Before finding The Marriage Foundation, most of our clients didn't realize they were heading toward divorce. Especially if they were seeing marriage counselors. Some were in a state of "working on it", using patchwork ideas, just trying to maintain their lives together.

People think saving a marriage is the best  you can do, not realizing you CAN find the lost love.

We have a different view of marriage; very positive compared to most. Hopefully you agree with us.

What Makes The Marriage Foundation Different

Everyone thinks themselves an expert when it comes to marriage. Like Monday morning quarterbacking, it is easy to tell someone what should, or could work. (Read More...)

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Paul Friedman, 

1) Marriages Are Supposed To Be Happy

A well run marriage (they don't "just happen"), when you know what you are doing, is a joy filled thing, that grows and grows, every aspect of it improving every single day.

Commonly held ideas, that marriage is work, are suited only to marriages in which neither of the couple understand marriage; it is that simple! Marriage shouldn't require any work at all!

You got married to happy (we hope), and through mostly "innocent" mistakes your marriage has fallen off the happiness track. Now, nothing less than a happy marriage should be your quest. Anything less is "giving up" or settling. You don't need to do that! You can have it all, better than ever!

2) Either "patch" or "transform" - It's Up To You

Most couples seek marriage counseling. But counselors don't educate couples about the underlying workings of marriage, so couples typically remain anxious, angry, and confused. Many have to take meds just to cope, waiting for things to magically improve. Usually they get worse.

So much for a marriage "fix". Typical methods for helping couples with their current issues are unscientific, even random. Results are rarely positive. That we see these as a "patch". It won't last. They seldom help you remove the 'thorns' that make you bleed tears of sadness! Its incomprehensible! 

Transforming your marriage means you change the very dynamics. You learn to do things differently; communication, how you respect each other, how you hold each other in a better light, and how you bring love back in as the core of your marriage.

Friendship is the foundation, but love is the core!

Married life should be natural, doing things that bring happiness. You can become better spouses to each other, not correcting or questioning each other all the time, nor arguing about petty little things. This is our way, and it is the fastest way.

Our idea is that your marriage must be amazing. Nothing less will do for us, and that is what we show our clients. All of our principles, methods and advice are 100% consistent, proven, and irrefutable. As are our results.

"Both my husband and I are doing great, thanks to TMF. Life is looking good again, and we have managed to come through our issue. We are still together and very happy. Thank you!"

Mary N.
London, UK

3) Marriage Success? Or A Very Expensive Failure? 

​Most couples see their counselor for 6-12 months, paying $45-200 for a 45 minute session. The table shows how much you can shell out. If you already spent more than 2 months with your counselor without great results, stop the bleeding! If you cannot see actual changes in yourself within a week its not your fault, its the counselor's.

With a good counselor, or our program, you get results from everything. There is also a buildup, but you see it happening. Next, you should compare the costs!

Typical ​Cost of Traditional Marriage Counseling




6 Months (26 sessions)




9 Months (39 sessions)




12 Months (52 sessions)




Why should you pay thousands to a counselor?

4) Guarantees Define Our Success Rate

You could easily spend $3-5,000 on a marriage counselor, and then your spouse "learns" they want a divorce. Clearly the counselor didn't help. So, what do you think they will say when you ask for your money back? If you try it, please let us know what they say.

Our 90 day 100% guarantee is our way of saying don't give up. Try us, see if you can make it.

Sharon P.
New York, NY

"You were literally our last chance. My husband didn't want to go to counseling or talk or anything. The program really worked for us. It didn't take very long, and I hardly needed your help. But you REALLY helped when I really needed encouragement. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

5) Our Methods Are Efficient, Yet Very Effective

We have a far better solution for marriages. The reality is that counseling tools are simply the wrong ones needed for marriage.... Our system is nothing like what is normally considered by marriage counselors, because our goals are superior and our process is well thought out and measured. Marriage success is about long term, not just getting by. A happy marriage that grows in happiness every day; nothing less.

