TMF 7: What To Do With A Lying Spouse?

The Marriage Foundation Show
The Marriage Foundation Show
TMF 7: What To Do With A Lying Spouse?

Have you ever lied to your spouse? Do you suspect your spouse has lied to you or does so regularly?

In this week’s podcast, Paul Friedman and co-host David Kruse discuss the fundamental, biological cause of lying in a marriage. They discuss what you should do if your spouse lies to you or how to stop if you find yourself lying to them.

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2 thoughts on “TMF 7: What To Do With A Lying Spouse?

  1. Natalie Johnson Reply

    My name is Natalie and I lie to my spouse daily. He catches me but I just lie again and treat him badly and get angry. How do I stop?

    • Paul Friedman Reply

      Our books contain the help you need in the chapters on controlling the mind. If you prefer a more advanced step-by-step approach you can get that from the course for women. Don’t give up! You have the power to overcome this all too common problem.

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