Better Get Premarital Education If You’re Having Issues Before The Wedding

Issues Before Th Wedding Should NOT Be Taken Lightly

I am not from the school of thinking that justifies problems, or gives you ideas for “dealing” with them. If you are having issues before the wedding there are foundational things you need to learn, and learn them now, before things gets more and more complicated.

By the way, one of the biggest differences between premarital education and premarital counseling is you need the education so you will never need the counseling.

Think about it like this. Imagine a friend of yours who saw plenty of boats decided it would be cool to have one, and sail away. Then, without any boat building training, other than maybe a few tips from some articles, they try to build a boat to sail to Hawaii.

But before the official launch they call you. They are frustrated with the main mast wiggling all the time…kind of raises some questions about the boat being sea worthy? I, personally, would not think they are going to make it very far. And, that, is exactly what you are doing with your marriage! If you are having issues it means, clearly, that your marriage is not getting properly constructed! It is not sea worthy. It is in big trouble, and you are in danger.

Marriage is a vessel you sail into the sea of life. It takes the two of you on a lifetime journey. But it has to be well constructed. Marriage is not something you just walk into, like some ride at Disneyland. It does not exist just because you say “I do”.

If you’re having issues before the wedding you are not building your relationship correctly, and the issues are telling you that you need premarital education. You will not make it otherwise, and it is that simple.

Issues before the wedding is a call to action

When there is a call to action it is like thunder before the rain storm. It is a call to action. You close up the windows, bring in the dog, and prepare a nice comfy meal to enjoy while the storm outside does its thing. If you heed the call to action everything is great. Otherwise, if you ignore the message from issues before the wedding, you are in for a hell of a ride, and will probably get a divorce.

Do you think I am being “negative”?? Sure,like the guy who tells you not to carry a golf club into a lightning storm. If you are already having issues, and you do not get premarital education, you will have nobody but yourselves to blame for the upcoming have been warned!