Make Yours A Much Better Marriage From The Start

A Much Better Marriage Right From The Start, And Forever

A much better marriage does not come naturally. You have to create it. Marriage is like building a yacht and going to sea, except you have to build your marriage as you sail.

Your marriage should literally improve every day of your lives. Did you know that? But you need a plan. You need an understanding of exactly HOW to make your marriage grow every day. And your marriage plan should start with a better approach for a much better marriage. It is why we push premarital education so much.

How can you expect to have a much better marriage every day if you do not know how? It is barely possible.

Most couples start out their lives as if it is the wedding that makes all the difference. They make sure every detail is just how they want things. The perfect this, and the perfect that. Many couples, about 30% are already fighting with each other by the time they are near the end of the wedding plans. Then they are all smiles as they walk down the aisle. But what is going on inside? How do you go from fighting to a much better marriage? It is not possible. If you have a lousy foundation you don’t have anything to build your marriage on.

A much better marriage needs a strong foundation

Here are 3 of the key aspects of a strong foundation.

  1. Your marriage needs a defined purpose. Most individuals get married just because they found the right person. Some do not even go that far. But why are you getting married at all? Do you have a real reason for marriage in your life? When you have a purpose you can tailor your actions to meet that purpose. If you do not, then your marriage will be scattered and you will never know what the next day will bring. Why not have a purpose, so you can have a much better marriage.
  2. You need to understand marriage as more than a relationship. Too many people have no idea about how complex marriage actually is. There are so many moving parts. Without a really good understanding about marriage you will fail…really. You NEED to know marriage; have a good understanding.
  3. Control over your mind is critical. Alright, it is indeed a lifelong pursuit to gain control over your mind. But marriage harmony relies on it. Not just control over your mouth, but control over your emotions, your reactions and your habits. Otherwise you will be like everyone else, and have an unfulfilling marital experience; if not a divorce; like over 50% of the world.

I promise you that you can have a much better marriage right from the start. All you have to do is do things right right from the start. And to do that you need to get yourself educated.