Do You Want To Be Married Happily Ever After?

Being Married Happily Is a Choice

Some people think it is only in fairy tales that the couple is married happily ever after, but they also portray those couples as having a ton of wealth, and “Disney beautiful”.

Its not wealth or physical attributes that determines happiness. Think about the people you know, yourself, who are happy all the time. and think about what it is that makes them happy.

Most people who are married happily are basically happy people, anyway. Is there a common denominator? Why are they happy? What are the traits they all have that contributes to their happiness?

To Be Married Happily Is A Choice

To be married happily is not a matter of luck or being born a certain way. It is a matter of understanding what real happiness is, and intentionally doing what makes you happy. But of course you also have to make sure you avoid the things that make you unhappy.

There are universal principles anyone can follow to be married happily

  1. Choose well. The person you marry will be your constant companion. for the rest of your life. Be sure your choice is based on important things like character, integrity, and user-friendliness. Whomever you marry will be who they are. They are not going to change much.
  2. Study marriage. Marriage is nothing less than a complex enterprise. It has so many moving parts that if you do not know what you are doing you will end up frustrated and miserable.
  3. Be clear about why. Couples who know why they get married, which is to gain unconditional love, are able to go through the inevitable trials of life, together. They remain happily married no matter what happens.
  4. Put all your eggs in one basket. Some individuals “hedge their bet” when they get married. They are not 100% sure their marriage will work, so they keep their options open. Couples who study marriage know exactly what to expect, so they can can devote all their effort on creating their marriage to be a perfect source of happiness.

Everyone who gets married should know how to be married happily ever after. It is, after all, a matter of choosing to enter into marriage deliberately, knowing what to do, or just winging it. If you wing it and your marriage does not work, and it won’t, you will know why.