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The universal system we use is tailored for men
– Supplementary Explanation –

Our process is well-defined, methodical, and complete. Our success rate is real. Our testimonials are real. We know that when your marriage is in trouble you don’t need outrageous promises or arrogant platitudes. What you need is simple and straightforward guidance that is tested and proven, not theoretical.

Because we don’t “talk it out”, assign blame, label you, or your wife, or do anything else that is not going to directly move your marriage toward the defined goals of happiness, love, and harmony, our course is ideal. All the “usual” “marriage help” that is considered “normal” wastes precious time and energy. When Paul Friedman, our founder was a divorce mediator, over 22 years ago, it was traditional marriage counselors who sent him his business. We know for a fact that “normal” doesn’t work. What Paul created is proven, with thousands of courses already having been used to great success. Nothing moves your relationship toward happiness as well, whether it is something you come up with on your own, or try from other programs, or learned in counseling. Our process works, and it works like mathematics. It will move you and your marriage forward without fanfare. If your car gets stuck in a snowbank the tow truck operator has already heard all the stories. He doesn’t judge you. He just gets you unstuck. That’s what we do. We are not fancy or glamorous. Everything is simple and transparent. You will know what you are doing and why and what you can expect along the way. Ultimately, you will achieve the defined goals of happiness, love, and harmony.
Paul recognized the most effective marriage help is step-by-step guidance. When you interact with our marriage counselors, which is part of the package you buy, it is to help you understand, and give you context. It is about process and always positive. The course for men is complete. You won’t dwell on your, or your wife’s, mistakes, or anyone’s flaws. The work we assign you is solid. The course pulls you out of the “hole” you are in. It will end the drudgery of a not-so-good (or completely failing) marriage. The work you do will speed you toward the kind of marriage most people only dream about, and you will achieve the defined goals of happiness, love, and harmony.

The defined goals of happiness, love, and harmony are our polestars. This is “physics.” Every cause produces a definable effect. Using our proprietary SEW™️ technique will give you insights and power over yourself. You will steadily remove all the obstacles that are blocking connection. You will learn to cultivate your love, that from your wife’s perspective has been missing. You will also learn that marital communication is very different, specialized, and not in some trendy way. Marital harmony is not just “getting along. Living in marital harmony is the kind of soulmate connection you felt early on.

What your wife wants
is important

Most men come to us beyond frustrated because their wife has made it clear, sometimes directly, with a “change or else” ultimatum. Whether spoken, or implied, her speaking out is a good thing when that happens, and it should be appreciated, not resented. Don’t take it personally. Although we all can plead innocence due to “not knowing”, your marital ignorance will disappear as you progress with the course. What she wants and what you want, too, is a lot different than what you now have. The answer is learning what is true and what works. And while we respect everyone who is sincerely trying to help marriages, including clergy, therapists, or coaches, until Paul created the teachings we now can rely on, the real way to heal marriages was just not available.

The fact is “do this” and “do that” plans don’t change marriages, not for long anyway. You need to go much deeper. You need to change, not both of you, just you* (see footnote). Your wife still wants you, but not the “you” who has been pushing her away and hurting her to the point that she has had enough.
Footnote – Paul discovered that for many reasons when only one of the partners does the work the chances for success are vastly improved. It is highly unwise to suggest the program to your wife, ever. If she wants to sign up, too, she will ask. Then he course is offered at a greatly reduced price anytime after you sign up.

Why Paul made a separate course for men

Men and women are different both physically, and psychophysiologically (how our biology affects our psychology). There are so many manifested differences that unless they are learned, misunderstandings grow like fleas on a dog. Paul recognized, early on, that marriages begin with love but are soon drowning in misunderstanding-caused problems that stem from good people reacting and over-reacting. He realized that a focused effort to understand and control one’s own mind, while learning how their partner’s mind works, while learning how marriages work, is the fastest way to happiness. This was his approach in live sessions, and it works perfectly for our online courses. Your course will give you so much insight that it will be like turning on the lights. This is the simplest and fastest approach. It is life-changing. Seeing how our “old” selves treated our wives is not easy on the ego but it is necessary and is part of what the SEW™ is for. Paul says eventually we will all “get there” but why not go for it right now.

