Corporate Sponsorship

Our mission is not only to help marriages but also to save the lives of children.

It does not matter what the social or economic status of parents is, all children feel safe when their parents are the loving center of a harmonious family.

Children of unhappy marriages and divorce, however, are the most vulnerable in our society. Studies have demonstrated the long-lasting, negative effects of divorce on children impacting up to three generations!

Through helping parents with the problems they are encountering in their marriage, we are saving the children and their children from a lifetime of pain and heartache.

We are rapidly growing into the largest provider of marriage help and pre-marriage education, and your company can enable us to reach even more families in need.

If our cause appeals to you, contact us so that we can share our long term goals and plans, and discuss our sponsorship program with you. Email us at

Employee Benefits

Happy employees are effective employees. When the situation at home is inharmonious, performance at work suffers. It has been proven that our programs help couples, which then allows them to focus on your business operations.

Work with us to create an employee benefit plan that offers subsidized marriage help for your staff. Privacy is naturally assured. If you would like to discuss how your company could make this benefit available to your employees, email us at

Love Is The Ultimate Safety-net Of Any Family