Does Your Wedding Officiant Matter?

Your Wedding Officiant Matters

You already know the answer to ‘does your wedding officiant matter’. Of course they matter! Big time!

But then what should you be looking for? If your officiant will matter, than obviously not just any officiant will do.

For many couples this is not an issue. They ask their pastor, rabbi, or minister to perform their wedding ceremony. By keeping their marriage within the house of worship in which they seek God, they are not just performing a simple wedding ceremony, but the newlywed couple is also strengthening the bond they have with their religion. If this is your case, you are doing the right thing. The only thing you need to add, in case your clergy has not already insisted, is our premarital program, so your marriage is not only off to a good start. but assured of success.

Will Your Wedding Officiant Matter? Yes!

The people who act as officiants do so, in my opinion, primarily because (and they may not say or consciously know this) weddings are a magic moment in time and space. There is no escaping the tangible feeling of deep love that descends upon all who attend.

Don’t rat me out, but I think officiants are love junkies. I think they are among the luckiest people on Earth, who drink this special unique nectar of love that flows from seemingly nowhere. So, except for a very few, officiants are awesome additions to your special day. They channel the love!

Your Officiant and you should click. So, although they are naturals for weddings, and probably your first choice already has a reputation for reliability (so don’t worry, they will show up on time- if anyone in our directory didn’t show they would be removed) it is important that you are aligned in your thinking. You want to feel that connection!

Your wedding officiant matters because they are the ones who will usher you from an individual life to a married life. They escort you over a threshold from mundane living to selfless love and unity.

Lastly, your officiant is the one who will offer you the “bible” of married life; your premarital counseling/education. They themselves may do the counseling, or one of their associates. But premarital training is, perhaps, the greatest and most useful thing you ever do; study marriage. And it is your officiant who will guide you to do this. For that, they are more important than you will ever know.

Your wedding officiant matters a great deal, and there are many reasons why. We hope you recognize their value and show them your appreciation.