Is it too late for you?

We assume you want to save your marriage but here are cases we cannot help. If your wife has physically left you, or if she is in an affair, we can’t help you. Nor do we know where you can turn.

Small children are a very good reason to save your marriage, period. But don’t use that as an argument to convince your wife that she must change. Only you can change yourself and only she can change herself, and nobody EVER changes before they are ready. People only change themselves because they can see they need to. Change takes a lot of energy, real commitment, and proper guidance from those who have done it. It is never easy.

Usually men take the course because what they had was good and they still see the possibility for excellent. But if they are taking it only because they are afraid of the unknown, or out of humiliation, or they don’t want to give up out of pride, they generally can’t do what is asked and end up canceling.

We don’t want it to be too late for you and will do our very best to support your efforts. Unless your wife left you or she is in an affair our counselors will do all they can to guide through the tough spots, Just be aware that change takes time, and a wife’s reaction takes longer. What we offer is amazing, but it is still a process. If you are not sure after reading this you can contact our counselors (click here) and they will tell you the truth.
“I have been adopting the SEW technique over the past 3-4 weeks now, and things have really calmed down between me and my wife. We are able to have a decent conversation about our basic day to day stuff. At times she does flare up, however I immediately utilize the SEW technique as much as I can, which I am trying to practice every day.”

Jose Y

Paramount, CA

“Just found this guy yesterday and I’m binge watching his videos. I’m definitely gonna get my wife on board with taking the courses and buy the book. I think this guy is the real deal.”

John P

Burkes Garden, VA

“I wanted to thank you Paul. Your videos and your course saved my marriage. I think of it as a manual, something I never had. 24 years married and we’re at the best place we’ve ever been. Thank you and God bless you!”

Wade S

Huntington, WV

“Hey Paul, do not listen to the naysayers.. thank u for ur amazing work .. the course has helped me amazingly on my marriage journey … thanks a lot .. God bless you always..”

Jamey H

Springfield, MO

“I took Paul’s course and have learned to not react to my wife’s behavior and just love her as she is and not make things worse. This is my 3rd marriage and thank God I came to find his solution. Marriage therapy never worked for any of my three marriages. Thank you Paul!”

Micheal B

Independence, OH

“Hey there, Just wanted to give an update. As I’ve worked on myself and focused on making all of my interactions with my wife positive experiences where I’ve been intentional to be respectful, courteous, considerate, kind, and helpful with the kids and a number of things, I’ve seen progress everyday. My wife is engaging me in conversation. Two days ago she brought me lunch. Tonight she told my son to bring her phone over to me so I could watch the video on it and laugh with them. I felt a very good moment there as she watched me and waited to see my laughter as I watched it. These are all good things and I seem to see more of them everyday.”

Claude A

Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much. I am learning so much through this course and I want to commit to it with all that I have. Thank you for teaching me a better way to live my life without being controlled by my thoughts and emotions. I want to learn the SEW more than anything.”

Jeffrey C

New Haven, CT

“Paul is humble but exceptionally wise! He transformed my life into a tremendous place. I can’t thank him and TMF enough. His wisdom is so far-reaching! You’ll see more of it in the TMF Counselor course. How does one human become so evolved that a half-hour discussion has infinitely beautiful implications? He’s my guru. He’s a Saint!”

Eugene M

Midland, TX

“Thank you. I’m committed to make the complete change for myself and my marriage. I believe in this training program and at some later think I want to join the counselors. I have to say this by far one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through but I’m growing. I’ll be married 25 years in July so I have a lot to undo but I’m doing it, something I would have never thought I could do. I appreciate all the help for all the counselors and especially Paul. I wish that some of the counselors would share their success stories about how their marriages changed.”


Wytheville, VA

“I just have to tell you – in parts it’s as if Paul has been watching me over the years. He’s talking to a camera, but he’s really talking to me, and addressing me so specifically. It’s very heady stuff…really. Amazing. Life changing.”


Bolton, MA

“I am very grateful to have discovered TMF. It has already been of great help to me. I now have hope that our marriage can not only be sustained, but it can flourish.”


New Haven, CT


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