The Marriage Foundation Podcasts

Coming Soon - May, 2021

Woman studying The Marriage Foundation courses

Join Paul Friedman

Join Paul on his his two new podcast shows:

  • Men's Marriage Show
  • Women's Marriage Show 

Men and women think, feel, speak, and hear differently. So of what use is a podcast that speaks the same to both genders? Paul's new shows will be specifically tailored for men or women so you will get the most relevant advice for you.

During the shows, Paul will address questions from listeners, talk about current issues around marriage and families, and continue to educate and promote creating a marriage centered around the principles that create a happy marriage.

The podcasts will be available on all standard platforms: Google, Apple, and Spotify beginning soon. We will also post clips from the show to our YouTube channel.

We need your questions

If you would like ask Paul a question, you may leave a recording for the show by calling toll free: 1-8-555-ASK-TMF (1-855-527-5863), then selecting option 2. (Note the three 5s.)

Men and women may call in to ask questions regarding any marriage related topic. This includes everything from resolving challenging marriage problems or avoiding divorce, to questions about engagement or dating with marriage in mind.