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Premarital Education Course

Why Prepare For Marriage?

Because it is extremely risky to get married without the following:

  1. Truly understanding what marriage is, so you are sure that it is the right choice for you, and that now is the right time.
  2. Knowing for sure that your partner is the right one for you.
  3. Being prepared with the specialized skills and knowledge required to have a successful and happy marriage for the rest of your lives.

I promise you this: Following our simple, easy, and practical program will assure you that your marriage will be off the charts. You will never struggle to maintain your connection. You won’t think of marriage as something you need to "work at", and you will never be insecure about your marriage failing.

Wedding Day Jitters Dont Happen With Premarital Counseling

Wedding Day Jitters Dont Happen With Premarital Counseling

Sure, you will face challenges. When have you NOT faced challenges? Life is designed to make us grow by meeting challenges. This is the principle motivator for personal, and societal evolution. But you will not face them alone. The two of you will face the world together, grow together, and grow your love together. When you learn our unique approach, your marriage will be, without any doubt, the happiest place on Earth.

Goal Oriented Study

The goal is a happy marriage. One where love and harmony continually expands every day, even decades later.

Isn't that exactly what you want from your marriage? Most couples don't think in these terms. Perhaps they are afraid to have such lofty expectations because there are so few examples of marital bliss. But you should have the right expectations by being upfront and clear with what you want.

Then to achieve that goal, you must have a practical knowledge of how to attain it. We promise that you will not get there automatically, without effort, or with the wrong effort. If you want to drive across the country, you must go in the right direction and use a vehicle that will get you there.

What You Do Not Know Will Hurt You

Although it seems like marriage is just the "next logical step", and you really know one another very well, marriage is unique. It's different from anything else you have ever done. This is true even if you have been living together! Marriage is not just "making it legal", or living under the same roof. Marriage is a purposeful enterprise designed specifically to generate immeasurable happiness. But you will not get there if you don't know how, or worse if your natural habits and tendencies are actually destructive to your marriage. For instance if you're already fighting in your relationship now, getting married will only amplify that. You need to learn how to stop and eliminate all fighting, which our program will help you do.

The best way to explain working with your marriage is with an analogy. Imagine you are in the cockpit of a large commercial airliner, but you've never received any pilot training. What would you do? Maybe you could figure out how to start it. Maybe you could figure out how to take off? Maybe you could survive for awhile, soaring in the blue sky. But what if you get caught in a storm? What if you run out of fuel? What about landing? 

The safe thing to do would be to live in your airplane, on the tarmac, and pretend it is not intended for flying. Some couples actually do that with their marriage. They live a mundane, boring life, breaking up the monotony with sex as entertainment, and completely miss out on the deep love and intimacy available in marriage because they just do not know where or how to begin. It seems like it should be simple, easy, and natural. But it isn't. The extreme worldwide divorce rate proves that. Our countless clients experiencing trouble in their marriages at our parent organization prove that.

Learn About Marriage Early – We Save Many Married Couples In Trouble

Premarital Academy is a division of The Marriage Foundation, a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization that successfully helps many married couples who are experiencing trouble. Our methodology works very well by teaching individuals what they should have learned before they got married. Now we've taken those lessons and created a program to help engaged and newly married couples. 

You have a great opportunity to really make your marriage work well by learning long before you get into trouble. Not enough couples want to properly prepare for their marriages. It is all the same education, but you won't have the added burden of years of bad habits, hurt, resentment, fighting, infidelity, and more. You can start your marriage on solid ground.

Marriage Is Different From Any Other Life Experience

If you think about it, you will see how different marriage is from anything else. The whole idea of being with one person for the rest of your life is a two edged sword.

On one hand, being with your best friend forever gives you the opportunity to develop that friendship and love without restrictions or limitations. But on the other hand you will need to make sure you know how to live in harmony forever. 

Knowing how is the problem, because in most of life's venues all you have to do is bow out if you you are displeased with any aspect of the arrangement. But divorce is not the easy way out most people imagine it is. That is not something you want to experience. The process can take over a year, cost tens of thousands of dollars, will turn you and your beloved into enemies, will traumatize your children, and cause years of misery for everyone involved except for the divorce lawyers, paralegals, and judges.

When you learn what you need to know, you will never think about escaping from your marriage. That's because it will be working well, providing happiness for both of you, and continually expanding your hearts. Fortunately learning how to be married is far easier than going through divorce, even for those with decades of bad habits built up.

