6 Crucial Benefits Of The Marriage Program

End All Fighting

It takes both of you to fight, but it takes only one of you to stop it.

No matter who "started" the fight, or squabble, you can end it.  Even in the heat of a shouting match, even if they are demanding answers, you can amicably diffuse the situation. In as little as hours or even days, you can dramatically reduce fighting in your marriage; but you need the right tools.

The beginning of our program is dedicated to showing you how a fight begins and cycles up. Then we teach a technique that will end the fighting and shift to positive interactions. You'll learn how to navigate your relationship; positively. Next, we give you tools that effectively defuse and control; you stop sliding backwards. 

Over time you will get better and better using our marriage saving technique (SEW) and all fighting, arguments and tension will be history.

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Permanent Results

Marriage is a Give and Give Relationship

Have you ever needed to relearn how to drive a car or bicycle? No. Once you learned how, you've maintained your skill with minimal effort. 

Once you learn how to operate your marriage successfully, any thought of divorce will be far from your mind. You'll never need to see a marriage counselor again. You will have the skills you need for your marrige; a happy marriage!

That initial education you didn't get for marriage is showing its worth now..

Before you got your drivers license, you learned how to drive. Yet when you got your marriage license, did you learn how to be married? Few people did, and few people figure it out along the way. We know this because world wide divorce rates are over 50%, while dissatisfaction rates are even higher.

Unlike almost all marriage counseling, our programs offer permanent results because our primary focus is on explaining. Once you learn to "drive" your marriage, you'll always know how to keep things positive and exciting;not untill.​

Our program ensures your marriage will heal, and will never slip.

When your marriage is functioning as it should, it will produce happiness every step of the way and be the safest place in your life. All of our clients easily maintain the path of a happy marriage. They become confident and self-contained. They know how to operate their marriage as sure as they know how to drive. Their marriage fills their lives with happiness and security.

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Calming Your Emotions is Important

In addition to eliminating the tension caused by fighting and arguments, we teach you methods to directly calm your mind and emotions.

These practical techniques you can use as often as necessary so that you can be a calm, loving, and supportive spouse, without giving in to worry, tension or fear. Even if your spouse is not interested in this program, and are a tense, angry person, you don't have to be. You can improve your marriage and enjoy a calm peace even with a cantankerous partner.

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Get On Track To Real Happiness

Happiness comes in two forms. One is generated from the outside, such as what you feel when getting a new car, or finding a dollar bill on the sidewalk. The other is always there, on the inside and is much greater.

There are times when you "just feel happy." Other times it might be triggered by an outer happening, but the happiness isn't "because" of what happens; it was just released. This internal happiness is a natural gift all human beings have access to, because we are all souls. It is through social programming that we forget this basic quality of our nature. Kids have it; they have not been programmed yet.

Your marriage can rely on either form of marriage. You can probably already guess that the marriages based on material happiness usually end in failure.

Truly happy marriages are based on learning how to tap into inner happiness. Although the process of enjoying this happiness becomes natural once learned, it still has to be learned.

Once you do learn how to build you marital happiness, you will never go back to a marriage dependent on outer causes. Your marriage will bring you joy like you have never imagined.

Our clients enjoy an improved marriage on a daily basis. You will learn how to achieve it too. The sorrows and fears you now feel will disappear, and you will be on the track to achieving real marriage happiness.

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Build Your Marriage On A Solid Foundation

Some marriage books or programs will fill your head with trivial tips and techniques that might work in specific situations, but they lack a deep understanding of marriage.

What will make your marriage work isn't just by what you say and do, but why you say and do. It isn't buying gifts or flowers for your wife, or making dinner for your husband. It is the love you constantly express in all of the actions and words you share with your spouse.

Building your marriage on a shaky understanding of marriage won't allow you to build very high before it comes toppling down.

When you deeply understand the purpose of marriage, the principles that makes marriage work, how you and your spouse are constructed, how to communicate with each other, an​d so on, your foundation will be so solid it will support building your marriage to the greatest heights imaginable.

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Enjoy A Whole Family Again

divorce does not work

Children Are Devastated By Divorce

The psychology industry is now promoting the erroneous idea that children won't be harmed by divorce. This is patently, and dangerously false!

They decided to pretend the problems of divorce do not exist for kids.

Imagine visiting a hostile planet with two strong bodyguards. Once there, your bodyguards turn on each other. How would your sudden lack of security ​make you feel? That is what happens to your kids when you turn on each other. Their incubator is cracked; they suffer; period.

The world of a child is protected by the love and support of their parents. That world gets rocked when mommy and daddy start fighting​. It gets destroyed when parents go through divorce.

In most places, the legal system is designed to polarize the parents against each other. What began as a tense couple unable to work out their differences all to often ends in a bitter war. Children suffer the consequences and consistently grow up to be crime statistics.

​On the other hand, what children need above all else is love. And so do you! The greatest thing you can do to raise healthy children is to have an incredibly loving relationship with your spouse.

As you and your spouse learn how to operate your marriage, your happiness and love will grow. Fighting and tension will become a distant memory. Your children will grow up feeling the full love and support of both their parents.

You and your spouse will get to enjoy the full happiness that comes from a whole family.

Sometimes we have to swallow a bit of yuck to choose to do what is right. But be assured; the work you do to right your marriage is nothing when you compare it to the suffering you will go through if you don't.