We don't focus on, or dwell on the past, on blame, or "making good". Those things only cause more issues and drama. Besides, we get those taken care of right away. Our focus is to create a wonderful future. Our positive foundation building approach works well. Counseling sessions usually start by asking couples to say what they don't like about the other person. How can that ever be good??

We begin where others don't even consider. What do you think is the biggest killer of happiness? Don't you think that should be answered first? We do.  

The biggest killer of happiness, not just in marriage, but in every part of anyone's life, are bad habits. Isn't it true? Sure, some people mistakenly blame outer things for taking away their happiness, but it isn't true. Unless you are a starving child where there is no food, you always will have free will, and can always make adjustments. But habits prevent you from thinking things out so you can exercise your free will and common sense. They also are a burden to your spouse. So, this is where we begin. We have a unique technique that utterly transforms your habits into beneficial ones. Within hours or days you will start seeing positive changes!

hurt your marriage

Don't Hurt Your Marriage Anymore

Our SEW technique, which is perhaps the best tools ever invented for habits, is not to be found anywhere else. Our founder created it, and it is life and marriage changing, almost all on its own.  

These proven principles are based on moral, happiness producing ideals. We show you exactly what they are, and why they exist. Not because they appear in a scripture, but why they are important to your happiness. You will see, like 2+2=4, how your marriage can be simplified and energized. You don't have to be religous, but you do have to be smart! It does not matter what religion you belong to, or if you do not belong to one. Marriage is for everyone. Happiness in marriage is for everyone.

the secret of love

Everyone has faults. Although it is "natural" to want to be right and vindicated, if you view marriage as a competition pretty soon you won't have a marriage. This is something you will lean; to not see your spouse's mistakes as their fault, or your fault, but as their "burden", which you see through the eyes of love and compassion.

Donna S.
Nashville, TN

"TMF helped me find the peace I was longing for, from what seemed like an impossible situation. It caused such a transformation in my marriage that was on the way to divorce. TMF continues to make changes for peace, happiness and beautiful love in our marriage. Because of TMF we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. In the decades of my experience, besides God and the Bible, there is no other successful marital help like it. It is deeply appreciated."

The Marriage Foundation System

The Marriage Foundation system has one purpose: To get your marriage back on the track of happiness, true love, and marital bliss. Our system is everything traditional counseling is not.

Creates​ Amazing Marriages

Look at our reviews. People love the new marriages they are creating (not just patching up with band-aids), even when only one person is working to fix the marriage.

Fast Results

Start taking positive steps on day one. The program takes two months to complete; just when you'd just be getting down to business with traditional counseling.


You could buy several copies of our program for all your friends for the same price you'd pay a counselor.​

"Good Help"

We have been vetted by some of the greatest minds, coaches, clergy, and learned marriage professionals, but most importantly, by our many clients world-wide.

looking for marriage help

Your Marriage Can Be So Happy


Gender specific programs focus on the unique natures and roles of husbands and wives.


Let us know if you're not satisfied within 90 days and we'll refund your money.​


Stream our online video classes to any device, 24x7, around the world. You can always refer back to previous lessons.​

No Guess Work

You won't have to "take our word for it", or guess what to do next. You'll see our principles are common sense, and understand how to apply them to your marriage.

What Do I Get In The TMF System?

  • Separate Men's And Women's Courses
    * Each course contains over 40 video and written lessons that cover every aspect of marriage. Your course is focused on your particular needs and understanding.
    * You get lifetime access to view the course online.
    * Works on any modern computer, tablet or phone.

Valued at $695
(you won't pay this)

  • Plus – Access To Email Our TMF Certified Counselors
    * Anytime you have a question about the material or your relationship, just write in and a counselor will get back to you promptly.
    * This is not therapy, like from a traditional counselor. Their purpose is to help you understand and apply our principles to your marriage.
    * You get unlimited, lifetime access.

Valued at $495

  • Plus – An Unconditional, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
    * Our offer is zero risk. Check it out for up to 90 days. If you feel the program isn't right for you, just let us know and we'll refund all of your money.

