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Simplicity Works

You have probably come here because you already heard Paul speak in our YouTube videos, or maybe you read some of his articles or perhaps you were convinced by a friend, clergy, or therapist that we have something very special… and that it works. So, you already know a lot about Paul’s, and thus TMF’s, approach to marriage. What isn’t so apparent is that his advice, and especially our processes, differ greatly for our women and men clients, and there are important reasons for that. Our practical approach means that we respect the psychological differences, so that the path we guide you to will take you on to a fulfilling marriage, one that produces happiness, love, and marital harmony. It is vital that what you learn is explained and illustrated in ways that make sense to you as a woman. It is just practical. For instance, we don’t want a husband to say ‘aha’ to his wife when he hears something he wants his wife to hear. (We don’t allow any finger-pointing). Nor do we want you to have an “I told you so” moment when you hear something that is spot on about your husband. We already know both sides, and there is no benefit to going over the errors and hurts that brought you to us. You have come here to learn how to love unconditionally, to learn to gain control over your emotions anger, and stress, and to quickly gain positive momentum toward the married life that you first dreamed of. Offering a course that is just for women is incredibly important.

Our "solo" Process is Better

When Paul began healing marriages (in 2001) he naturally believed that couple counseling was the way to go because on paper it seems like a practical thing to do, and, as we all know, that’s what all the therapists were doing. But it didn’t take long for him to realize that couples counseling creates all sorts of problems. The counselor turns into a referee, mediator, and interpreter. Paul asked his therapist friends about that, and they all agreed with his assessment. But all of them said the same thing, that that’s all they learned and so knew what to do.

Being who he is, Paul devised a solo approach system, that forms the basis of the courses, that concentrates on helping the individual realize the opportunities that are right in front of them, that they can heal the whole marriage, not just their “side”, and that it works much better. The course you will take is focused and therefore efficient. You move forward in defined ways, in progressive steps. You won’t have to check in with your husband (it’s a bad thing to do, anyway), nor evaluate his behaviors in relation to yours, or hold back your efforts because “he’s not making the kind of effort” you may think he needs to make. Right from the start of the course you will be taught calming techniques and ways of self-growth that make this course an invaluable resource for you as an individual and as a woman.

Basically, taking the course solo turns out to be the very best way for your marriage, as a whole, to stop sliding toward separation and divorce and start moving in the right direction toward happiness love, and marital harmony. If later on he asks why you have changed so much you may share about the course available for him, but it is not good to ever suggest that he takes it. Free will is a gift given to every individual by their maker and we should never interfere with that. We know it is tempting because we hear from women all the time who are now floating in the joy of their marriage even after they thought it was all over so naturally they want their husband to take the men’s course. But remember, the principles we espouse are what works to make your marriage into what it is meant to be.

Will This Work For You?

Even though the universal principles we rely upon are based on the physics of life and marriage it is sometimes too late to turn things around. We will hear from somebody who tells us that she and her husband separated months ago but she has heard one of Paul’s YouTube videos and knows that this is just the right thing for her marriage, and she wants to give it a try. In some of those cases, there hasn’t been any communication between husband and wife for months. As difficult as it is for us to inform them, when there is no communication there is no chance for our process, or anyone else’s for that matter, to have any impact on the relationship. Now, there are times when a couple has separated but there is plenty of communication, for whatever reason, and in those cases, we have seen, although it does take longer, very satisfactory recoveries.

Don’t be discouraged. Because of what we call marriage propaganda, which is based on Western psychological beliefs and their failures, many women think that because their husband has been unfaithful or has been labeled by someone as a narcissist or something, their marriage is unsavable. But that is almost never the case. The majority of our clients are women whose husbands have, in one form or another, been unfaithful. That means they have been sexting or fallen into an emotional affair, or have had an actual affair. In some cases, the husband is still active with his affair partner. The circumstances don’t matter, your marriage will be saved. Especially, when there are children, those situations, that others consider dead on arrival, do not impact the chances for success with our course. On the other hand, when there are no children involved it is less likely for a husband to return to his wife if he has already moved out. If he has not yet moved out, then the chances for success are still very great.

Our success rate is based on as much information as we are able to reasonably gather, but it is definitely not exaggerated. Our process is so methodical, practical, and focused that achieving that which every husband and wife wants, which is happiness love, and marital harmony is going to happen. So, unless a case is extremely extreme, success is fairly predictable and achieved, almost mathematically. It should be pointed out that the reason we have a three-day free trial and a 90-day money-back guarantee is because we don’t want you to give up. We will do everything we can to help you get you and your marriage on the right path, and quickly.

