Financial Assistance

Everything Will Work Out
Everything Will Work Out

We feel for those experiencing marriage trouble, but especially for those also going through financial difficulties.

We want to help you start healing your marriage right away, so have made the following options available to help you:

1) Free Help – If you just have a simple question, reach out to our counselors at no charge. You can also learn more about our principles through our online articles.

2) Our Excellent BooksLessons For A Happy Marriage and Breaking The Cycle have proven themselves very effective in saving troubled marriages, and are available inexpensively.

3) Marriage Program – While our online video program is the most effective way to heal your marriage, we recognize the regular payment options may be a little challenging for some. We have worked out an extended payment plan that allows you to spread out the payments so each month is very affordable.  You are still entitled to the full benefits, including unlimited access to email the counselors and permanent access to the program once all payments are completed.

Pre-approval from customer service is no longer required for this program. You are welcome to sign up using the special links below.

Explore the program with a 5 day free trial. Cancel any time before 5 days and we won’t charge you. After the trial ends, you’ll get a full 90-day money back guarantee.

4) Active Military Discount – If you have an active status, take advantage of our military discount.