Fresh Start Initiative For Your Marriage

The IRS isn’t the only one to offer a fresh start initiative.

If you are in a troubled marriage, whether its stagnant, rocky, or failing because of things like poor communication on the easy end, to infidelity on the more difficult end, you can now start fresh, and redirect your marriage to have the love and happiness you should have. You can even do this without your spouse participating.

I used to be a divorce mediator. But that was more than 15 years ago. After an incredible string of events with a couple I was helping with their divorce I devised  a whole new different system for couples and individuals having marriage problems. My way is incredibly effective, and positive. So with that I became a marriage saver.

I no longer took referrals from the marriage family therapists (MFT’s) who used too send me their failures for a divorce. I stopped my practice completely because nobody needs to divorce. Instead I save couples and their families from divorce.

Using my discoveries I became very successful, and have saved thousands since then, all over the world. I can show you exactly how I do it, too. Why shouldn’t you get all the details? My whole system, which is nothing like the the old fashioned and ineffective couples counseling most people over-spend on is explained in this video.

When you compare my detailed and positive approach with traditional marriage counseling you will see how its so different, and better, from top to bottom, and you will appreciate why we are so confident in the results.

Couples counseling or marriage therapy starts by sharing history. That may sound

Complete Marriage System
My Complete Marriage System

logical, but it is ultimately not helpful. Then they want to know about you and your spouse’s history, childhood, about your children and so forth. Again, may sound logical but it isn’t useful for gaining a better marriage. Then they finally ask “so, tell me what’s going on?” If you are lucky to have 10 minutes left in your first session you will have just begun to explore all the terrible things you have on each other, and how miserable it is to live with each other. It’s terrible, and you leave no better off than when you showed up. Maybe you will like the counselor, so you leave hopeful. But after a few visits you start to wonder if it isn’t a waste of time… and it is, but worse. MOST couples who go to traditional marriage counseling, or retreats, or whatever, end up divorced.

What you go through often lasts almost a year and costs about $100 an hour, times 50? about $5,000? The insurance might cover some of it, but the real problem is that nothing is healed. You don’t get to start fresh, you get to rehash and relive the pain, and suffering. I found a much better way.

We don’t tell anyone they can fix the past problems, because they are past. Why go over them, and assign blame? All that does is explore the garbage you want to get away from.

Instead, we tell you your future marriage can much more easily be rebuilt, using my sound proven processes, from the bottom up. We start you on a better future with a fresh start. If something still needs to be dealt with from the past we show you how to do it later, when you have gotten stabilized and happier. But usually the past is forgotten, as your marriage is once again on the track that leads to happiness from love; the reason you got married in the first place.

What you learn for your marriage should have been learned a long time ago but in schools they don’t teach us how to balance a checkbook, much less about relationships and marriage, which nearly everyone needs. But they honestly don’t because its not usual to learn about deep topics, and marriage is about as deep as it gets considering its a lifetime commitment.

Marriage is the biggest thing you do so getting your marriage back on track is so very important to you and your family, and your future. There is just no denying the necessity for getting marriage right, so you can be happy.

You need to learn the basics, or you will keep making mistakes in communication, expectations, and intimacy. You need to learn about your spouse, so you understand them better. You need to learn about how your own heart is opened by curbing habits and instincts. Its all natural, but until you have the big picture you are learning the hard way, through trial and error; that’s no fun.

Once your marriage has fallen to a certain point, where you are fighting with each other or avoiding each other, and can’t seem to have a steady flow of happiness its time to go for the fresh start we offer.

Marriage is designed for happiness. At this point you probably have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Our simple to use programs are guaranteed for 90 days, so sign up today.