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“I followed your course from day one, because a casual girlfriend suggested it. I just didn’t want to settle, but I admit I was giving up…she was right! Now I’m engaged to my perfect match, and you can call him a soulmate, or not (I’m not religious). But thanks to you guys I know what I’m doing, and so does he…this is the best! It will be taught to our kids, when we have them.”


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Plan Your Perfect Relationship

Marriage is often thought of as a rite of passage, where no formal education or preparation is necessary. It’s just expected that the couple will figure it out. However the reality is that most couples do not figure it out. With divorce rates over 50%, people clearly do not learn how to be married on their own, and this starts with learning how to approach relationships from the very beginning.

The first key to dating is to identify what qualities your ideal mate has. Can you imagine how much time you will save when you have clearly, unequivocally figured this out? After this first step you’ll be able to recognize potential mates who you might have been interested in the past but are now clearly not right for you, and potential mates you might not have considered before, but who line up perfectly with your list of qualities.

Then, you will learn how to attract your soulmate, and how to make yourself be a good choice for them, using the scientific laws of attraction.

If you are serious about doing what it takes to create an ideal marriage, then learn the basics of creating a healthy marriage, while you attract your soulmate. There is no better way.

“I’m a student at Barnard and my closest friend recommended your course. I was intrigued and started it just to humor her. Well, I soon broke up with my boyfriend because I realized what you were saying was absolutely true. I really don’t care if I will actually attract my Soulmate (though I am hopeful) but I am at least not wasting my time with a man I was probably going to marry for all the wrong reasons. Your course should be mandatory!! I’m going to present it to the faculty next week…”



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Anytime you have a relationship question, you have access to email our TMF Certified Coaches. They’ll help you understand and work through challenges.
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You'll Also Learn About Marriage

You will learn what the purposes of marriage is. You’ll learn how to prepare yourself for marriage. It is not intuitive. The divorce rates demonstrates that most people do not figure it out on their own. You’ll learn some of the basics so that when you have found your soulmate, you’ll be ready for our premarital program.

This is the most advanced course for men and women who want to attract and marry their soulmate. This course is scientific, spiritual, and practical.

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