How Marriage Help Articles Can Help, Or Do More Harm Than Good

Paul Friedman, Executive Director & Founder
Paul Friedman, Founder

If I could perform magic I would use my marriage help articles as a portal. I would reach through to you with my magic wand, waving it over your heads. All your marriage problems would be gone, making you both as happy as the day of your wedding…but, you know… it wouldn’t work even if I did that.

A metaphor illustrates why “instant” marriage healing cannot work
People who get baptized into a religion (baptism is common in many faiths), come out ‘cleansed of all their sins’. They feel back in control of their life. They also have the best intentions to live better.

But the root of those past sins of inner and outer reactivity was patiently waiting for them. As soon as they are back in the ‘real world’ the best intentions are forgotten. They slide back into their old habits of “sin”.

Happiness robbing sins are “normal” to them, because destructive reactions, which cause so much trouble, are caused by embedded habits of thought speech and behaviors. They pounce right back on the “cleansed” souls.

Marriage help articles can be like a baptism. The reader sees some light, or a clear path out of their marriage troubles

Through a tip or two they think will help them they may see some of their “sins” and know what they have to do to regain the lost happiness their marriage is supposed to bring them.

But then real day-to-day life hits, and the habits that have degraded their marriage, like the sins for the ‘cleansed’, pounce right back onto them.

What is good about their effort is that the person is proactively seeking out ideas for improvement. They are finally tired of being a victim in what was supposed to be a hive of happiness. They demonstrate a real desire to change their marriage for the better.

When a marriage is far from being on its last leg a healthy reminder, or the right tips at the right time, can inspire positive efforts. It can work.

We see these successes from time to time. People who reach out to us, taking advantage of our free counseling service, sometimes only need a little encouragement, and small adjustments to their thinking or behaviors.

Unfortunately most people live in a marriage that has been spiraling down for awhile. there is plenty wrong, and not much of their behaviors are marriage enhancing; by way of attitudes and behaviors. Then, much more is needed than what a tip or two can affect.

The “harmful” part of reading an article is sneaky, because the person’s good intentions create expectations for good results. So when their marriage doesn’t rebound they become discouraged, often thinking “I tried everything”.

Trying to clean a stadium with a small broom is the same as fixing a marriage with “tips” from a marriage help article

Your marriage will not be happier, and you will become discouraged. You may inadvertently set yourself up for failure. Your perfectly fixable marriage may bite the dust; just because of this lack of understanding.

You need to understand marriage, as a “whole”. You need learned skills, that have to be practiced daily, constantly. It is very sad if you give up before really going for it because you CAN do it.

Our objective is simple. We encourage people who have lost hope, or not, to utilize our unique approach to marriage help. By offering both a 90 day guarantee when you sign up for our programs, you can see definite results; not just hope and “try”.

Most marriages can’t be revitalized using marriage help articles

Marriage is not a simple thing, where you just get a tune up or change out a part

Marriage is not like a car or washing machine. A car or phone can be taken to a qualified repairman for servicing. By finding the “bad part”, and replacing it everything is good to go. But marriage is not dependent on its “parts”.

Marriage is a complex living organism; adaptable, and purposeful, created to bring you happiness, But the “parts”, like the parts of a living body, are mostly interconnected, and interdependent. The more you understand marriage the more happiness you will discover it brings you.

Don’t be discouraged! THIS marriage help article introduces a next step; to practical, and guaranteed, marriage help that brings the happiness back; the happiness you had on your wedding day, but better.

The key to true and permanent marriage help is in the underlying dynamics

My approach to marriage help is unlike any other in several ways

  1. I declare marriage is unique; designed by God as the most amazing gift; ever!
  2. I dissected behaviors, so you will enjoy the gifts marriage has to offer.
  3. I found shortcuts to marital happiness are also permanent fixes for troubled marriages.
  4. I created effective and efficient ways to permanently shift your marriage.

Most importantly, I prove a HAPPY MARRIAGE is the only kind to have

Your marriage is the greatest treasure you have in your life. But you do not know how to enjoy it, anymore than person who had no flying lessons could enjoy the pleasures of an airplane when they get behind the controls.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people like you have the kind of marriage you are supposed to have. If you take me up on my offer to try the programs we created for people just like you there will be joy in your lives, again… don’t give up, and don’t waste any more time. Let me help your marriage.

Paul Friedman
Paul Friedman
Paul has written two books, produced several video programs, regularly speaks on marriage, and continues to guide the growth of The Marriage Foundation to help enrich the marriages of couples around the world.

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