How to End a Bad Marriage

A bad marriage gives you 2 options, and usually people choose the wrong one, but only because they aren’t aware of  

end your bad marriage
End Your Bad Marriage-Make it a Good Marriage

marriage education.  It isn’t their fault.   The world promotes the idea of ending a bad marriage with divorce, with lots of rational reasons, which are not based on useful education.  But the rationalizations are backed up with a lot of so-called experience, and “put-on” sympathy.

People tell each other, and far too many “experts” agree, that the divorce option is fine; that you will get a “fresh start”, and then they give you all kinds of ways to cope with the pain of marriage termination.  They want you to end your marriage!  Chances are they ended theirs, and misery likes company.  It is usually a BIG mistake to get a divorce!

Don’t end a bad marriage with Divorce

Even the best intentioned couples get sucked into the divorce machine.  Because when you look for marriage help  there are all these divorce advocates luring you in, with smiles and calmness, saying things like “oh, it’s too bad, but sometimes you just can’t do anything”.   Far too many marriage counselors ready to refer you to a family law lawyer, or mediator.  That is why The Marriage Foundation began training and certifying Marriage Therapists who focus on ONLY helping you repair your marriage!

The truth is they just don’t know enough about marriage, and for sure they don’t know about your marriage.  At The Marriage Foundation we know there are going to be some marriages that will fail; not many, but some, and we know for absolute certainty that we are not capable of evaluating yours; and neither are you!

Who but you can be the expert that evaluates your marriage?!

Who but you, who knows everything about you as a couple, has the right to evaluate?!

end your bad marriage by marital education
The Best Marriage Manual Ever Written

That’s why our idea is to make you an expert; you already know everything about yourself, so now you just need to learn about marriage!  When you have marriage education, then you can size up your situation with the expertise to make a rational decision about whether your marriage is so bad that you need to end it.

Marriage education is the BEST option to end a bad marriage

When you are educated about something it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a degree, or anything  so public.  I had an aunt who was able to turn leftovers into a gourmet meal.  She knew what she was doing and it worked.  No, she didn’t go to a fancy cooking school.  But she did study cooking, at the knees of my grandmother.

The trouble with simple marriage education is that the basics somehow got lost during all the changes in the 50’s and 60’s, so people don’t understand them well enough to pass them on to their kids.  Now the hows, and whys, are all laid out by The Marriage Foundation in a way that is very understandable and immediately usable.

If you know someone who is going through a tough patch in their marriage it is a good thing to suggest Breaking The Cycle as the marriage manual for them to use, It covers everything and will almost certainly renew their hope.  Or they can use the Online Marriage Education Video Courses by The Marriage Foundation.

The more you know about marriage the better your marriage will be; and you can take that to the bank!


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