25 Reasons For Premarital Counseling And Education

Happiness Alone Is a Great Reason for Premarital Counseling and Education

To say I have “seen it all” is probably an understatement. With years and years of mediation and marriage help I can tell you stories that you would not begin to believe.But I hope you believe this; only a fool would consider getting married without premarital counseling and education.

But in case you are really stubborn, I put together 25 reasons for premarital counseling and education. If these are not enough, maybe the divorce statistics will work.

  1. You want to be happily married.
  2. You want to be happily married for the rest of your life.
  3. You want to be in love for the rest of your life.
  4. You want your love to grow bigger and deeper every day.
  5. You want to live in harmony.
  6. You want to feel connected so much that it hurts.
  7. You want to adored.
  8. You want to be admired.

We are just getting started here! The above? All covered with premarital counseling and education.

  1. You want to be absolutely connected before you have kids.
  2. You want YOUR world to be your sacred space of marriage.
  3. You want to know what the sacred space of marriage is, and how to create it.
  4. You don’t want to waste time learning from “mistakes”.
  5. You don’t want to even have to think about marriage trouble, or divorce.
  6. You want to understand your spouse so you can make them happy.
  7. You want your life to be prosperous.
  8. You want your life to be meaningful.
  9. You want your best friend to be happy to be with you; always!
  10. You want true security.
  11. You want your children to be secure.
  12. You want your old age to be amazing because “you did it” right.

Okay, only 5 more reasons for premarital counseling and education. This is easier than I thought.

  1. You never want to argue or fight.
  2. You never want to be left.
  3. You never want to think you may have made a mistake.
  4. You never want to go through separation or divorce.
  5. You want to experience unending unbelievable ever expanding love, for the rest of your life, in the arms of your true love.

Okay, the last one, when you are feeling the love just grow and grow exponentially, every day, takes about three years. But you will glide into that part of your marriage like a swan on a lake. Your marriage, when you study marriage, will be amazing. That, my friend, is my promise.