TMF 3: How To Stop Arguing With Your Spouse

The Marriage Foundation Show
The Marriage Foundation Show
TMF 3: How To Stop Arguing With Your Spouse

Most people just want to know how to argue better. Smart people want to know how to stop arguing with their spouses, altogether. There is no need to argue, especially when what you truly want in your marriage is love and happiness. Paul Friedman and his co-host, David Kruse, explore this topic in a way that will entertain and educate you.

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4 thoughts on “TMF 3: How To Stop Arguing With Your Spouse

  1. Sheila Reply

    What if you married young without counseling basically did everything you’re not supposed to do for nearly 30 years, so now the trust is broken, most things feel manipulative and selfish and the hurt is huge so the bad behavior is a pattern that feels ‘justified’ even though it is destructive. How does each individual get ahead of all the negative feelings that have built up in the brain by the destructive unloving behavior and begin to control themselves?

    • Paul Friedman Reply

      Sheila, are you Australian? I have heard Sheila is what they call all women down under…sorry, your answer… we human beings are incredibly changeable and so when we use our free will to change it is simply never too late. Naturally, there are deal-breakers. Things that cannot be “fixed” like pedophilia, but otherwise because you have free will, which trumps all, you can still have a bill-filled marriage. Try the course and you will never look back. And, thanks for listening to the podcasts. Let us know how we are doing.

  2. Dom Pardo Reply

    Thank you for the podcast. I’m a first time listener.

    My story,
    I have been married for 23 years six kids a dog and a cat. Been through seven counselors ,a few years ago we were separated for about two months.
    Our two oldest kids 22-year-old and 20-year-old, wants us to get a divorce. Because of all the arguing that it’s constantly going on.

    I’m really trying here. I’m not perfect never claimed to be,I have my faults and issues.

    I understand your podcast #3, about not arguing with your wife or significant other. I understand change your mindset. I understand you can’t change the other person.

    What happens if your wife is constantly putting you down. it’s really frustrating.

    We can have our moments where were lovey-dovey and everything is OK. But that is not always the case.

    What happens with the constant comparison to the other husbands or the other male figures, it gets old. I’ve had conversations with my wife not to do that again and that’s a trigger.

    I could write a book.

    I’m not sure I’m really reaching the end of my rope.

    • Paul Friedman Reply

      Your book wouldn’t solve anything unless you had solutions and so I guess it would be better to read my books or take the course for men smile.. the problem is that none of us got marital or relationship education as we were growing up and instead got really dumb ideas based on random thinking. Marriage is a great vehicle for achieving deep love that you can barely believe, and incredible happiness that you will get used to. Try some of what I discovered or and thanks for listening. Let us know how we are doing.

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