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You can be certified in 4-6 months, then qualify for our referral program

Counselors, clergy, coaches, and students pay only $99 a month.
To join our referral program you must meet our requirements and be certified. (4-6 months)
Inclusions: Marriage Help Courses (Women & Men), Pre-Marital Courses, Breaking The Cycle E-Book
Direct Access to Expert Counselor Support Network

Ideal for Counselors, Coaches, and Clergy

Marriage Help & Education has been our only mission
for nearly 23 years

Our approach, methods, and system produces the fastest and most effective way to achieve undreamed-of possibilities. You can be a part of our family of marriage healers. Learn and teach our core principles, which are to experience, and teach, how to cultivate ever-increasing happiness, and learn to love unconditionally. Our results-oriented marriage counseling system is the most positive,  comprehensive, and effective marriage counseling set of tools a professional counselor could ever have. We have successfully healed thousands of marriages making it a proven system that is based on realistic marriage teachings.

Highly Evolved and Highly Effective

Dr. Paul Hagenberger (deceased) was a psychology professor at the University of Phoenix who also had a thriving practice and was one of the original trainees. Breaking The Cycle became his only book recomendation for his clients. The best part, he said, was how much his own marriage improved.

The first trainees asked to meet a client. Notice their amazement at Jerry's progress.

Our positive approach makes us one of the leaders in marriage help. As more like-minded counselors use our teachings we improve the world, one couple and one individual at a time.
Happiness, love, and harmony are the true goals for marriage.

Mr. Paul Friedman unlocked the secret to not just marriage but unconditional love. I was a rabid fan when I first enrolled in his woman's course. So I enrolled in all his courses and read both books. When I took the TMF Counselor course, I was delighted to see the "philosophy" behind his marital approach. It was profound and rivetingly crystal clear. I finally understood the framework he built and feel confident that I can contribute beyond words to the well-being of a couple. Finally, my world changed dramatically due to all the TMF education I received. I went from being unemployed for almost a decade to earning a substantial income and developing rapport and connections with some of the most influential people on Earth, including royalty, albeit on a smaller scale.  My relationships with everyone improved exponentially. And the joy I feel today would have been an abyss of depression if not for TMF.  And someday soon, as a TMF Counselor, I may give a similar scope of turnaround to another lost soul, hungry for the secret to eternal joy and unconditional love.  The TMF Counselor course is the only true "practical" approach I have ever found for learning how to love unconditionally.

Susanne Marie Cardwell

Massachusetts, USA

Hi, hope you're all doing well at The Marriage Foundation. I got the woman's course 7 years ago with more than a little doubt, but it worked beyond my wildest dreams. I am now going to help others with real enthusiasm because I know from experience that this is going to work. My marriage is great, and this is why. Thank you.

Sarah O

Dublin, Ireland

Hello. I just finished my first round of the women's course as part of the counselor training course. It has transformed so much already in our relationship. Before taking the course, I would constantly complain and criticize, which I now see was completely wrong. I'm very excited and just wanted to let you know I'm in 100%.

Olivia D

Paris, France

The course is a revelation! As a newbie, I didn't know what to expect, but each module is like unlocking a treasure chest of marital wisdom. It's fresh and transformative—already reshaping how I approach relationships.

Emily T

Sydney, Australia

It's amazing to learn from this wealth of knowledge in this course. Although I am new to the membership, I love every bit of it.

John W

San Francisco, USA

Our Founder, Paul Friedman, was a divorce mediator in San Diego in the early 2000s, daily seeing firsthand the failures of traditional marriage counseling. So when a couple asked him to use his expertise to help them save their marriage he agreed. What he discovered in the process was a world of marital happiness that is hidden by psychology-based perspectives. His response was to create an elegant, yet simple system that gives each individual the tools to have a marriage they are designed to provide, that they dreamed of, filled with happiness, love, and harmony. Ours is a positive approach. It is scientific. All is based in and focused on love. His eight years of development culminated in the most advanced marriage counseling process anywhere.

What do people want from their marriage?

What constitutes a truly good marriage?

What are realistic goals for marriage?

Why should people get therapy when they only need practical marriage guidance? 



All the other reasons to get married add up to a top-line reason, happiness. Paul recognized how individual and marital happiness can and must be a self-perpetuating cycle. That’s why our marriage counseling focuses on teaching each individual

  • How to remove the causes of suffering
  • How to then create happiness for themselves and their spouse.


