TMF 4: Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble

The Marriage Foundation Show
The Marriage Foundation Show
TMF 4: Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble

What are the warning signs that your marriage is in trouble? Once you see them, what can you do to fix things before you get into big trouble? Join Paul Friedman and co-host, David Kruse, as they discuss the many marriages Paul has helped, early warning signs, and action steps one can take.

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3 thoughts on “TMF 4: Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble

  1. Vincent D Reply

    So my wife quits her job again for the 2nd time in 18 months without talking to me at all, now causing us to be in Chapter 13 but then she quit her job again. Are you saying I should not confront her about this! Should I just leave/divorce her?

  2. Gita Saadat Reply

    What I have heard so far makes sense. But my situation is very difficult and you are my last hope. I am planning to join Your online classes but am very interested to hear your opinion regarding long term (29 yrs) infidelity and the chance of its reversal.

    • Paul Friedman Reply

      The past, whether a month or 30 years is still the past and cannot be corrected or fixed. However, and this is where we differ and why we succeed, the present and future are ours to mold through the use of our free choice. We show the way FORWARD, so it makes no difference how deeply rooted the habits are you can change them, change your thinking, and change your marriage.

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