Our Counselors

Utilizing A Counselor

If you would like help, we invite you to write a counselor.

Note that our approach is based on empowering you with an education on marriage. When you understand what makes a marriage work, you’ll be able to address any issue that comes up in your relationship by yourself.

This means you’ll get a lot more value out of our counselors when you are studying our marriage course or reading one of our marriage books.

TMF Trained Counselors

TMF counselors go through a rigorous training program. They are held up to a high standard to ensure they not only understand, but live by the principles we teach. This ensures you receive a consistent, effective service.

Though some counselors may be licensed psychologists, they do not provide therapy to TMF clients. You will understand why when you read how our approach differs completely from traditional psychotherapy based counseling.

Our trained counselors will help you understand and apply TMF principles for the sole purpose of achieving a happy marriage. They won’t help you blame, criticize, or change your spouse. They will help you understand why your marriage went south, and how to get it back on track.

Training Program

A new and complete training program is under development for marriage professionals who wish to learn our methodology for helping individuals and couples achieve a happy, long-lasting marriage. Our approach is focused on empowering clients with education, methods, and techniques. Our role is to guide couples through their learning process.

Contact a counselor if you wish to learn more about the upcoming training program.