Rites for a Holy Marriage

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A rite, or Holy ritual, may not be something most people think about after their marriage ceremony, but why not? Why not keep your marriage on a plane above the fray, above the mundane world? One of the biggest mistakes most people make is thinking that their marriage is not that big a deal, ironic considering that it is the biggest deal in their lives. After all, you found your soulmate, a huge deal, you signed up to be with them for the rest of your life, certainly not a small decision, and you promised to love them above all others, with all your heart, mind, and soul. I had the idea to write this article during our weekly long meditation so although I probably should have brought my mind back to God I will think that this is an article He inspired. Now, let’s see what we come up with.


#1 Greet Your Soulmate Each Morning with Reverential Love

Rather than just saying good morning absent-mindedly, remember that your soulmate is not one you chose, or one who chose you. You would not be together if it were not ordained. They are there for you to learn to love, unconditionally. That’s God’s love! Be appreciative and watch your heart lift to the heavens.


#2 Look Into Their Eyes and See Their Soul

The eyes are the portal to the soul. Nothing beats the connection made; it is up to you to make it. We have free will. Using your free will to uplift your marriage with constant appreciation and self-reminders is just common sense.

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#3 Pray Before Eating

This is such a no-brainer but because it isn’t “cool” anymore, as we can see by prayer not happening on TV or in the movies, we have to take it upon ourselves to offer our heartfelt thanks without being reminded by Hollywood. They used to say “The couple who prays together stays together.” Great advice!


#4 Make Physical Intimacy Soul-Connection

The sex act has become a lost art of soul connection, reduced to gymnastics and selfish self- gratification. Lift it up! Focus on what counts, your love for each other, opening your hearts, spilling your love into one another. It is much more fun that way.


#5 Before You Speak to Them Say Thank You to God

They say it’s a good idea to think before you speak and I second that. I also say its not a bad idea to say thank you to the one who brought you together and fills your lives with love and blessings.

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#6 As you please Your Soulmate (not meaning sexually) Think “For You O ’Lord, Who Resides Within”

Making every act between you a loving offering to your creator is only going to make your actions fill with love and so, happiness. That’s the formula.


#7 Make Your Good night an “I Love You” Filled With Love for God

It’s okay to love God and your soulmate with the same love because it is. There is only one “manufacturer” of love, anyway. The love you give is the love you live. Go for it.

Believe it or not, I didn’t plan these, I just wrote them as they came to me. I know that’s not usually a good idea, but what the heck. I hope it gives you something to think about and be grateful about. All my love to you.