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TMF Certified Coaching

 TMF Certified Counselors Are Only Available Through Us

Our unique approach helps couples realize their marriage is still a treasure, just temporarily hampered. Our solution to marital issues is a world apart from what one finds in traditional marriage counseling, which we believe you should avoid.

The key elements that differentiate our TMF certified counselors from traditional counseling are the same that makes all of our programs so successful.

First - We consider your marriage only temporarily impaired; not broken.

Second - We show you how to strengthen your connection and avoid the traps and pitfalls that led to the issues you are currently facing.

Third - Our unique techniques and processes are absolutely effective. ‚Äč

Our students learn to end their destructive behaviors and quickly employ marriage building behaviors. Traditional counseling never seeks to educate the couple. Our approach is the opposite. We empower our students with the ability to build the marriages they want.

To help your marriage succeed, we offer our instruction in several formats: books (Lessons For A Happy Marriage, and Breaking The Cycle), our comprehensive online course, working directly with a TMF counselor, or any combination you wish. If you choose to work directly with a counselor, you'll be able to save a lot of time and cost by familiarizing yourself with a book or the online course beforehand.

Counseling Details

  • Our counselors are veteran marriage counselors who met our initial criteria, then went through our rigorous certification program.
  • After registering below, customer service will contact you to schedule an appointment; either live, or over Skype depending where you live.
  • Counseling sessions are refundable with at least 48 hours prior notice. While our online courses comes with a money-back guarantee, counseling sessions do not. (We have to pay our people too.)

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