For you and your fiance, learning the proper behavior, attitudes, and communication will be very easy. The big challenge is keeping the importance of your premarital education in mind when it's tempting to forget about the marriage and just plan for your wedding. Don't make this mistake!

Everything You Learn Will Be Important Later On

You will learn things that may not seem valuable at first, but take our word for it that everything is important. There are some critical aspects of marriage we teach that we have not seen any other educational organizations or individuals teach, and we have discovered that they make all the difference in world. This has helped us to become a leader in not only saving marriages, but also in preparing couples for marriage. 

Here Are 3 Keys You Will Learn About Marriage

  1. The purpose of marriage - Having a clear purpose and understanding of why you were drawn to marriage, and why you and your fiance are getting married will help you remain clear. This clarify allows you to sidestep issues that get in the way of achieving marital bliss.
  2. How biological drives impact you -  You and your husband are biologically and psychologically different. You desire, think, and communicate differently. Understanding yourself and your spouse will help you communicate and connect deeply, and will help you avoid frustration and instead take advantage of golden opportunities for joy.
  3. How to manage your mind - The mind is a tool of yours. Yet without understanding how to use it, your mind, and the emotions, habits, and reactive tendencies will negatively impact your marriage. Negative emotional reactions is one of the primary factors that destroys so many marriages. We teach you how to gain control over these tendencies. Anger, fear, and all other negative emotions will damage your marriage if unchecked. This is essential training and an aspect of marriage we've never seen anywhere else.

You Will Build A Solid Marriage

It is common sense, but people do not seem to realize that marriages are not like a pre-built house you just walk into and start living in.

Marriages are built one day at a time, starting from day one until the end of your life. It is a construction of love, but it still has to be done. We provide the context, which we call the Sacred Space of Marriage, as well as the tools. This is where your focus will be. If you focus on the right, and positive steps, you won't have time for any of the toxic behaviors or emotions most people experience in their marriages.

Are you starting to see a need for this program?

The last thing we want is for you to take our program because your minister or parents told you to. We don't want you to take our program halfheartedly. That won't do much for you.

We used our experience working with married couples for almost 2 decades to set up a very efficient program for you that will help you understand and absorb the content with the least amount of effort. But some effort is required. In fact, the biggest thing we want is for you to pay attention.

You won't realize the greatest benefits from your premarital education until after you've been married for a while. Only then will you be amazed at how your marriage is thriving while everyone else's is floundering. You'll see the mistakes your peers make in their marriages and be thankful you avoided all the pitfalls. You will know you have the tools and understanding to make your marriage last for the rest of your lives.

Our Program Is Second To None

Watch the sample videos. Both the men’s and the women’s courses have around 30 videos, plus written materials which will take you about 2 months to go through. Because they are online you can stretch out your viewing schedule as you like.

Here are some key points about our program.

1. We do not limit your education to a particular philosophy or religion. Our program hits the most important elements of marriage, positive and negative, with the universal intention of showing you how to build your mutual individual happiness every day. We show you all the ways to avoid conflicts, and more importantly, all the ways to grow your love. It works for all religions, as well as atheists. Just remember that words like God and Love, or Soul and Consciousness are interchangeable.

2. Men and women are not the same, no matter the current trends of thought. Male thinking is different from female thinking. Our feelings and needs are different, and so our education must be different as well. This is why we have separate men's and women's courses.

Actual Class From The Women's Program
Body, Mind, & Soul

3. We're here to support you. You always have access to email our counselors who are available to answer questions as you are learning the material in the course. This access is included with the program.

4. We don't teach theory. We teach practical ideas and tools you can right away apply in your relationship. Go ahead and experiment with what you've learned. See for yourself what works and what doesn't. Test it, that way you'll know for yourself that what we teach is the best way to manage your marriage, and why.

5. You won’t forget what you learn. Given the above point, you'll be using our instruction on a daily basis. Once you understand what works and why, you'll never want to behave in ways that are destructive to your marriage. And if you slip, you'll catch yourself and get back on track. Marriage doesn't have to be hard work. Once you change your habits, they'll help you maintain a loving marriage. It will be a happy, renewing, fulfilling sanctuary for you and your spouse!

AcTual Class From The Men's Program
Overfamiliarity part 1

Your marriage is the most important relationship you will ever have, period! We want you to start it off right.

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