Relationship Advice For Married Women

Although a woman’s mind is a mystery to men, and even to women themselves, a woman’s heart is divine. Her heart, when open, spreads a joy felt by all in her presence.

Society is getting better at understanding the true strength and power of women, but people who still think men and women are the same have a lot to learn.

Many women believe they must compete with men, on men’s terms. They do not realize by doing so they give up their own power: the power of love — far greater than men’s physical power. When a woman transforms her love into action, no man can resist.

Here are some tips for married women that allow you to be truly empowered by love:

  • The heart of a woman is irresistible. Make your heart the voice of guidance.
  • A woman’s compassion can make a man’s heart melt. Never resort to the vulgarities of anger.
  • Nurturing from a woman gives her man renewed strength. Always treat your man with tenderness. Let him know you are all heart by how you act and communicate.
  • A smile from a woman gives her man self-confidence. Brighten his day with smiles of encouragement meant only for him.
  • When a woman recognizes her man as her hero, he becomes one. When a woman praises her man, he becomes the greatest man who has ever lived.
  • Showing tender affection (not lust) in the bedroom, makes her man want only to protect his family.
  • Dressing for her man, feeling confident and beautiful for him, a wife removes all desire for any other woman.
  • Always show love and kindness. The crudeness of lust compared to the love a woman can express is like sand compared to diamonds. The crudeness of nagging compared to sweet requests is like sharp stones compared to sweet nectar.

A woman’s power to hold her family together in love and harmony lies in her willingness to exude the sweet fragrance of her heart at all times. The beauty of her smile, her thoughts, and her actions cannot fail.