Cost Of Traditional Counseling: $1,170 – $10,400

Compare The Total Value Of Our Program: $1,190

But you won't pay even this much!

As a 501(3)c non-profit, our benefactors and donors give us the ability to provide our services for far less than we otherwise would. See below for the price we're currently able to do, which is available for a limited time only. Once our current grants and donations run out, the price of our program will necessarily increase.

Start Fixing Your Marriage Today!

Get lifetime access to the TMF System and to email our TMF certified counselors

Women's Program

$295 one time, or
$59 a month (6 payments)

Married woman studying The Marriage Foundation courses

Couple's Bundle
(both programs)​

$395 or $79 a month (6 payments)

Better Marriage in the New Year

Men's Program

$295 one time, or
$59 a month (6 payments)

Testimonial Brian

"I'm so happy to have the support I am now getting from you. I'm really delighted with the program and am very much enjoying it."

Anne B.
Auckland, New Zealand
Dawn R.
Phoenix, AZ

"I worked in the psych field for over 30 years. I would never see any of those guys. They're nuts... I'm back with my husband and everything is perfect. Thank you!"

Cheryl F.
Indiannapolis, IN

"It’s now been 3 months and things are getting better. We are communicating more openly, and he is slowly coming back to the marriage."

free marriage help

Happiness Should Be Expected From Your Marriage.
Your Job Is To Learn How.

Our clients enjoy amazing results every day, without marriage counseling, and without paying thousands of dollars.

Our couples stay happily married for the rest of their lives. You can, too.

TMF marriage counseling san diego

We want you to have an amazing, love filled marriage that lasts a lifetime. This methodology helps couples quickly move past the pain they are causing each other so they can correctly build the marriage they've always sought.

How To Get Back On Track

Marriages often fail because couples were never taught how to behave in relationships, what the purpose of marriage is, what behaviors will destroy a marriage, and how to create harmony. Consequently, couples are left to their own devices; clashing in fights and trying to be right all the time; unintentionally, but continuously falling into pitfalls that destroy their marriages.

But marriage is a relationship of unconditional love and friendship.

You might have forgotten marriage is based on the deepest kind of friendship if you've been having trouble for a while, but you will soon be rebuilding it. If even one person changes their attitude toward marriage, your whole relationship can be turned around fast.

Our unique approach has been helping couples worldwide since 2003, with our formal incorporation as a nonprofit organization in 2009. We take great pride our unique program, and always feel uplifted when we see another marriage get on the right track, and stay there. Our reviews are as good as can be, and we still get thank you notes from couples years later. 

As our client said, marriage can be amazing every day when the correct approach is taken.

Learn How To...

  • Transform your marriage, even if you're the only one interested at first.
    Many of our clients have created amazing marriages without their spouse's immediate participation.
  • Calm anger, fear and other harmful emotions.
    Fighting and negative emotions are not a normal part of a healthy relationship. You can stop it all.
  • Forgive and rebuild intimacy and trust.
    Infidelity and most other offenses are resolvable. We've had clients rebuild wonderful marriages from this situation.
  • Communicate effectively with your spouse.
    Learn how to work with and appreciate your spouse's unique qualities.
  • Daily increase the connection between your hearts.
    From today on, unconditional love and friendship become the foundation of your marriage.

Is A Troubled Marriage Worth Saving?

We asked David to share more about his experience with The Marriage Foundation.

Your Children Pay A Tremendous Price For Your Unhappiness

Unfortunately, the biggest cost is the happiness and security your entire family sacrifices by not being in a fulfilling, loving marriage.

Your children's number one need, and your number one duty as a parent, is to love your children. You and your spouse getting along wonderfully and lovingly is the best thing you can do for your children, bar none. This is so important!

No matter how bad it looks now, you can have an incredible marriage. And it is far easier to achieve than you might think. 

Would It Better To See A Counselor For A Unique Situation?

