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Our ONLY mission is to disseminate marital knowledge for the sole purpose of bringing happiness to your marriage.

We provide contact with our counselors as a service for those who are learning our principles and are taking personal responsibility to fill their marriage with ever-increasing happiness, and ever-expanding love.

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Happiness Should Be Expected From Your Marriage. Your Job Is To Learn How

We do not provide traditional marriage counseling. It is our experience and position that the western psychology based approach often harms marriages by teaching destructive ideas (like confrontation), or at a minimum by wasting time and money through ineffectiveness. Many of our clients come from marriage counselors.

What we do answer are questions related to the principles we teach, how they might apply to your situation, or which educational product we offer is appropriate for you.

Is Your Question Already Covered?

Many topics have already been addressed in our FAQs for Women, FAQs for Men, Articles, and Videos. Please also browse through the specific topics below to ensure we haven’t already addressed your question.

Write A Counselor

If your question is still unanswered, please use these criteria when writing your question:

  • State it as a question.
  • Frame your question in a positive way that will help you improve your marriage.
    (e.g. How can my spouse and I cultivate more harmony?)
  • Ask about our principles, or products, which you can find under Products or Learn in the menu above.
    (e.g. Asking about points discussed in the recent podcast is fine. Asking how to confront or change your spouse, or for us to agree with your condemnation of them go against our principles, and you won’t receive a response telling you what you want to hear.)

Please understand that if you are not familiar with the principles we teach from reading one of our books, taking a course, or consuming many of our free articles, videos, and podcasts, then the most likely recommendation you will receive is to read a book or take a course.

We appreciate any support for this service by way of a donation or the purchase of a product, but neither is required. We do not prioritize those who can contribute to our work.


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