Why Paul made a separate course for men

Men and women are different both physically, and psychophysiologically (how our biology affects our psychology). There are so many manifested differences that unless they are learned, misunderstandings grow like fleas on a dog. Paul recognized, early on, that marriages begin with love but are soon drowning in misunderstanding-caused problems that stem from good people reacting and over-reacting. He realized that a focused effort to understand and control one’s own mind, while learning how their partner’s mind works, while learning how marriages work, is the fastest way to happiness. This was his approach in live sessions, and it works perfectly for our online courses. Your course will give you so much insight that it will be like turning on the lights. This is the simplest and fastest approach. It is life-changing. Seeing how our “old” selves treated our wives is not easy on the ego but it is necessary and is part of what the SEW™ is for. Paul says eventually we will all “get there” but why not go for it right now.

Are You "Being Desperate"?

We honestly don’t mind if you are desperate as long as you take that desperation and turn it towards determination and effort. The course that we offer is not a feel-good kind of pandering, and it is not filled with assurances of what a good person you were “but things just happen”. Both you and your husband have made one mistake after another. It isn’t your fault, we of all people know that! The reality is there are no real marital teachings, until now, so how could anyone expect anyone to have a great marriage?

Paul is turning the marriage help world upside down. His processes, philosophies, and candidly everything that he has brought to us, is so refreshingly practical and commonsensical that one wonders why it has taken so long for something like this to come about. Paul was a divorce mediator in San Diego, not a Western psychologist, or a marriage counselor. The course you will take is real. The testimonials you read are real. The results you will experience are real. Everything is based on a spiritual pragmatism that is central to marriage. We don’t consider love to be an emotion. It is the highest realization. We don’t consider the term soul mate to be merely a greeting card invention. We know that you married your soul mate, and he married his. Our mission is straightforward and simple. We will help you as we have helped thousands achieve the happiness love and marital harmony that you as a child of God are intended to experience. We will do our best to help you. You can trust us, communicate with us, and rely on us. We are here for you.

This course won’t just ‘save’ your marriage, or just get you and your husband through a tough patch. Our process is complete. It moves you and your marriage, with just you using the course, to what we consider the basic goals of marriage, happiness, love, and harmony.


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“Last night I couldn’t sleep. But my thoughts were wonderful. I’ve been learning how to control my mind from course. My days are filled with laughter and joy. Thank you!”


Phoenix, AZ

“Thank You, God bless you. We are about to celebrate our 9th year wedding after being together for 22 years. We were seriously considering a divorce; I now only see hope and happiness. You saved us and our marriage, thank you.”


Miami, FL

“Thank you for responding. I am just past the 3rd segment, Toxic Familiarity, in the online/paid course. I am definitely having some wow moments. I’m only sad because I’ve let my marriage get to this point.”


Orlando, FL

“This is a wonderful resource. All couples should be required to take your course before marriage! Thank you!.”


Camden, NJ

“You have rescued my soul and my marriage from the confusion of the world and the confusion of my own mind! Please keep making your videos! I need them so much. I would be so much unhappier without your videos and your messages in them. Your videos and your messages are a gift of mercy. You are really helping my connection to God. Thank you for reconnecting me with God and with love and with my own soul. I can’t thank you enough.”


Warsaw, IN

“God bless you. You have helped me so much all these days that I have listened to you in the course as I work, cook, etc. I’m working to shift my thoughts, not let my mind take complete control on me, and curb my tongue when I feel hurt. Thank you so much.”


Dallas, TX

“Thank you for this course, wow. I needed this. 19 years of marriage I wish I found you sooner, such simple great advice!”


Hastings, NE

Your videos give me so much hope for a better marriage. Your voice is so calming. Thank you for all you do!, Thank you so much for this course. I love your honesty and telling the truth. The older I get I want truth and honesty not things being sugar coated.”


Dillwyn, VA

The last class video diffused me. I was sooooo irritated. My mama bear was out and it was over something so trivial. Thank you for reminding me to come at the discussion with love. You described us both to T.”


Mountain View, UT

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West Palm Beach, FL

Wow!! Thanking God…for bringing me to this course ..It’s A message of Healing and love in itself…God bless you.”


New Britain, CT