True love is not an emotion. Love is our essence and the essence of marriage. The joy that love produces within marriage, when we learn to love unconditionally, is our goal, birthright, and polestar. TMF marriage counseling guides individuals to find true love within themselves, and their soulmate, so they both float in divine joy.


Our counseling has a large educational component. Learning the “rules of the road” of marriage brings about the natural state of contentment that marriage is designed for.

Simple and profound results
TMF Marriage Counselors serve their clients' TRUE marital needs

Individuals and couples who go through even a little TMF marriage counseling are uplifted, given the necessary tools to bring about ever-increasing happiness, ever-expanding love, and sublime harmony. 


We are building an educated team of trained and certified TMF marriage counselors and also teaching clergy for their flocks. We will proactively promote and send referrals to our certified pros. If, like some, you only want to use parts of our teachings we will still support you, too. Either way, you will have and offer the keys to a happy, love-filled, and harmonious married life.

Our “business plan” makes your training affordable. And for those wanting to join the TMF marriage counseling team our certification requirements are simple and allows you to join our referral program.
A drowning couple doesn’t need fault-finding or analyzing. They need a practical positive guide.

Without being distracted by psychological approaches, that even marriage counselors are confused by, Paul trail-blazed.

Our pure marriage counseling blends scientific and spiritual understanding into a positive “you can do this” system focused on immediate progress that sticks. Instead of searching for ‘ailments’ and ‘points of conflict’, we teach how to cultivate happiness and love. That is what your clients crave. It is all they need. We teach principles, methods, techniques, and processes that are a fail-safe way to marital joy. Instead of time-eating irrelevant questions you will begin sessions guiding your clients from suffering to happiness.

We don't use traditional processes like recounting miseries, labeling, and blame games
Because they simply don't work.

What does work is our program because it is simple methodical and results oriented. 


Show the right and easiest path to happiness.


Each session is a clear “step in the right direction” moving the individuals toward happiness.


We recognize personal and marital happiness is a self-perpetuating cycle.

You will guide your clients with what has worked for 23 years. Without prying into their past or invading their privacy you will have a clear roadmap to lead them to happiness and love. Sheer simplicity and logic means success, no matter how easy or difficult their case. Success is unavoidable.

You will have a completely effective system. Nothing is missing. Using our techniques which, like the SEW technique, are unique, proprietary, elegant, and original, combine to save marriages. They make them better every day, and more amazing than the day before. You and your clients will be the beneficiaries of a mature and tested process.

Is TMF Marriage Counselor
training right for you?

Qualify yourself by asking these simple questions. 


The Marriage Foundation is all about integrity. Using our referral service means you will earn a fair rate when we refer clients to you. But we want you to be motivated by the blessings that come from helping marriages that are in trouble.


We don’t require you believe in God, nor do we question your religious affiliation. However, we think in grand terms that help people live spectacular lives in their marriage. Recognizing that “soulmate” is a real definition is important.

Should I only use my own systems and philosophies?

We are more than a team or part of a group. What binds us are values and love. To be certified means agreeing to use our processes and philosophies so we know that you will succeed.

What Our Training includes
Trial Period and Cost

The online training course is the science behind our processes. That’s why we include both of our marriage help courses, for men and women, and our pre-marital courses. We also include a digital copy of “Breaking The Cycle”. You can also email our counselors with any questions.

Any time, after a minimum of 4-6 months you may ask if you are ready for certification.

The subscription is $99 a month. Billing starts after a 2-day trial period. You aren’t obligated to “pay to the end”. You can cancel whenever you wish. Our primary goal is to save marriages so the sooner you are up and running, the better.


Clergy shouldn’t have to pay the same as professionals so the full course with all the extras costs only $99 a month for 12 months. You don’t need certification or referrals. If your spouse also helps members in your congregation they may share the same access using your credentials, When you paid in full you will have lifetime access.


As a paid marriage counselor, coach, or…becoming certified, then receiving referrals is a great idea. For you the $99 monthly fee will continue for 24 months. Then, when you are paid in full you will have lifetime access.

Certification and Referrals Program

When you think you’re ready to receive referrals let us know and we will give you “quick and dirty” feedback. If we all agree you are ready then you will pay a $400 Fee plus the cost of a background check (not needed if you are licensed). Either Paul or one of our veteran counselors will confirm your qualifications and sign you up. You will receive a special TMF email address and we will start sending you clients and pay you for those assigned sessions.

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