1. The first reason most people visit counselors is they desire an "expert" to confirm their opinion that if only their spouse changed, everything would be fine.​

Blaming your spouse is the last thing you should do if you want your marriage to heal! Sure, they need to change some negative behaviors, but the underlying issues in your marriage cannot be pinned solely on your spouse. Big issues like infidelity, separation, porn use, fighting, anger and so on are the result of hidden underlying issues.

2. The other destructive reason people visit counselors is to vent, thinking it will help.

The trend of venting started in the 60s. Psychologists decided that if people didn’t “get it out” they would explode, or other nonsense like getting cancer or other diseases.​

In reality, the mind is infinitely elastic and you won't explode just because you don't "let it all out". The mind is also programmable, through habits of actions or thoughts. So your real concern should be the effects of what you say, instead of what you hold back. Hearing yourself vent your negative thoughts reinforces those thoughts in your mind.

Every Situation Is Unique

Our clients' situations have ranged the full spectrum, from couples who wanted to communicate more effectively or reignite the spark, to couples who had been separated for months, or suffered through cheating or abuse. We have clients, who counselors refused to see because their situation was too difficult, turn their marriages around with our methods. Everything is possible.

People can and do change, but only when they learn how, such as by using TMF techniques that help you directly slice through bad habits and instill new, good ones.

Most likely our program will work for your unique situation. However if for some reason our system isn't applicable to your situation, our 90-day guarantee makes it risk free for you.

"I feel very reassured to know that I have this access. It means everything to me right now, and certainly it is a tool I will use ongoing to keep my marriage alive and well. Things are going great for me purely from this new information I am learning. Going from rock bottom to a transformed relationship is nothing short of a miracle."

Jessica O.
Dublin, Ireland
Cindy J.
Los Angeles, CA

"The fighting began before the baby. The problem is we are both so stubborn and always want the last word, instead of trying to sort it out. There is so much love in our relationship but it was always pushed to the back because of our constant bickering. Now we know how to work things out calmly and respectfully!"

"Some of what you said seemed really cheesy. But I have to admit, it worked."

Rob P.
Houston, TX

"I never understood what a spiritual marriage was, or how to include God in our marriage. I am not religious and didn't want to hear all that crap (pardon the language). But now I get it! ...and I read all the self-help stuff by Tony Robbins and others but never understood about controlling the mind before. You helped us! What can I say... most unexpected, but most happy. Thanks. Can't fail now..."

Brian D.
South Africa
Paul Friedman, Founder
Paul Friedman
Founder of
The Marriage Foundation

About the Founder

Paul Friedman began his marriage saving career in 2003 when, as a divorce mediator, he realized most marriages could be saved.

Over time, he noted that most of his clients really had no business getting divorced. The problems they couldn't get beyond were mostly little things that got away from them, and should have been easily resolvable.

Looking to the professional marriage "experts", he discovered they had no consistent, practical base of knowledge. "How to be married" isn't taught in psychology classes, and each counselor makes up their own "hit or miss" methods. Unfortunately, most of them are "miss".

Mr. Friedman knew he needed a new method to help his clients. He writes, "I started with the question of, 'Why do people get married in the first place?' Once I realized the real purpose of marriage, I recognized how intricately beautiful and orderly it is. I devised a system anyone could follow that would permanently end any and all marital troubles." 

"I realized that spirituality and science were both at play in a balanced marriage. That, not unlike life itself, marriage holds undiscovered treasures and untold joys. But one must know where to look, and possess the necessary tools to unearth them."

Paul Friedman is happily married. He and his wife live by the principles and methods taught in The Marriage Foundation system.

The Marriage Foundation was formally incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2009 to spread these teachings worldwide. 

A Personal Note From Paul

Hi, the only thing I wish for, and work for, is your marriage being as happy as mine. I'm not perfect, but my discoveries are. They work. The only thing standing between you and a happy marriage is your putting in the time to absorb and practice what I discovered.

P.S. Don't give up on your marriage just because so many others have. Stay with it. Learn from us, and have the kind of marriage you are supposed to have. I have the best marriage ever, and you can have that too.