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TMF Trained Marriage Counselors

Our online TMF marriage counselor training program includes more than enough for an individual to become a highly successful TMF marriage counselor (some “natural” skills are required, too). Some who have completed our courses, including the individual women’s or men’s course, and who surpass our expected levels of knowledge volunteer to help all who write in with questions.


Our founder, Paul Friedman, was a divorce mediator, not a psychologist so the accurate marriage teachings he introduced are quite different from what traditional marriage and couples counselors use.

TMF Trained Marriage Counselors

Our TMF Marriage Counselors can help you

If you would like help, we invite you to write a counselor. It is a free service.

Our approach is based on our own definition of marriage.

When you understand what makes a marriage work, you’ll be able to address any issue that comes up in your relationship by yourself.

You’ll get a lot more value out of our counselors when you are watching our YouTube channel, reading our articles, or healing your marriage with our marriage course or reading one of our marriage books.

Training Program

Our new training program for marriage help professionals who wish to learn our methodology for helping individuals and couples achieve a happy, long-lasting marriage is a great way to serve. Our approach is focused on empowering clients with education, methods, and techniques that have been working for over 20 years. We would love for you learn more. if you wish to learn more about the upcoming training program to become a highly successful TMF marriage counselor.