Kassie Nelson, Director of Community Relations
Kassie Nelson,
Director of Professional Relations

Our TMF counselors are uniquely qualified, among all marriage “experts”. Their understanding of marriage is scientific, based solely upon the teachings espoused by our founder, Paul Friedman.

Our counselors are not paid commission or bonuses. Some are even volunteers. They will never try to “sell” you something.

If you are using our program they will help you to understand any confusing part of your studies, or how to apply them to a particular situation you may encounter.

If you have a specific problem, they will try to help you with that issue if possible. But remember, most issues arise because your marriage is not operating properly, and you need one of our books, or programs to understand and address the cause.

Our counselors have studied all the sources of our teachings: Breaking The Cycle, Lessons For A Happy Marriage, and both the men’s and women’s version of our Marriage Help Program. They also studied, and are familiar with, our sister organization’s Premarital Program, and Dating Program.

Our counselors may have been, or still may be, licensed as psychologists. Or they may be professional coaches, or clergy. Our standards are simple. They have to thoroughly understand marriage, as a science. They must thoroughly understand our teachings, knowing what to apply, and when.

TMF counselors are not therapists when you contact them! They only pass on what is in the TMF body of knowledge. If one of our counselors encounters a personal issue that requires psychiatric help they will suggest you seek it.

Our counselors are dedicated to The Marriage Foundation principles and standards which ensures you receive consistent, proven, and effective service.

“Marriages are naturally self-righting, designed to weather nearly any storm. However, couples who do not know about marriage, especially its incredible benefits, tend to run aground or capsize when they repeat common mistakes. Their marriage will improve dramatically with even a little accurate knowledge.” – Paul Friedman

Our counselors will do their best to answer questions for those with small problems. Their best usefulness, though, is  guiding those who are taking our programs, or reading our books, and need explanations, encouragement or reassurances.

Much more useful than counseling, for the vast majority of people, is learning about marriage themselves. That is why we highly recommend either of our books, Breaking The Cycle, or Lessons For a Happy Marriage, or our marriage help program. The best help you can get is that which shows you the fastest way to happiness! Isn’t that why you got married? To be happy?