Is It Possible To Make Our Marriage Great Again? How Do We Do It?

Make Our Marriage Great Again
Make Our Marriage Great Again

I admit I got the title for this article from the recent presidential contest, but I think “make our marriage great again” is better for individual couples to focus on, anyway. After all, it is not in our power to make America great again, but you do have all the power you need for your marriage.

And, Melania has not asked for marriage help from us, and I hope they never need it!

Many couples reach a tipping point in their marriage, and a recovery is not so easy. Some marriages, especially ones where the wife has left, is pretty much finished. But we have also seen marriages where the wife has almost given up hope, started our program, and saved her marriage. There are some indicators, but those are not always reliable.

The marriages that seem to fail usually fall into these categories

  • The wife has left (husbands don’t always know)
  • There is heavy drug use or alcohol use
  • The couple waited way too long to seek help
  • One of the couple is clinically impaired (don’t trust just anyone for a diagnosis)

Unless your marriage falls into one of the above categories there is a good chance your marriage is more than just salvageable. The chances are pretty good you can actually make our marriage great again. How?

Plan to “make our marriage great again”

The thing is that your marriage is really important. Failure has a terrible effect on everyone, so you should do everything you can to heal it. DO NOT buy into anyone’s program for post divorce! There is no real good cure for divorce. Staying together is the best way to avoid traumas!

The first step, which can work if you like to read and your marriage is not in critical condition, is to get one of our books. These are soft impact helpers. You will learn so much because they reveal all the common mistakes everyone makes, and you will see how to regain the marriage you had before you started fighting. This is great unless you do not like to read, or your marriage is really fading.

If your marriage is in free fall, like if you are thinking about divorce, then it is best to get really serious. use our program! Because serious problems require serious solutions. The program is not about sharing “gems” or giving you advice. Advice never works, because marriage is too complicated. The program is about zeroing in on what works, and why. And taking you step by step through a process that will change your marriage back to the loving sacred space it is meant o be.

You can do this! So, you should try.

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