Do You Think You Know Enough About Marriage To Not Get Premarital Education?

When You Know About Marriage There Will Be NO Fights

Some people think they are pretty smart, and don’t have to study up on anything they do. But we are talking about marriage now; not ice fishing or pastry making.

The reason why more than 50% of the people who get married end up divorced is because of one simple reason. They didn’t know enough about marriage to succeed.

You may imagine that you are the exception, and there are, honestly, some rare exceptions,. But the exceptions are very rare. And that is because the world does not teach us what we need to know about the core elements of marriage; love, trust, positive behaviors, friendship and self control.

So where did you learn about marriage? How would you possibly know the three killers of marriage, the hard rule about men never using any kind of forcefulness on their wife; or why?

The fact is most people, especially people who have been married before, use their marriage the way a chimpanzee plays a piano. Marriages are amazing things. But if you do not know how to live within one you will suffer a lot. And what is worse, in my opinion, is that you will not have the benefits of marriage that are right at your finger tips.

I see marriages where people say “oh, we are happily married except for…” and I have to hold myself back. It is like a pilot saying “everything is fine, just a little problem with the engines starting and stopping.”

I am serious. People do not like to admit they don’t know diddly about marriage. Its a pride thing. I was the same way when I was 13 years old and didn’t want to get a free ski lesson. That day I landed in a tree! It took me years before I would get on skis again, and almost didn’t get a lesson. Stupid habits die hard, and can kill you, too.

Learn about marriage and save yourselves from pain

That’s one reason to learn about marriage, saving yourselves from pain. But if that’s not be enough for you, the other reason is so you can have the most amazing marriage imaginable! Because you really have no idea how amazing marriage can be. The benefit of marriage used to be called marital bliss. Now its called not getting a divorce. ..A quality program will show you how to get the bliss. And not for just a short time, but your whole lives will be one great day after another!  This, I promise.