Everything we teach derives from two core principles:

marriage pronciples
Marriage Is All About Happiness

1) Marriage has a definite purpose that, when fulfilled, will provide unsurpassed happiness.

2) Everyone is capable of achieving this happiness through marriage, once they know how.

Marriage produces immeasurable happiness when it is done right. The small and epic failures people experience are simply due to a lack of knowledge of what makes a marriage work. Once a person understands marriage and the laws which govern marriage, the happiness producing behaviors become clear. This has been proven over and over by our clients.

The principles which stem from these two contribute to happiness. They are not “commandments” or impositions, but serve as reminders of what causes happiness, and what takes happiness away.

We call marriage The Sacred Space of Marriage™ and you can read more in Our Approach. This is key. Unless your marriage is all about happiness you will miss everything.

Marriage principles are simple, practical, and foundational

Any dictionary will define marriage as, “a union between two people who have established their decision by legal commitment, religious ceremony, etc.” While this may describe what happens, it’s NOT a useful definition of marriage. Nobody can build a marriage based on that!

Marriage is a unique venue of life, unlike any other. The elements that comprise marriage work together synergistically to bear the fruits of incredible happiness; ONLY obtainable from marriage.

Marital success depends on a proper understanding of specific principles and how to use them.

Our most core principle is that any couple who learns what we discovered will live in a very happy and successful marriage.

The Marriage Foundation is not affiliated with any other organization, religious or otherwise. We don’t attempt to endorse or promote any political agenda or religous dogma.