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I had proof today that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. In this course, I am reminded I am paying for my own karma but I can grow past it to have my marriage back. It brought me to crocodile tears. I look forward to AMAZING growth. Thank you!!!!!
Thank you for the encouragement, I appreciate your help. I Need to just relax and not be so serious about everything… Thank you again!!This course is way more than I expected. It really hits home with me, I can see all things that I have been doing wrong and it is helping me to change and look at things so differently. Even though I get lost sometimes, your words of wisdom get me back on track. Thank you
God bless your company! I am not far into this but I feel so blessed to have this information and knowledge. It is so beneficial to me and for me and my relationships. ❤️ Thanks for this course!
Thank you so much for you help. I agree with you and I don’t know where I would be right now without this course. All the counselors are so very helpful. Again, thank you!!! Sometimes when you go to sleep you will find the next day you have such a calmness come over you and you wonder why you got so upset. I have taken several notes from each video/text and it helps to always go back and review them to keep everything fresh in your heart.Sincerely,Janie
Thank You, I am so very thankful for all the help I receive from all the TMF Counselor’s and even though you don’t provide names I just want to personally thank “YOU” for this response, it really talked to my heart in a big way and I just keep reading it over and over. I have spent so much time prior to finding the TMF course looking for answers. I literally spent months reading articles online, buying other courses that never really helped me like the TMF course. I blamed myself for my hubby’s pornography use, you know, “your not good enough” “you don’t look like any of the porn stars he always looks at” etc….but for the first time these words you wrote He is not you, nor are his bad habits your problem. The mind wants you to think it is your problem but why give your power, power that can used to master your mind to feel joy, to worry of any kind?Wow, for the first time my mind really believes this no matter how many times in the past I heard it. Of course, I also agree that I was not loving with “Unconditional Love” and I am really seeing a big difference when I do. The small kindnesses that I show that I thought did not mean much, like a big hug, a smile, being positive, letting him know how proud I am of him, (all with sincerity) these things are SO powerful and when I act loving toward him he response back in a big way. I am literally taking all this information in the course and sucking it up like a sponge. When I am done, I will be giving one of the best reviews.
Thank you again, I am kind of mad at myself, I let all my progress go out the window today and reverted back to my old ways of dealing with things. I told my hubby I was sick and spent the day in my room but I know he knew it was not the truth. In desperation I went to the TMF site and found an article on “How To Forgive Your Husband” and this paragraph set the bell off in my mind…. “What you have to do is come from your heart, which is superior to your mind, so you will clearly see your husband’s actions for what they were; self-destructive escape attempts…No, it was not you he was escaping, but he was unable to handle what is on his plate. Like you, he was never taught the basics of married life, or, if we are to be totally honest, neither of you were taught the basics of how to live; at all. Few people are prepared for life, and this is what happens.”
Yes, you’re right. I knew that was the answer and I was venting. It’s been a long time of coping without any hope and I’ve had no one to talk to about it, sadly because of the nature of my work (I’m a minister and it gets complicated). For me and my wife the gospel is the answer for everything but so often Christian help is void of brutally honest, real world application without endless contrived anecdotes, which is why I so appreciate Paul’s perspective and method. It’s a perfect marriage (no pun intended) with the macro answer to relationship problems that is the gospel, which is all about grace and unconditional love. I feel like Paul gives the abstract Christian concepts a concrete form … besides Christ Himself. My wife, who loathes almost all marriage material, is resonating with Breaking the Cycle and loves Paul’s no-nonsense approach. She has agreed to the course for women. I will purchase it and keep pressing on. Thank you.
Thank you for your quick response, you have no idea how much you have helped me. I just feel so awful because I walked in on him again. I have to go back and re-read all my notes and listen again to Mr. Friedman….I never thought this was going to be so hard, but I will keep pressing forward with the SEW technique because if I don’t change “me” then things will never get better. Thank you again, this course and Your words of Wisdom are a God sent.
We have spent five years in Christian marriage counseling.We have spent literally hundreds of hours, a weekend retreat, 10 week post retreat weekly classes. Nothing has healed the hurt. I first bought your books. They were very encouraging. But the course is helping me get the correct perspective plus a clear path and I’m more peaceful in my thinking already.
Please pass my gratitude to Paul. I am in the beginning and I am already feeling better inside, even while facing the hard realizations. I can see how I can change and how things can get better. Thank you.
One day, when I am past this and SEWing more, I want to come work there! ? Take good care and thank you.
Thank you for the support. ? I got through it last night and did not dig a hole and am feeling better. Going to keep going over lesson one. I am starting to see a new way of being.
Hello!Just want to say that the SEW method has really changed things for me already.Thank you.
Dear Marriage Foundation and Mr. Paul Freedman, It’s working already! The peace I’m beginning to feel is nearly tangible. The Holy Indifference, The SEW, the Give and Give, the rejection of all the Western psychology that has been drummed into my head, the Venues, the SEW, the SEW, the SEW, the dropping expectations of my Bride, Unconditional Love, the truth that our Soul has a Mind and a Body, Controlling my thinking and making it positive, the Soulmate, our individual Freewill. Its all so radical, but its radical unconditional love! Thank you for the tough love lessons. I needed to hear it! It’s all working and I’m only in week four. She knows something is different, but it’s still too new. Thank you for the HOPE. Thank you for the Encouragement to NEVER GIVE UP! Thank you for enlightening me concerning the reasons why the hundreds of hours of Christian Couples Counseling did not work… it was never going to work.With much Love and Respect,JohnSalinas, California
Thank you so much for your YouTube channel videos, I have already taken the decision to end my marriage but today I listened to your videos and I immediately changed my mind all thanks to you? I’m looking forward to buying your course for women.
Thank you it is so nice to have access to Tmf professionals to keep me on the right path with all your responses that are so clear and easy to understand but sometimes very bitter to swallow : I love it! Nothing like a good dose of truth!Thank you!Andre
I learned many secrets. I was able to have peace inside and have hope for our marriage, despite how he treats me. Now, our marriage has changed. He is a totally different man. He is awesome. After 3 decades of suffering, I would never expect this miracle…….and it keeps getting better. How constantly thankful I am for TMF.
TMF saved my marriage and my life. It enabled me to forget the past, no matter what happened. It lifted a big weight off me. There were no feelings of resentment, bitterness or hurt anymore. It didn’t matter how I was treated. It didn’t affect or phase me. There was a free feeling and the ability to rise above it all. No more subconsciously blaming or being angry inside.
Now that I am taking the course, I know I shouldn’t have done so much but at the time I was hurting so badly and wishing I could make my eyes unsee. I now try to “put it behind me” according to the videos from TMF. I am so thankful that I found Mr. Friedman’s videos! It led me to the marriage help course and I am on The Anatomy of a Fight, Part 2 right now. Thank you again
I am using sew. My behavior has turned around. I stay out of my feelings and think before I speak. I think positive thoughts and bless him in my thoughts. I am not feeling anxious or fear anymore. I am feeling secure and calm. I don’t know where we are headed as a couple but I am giving it all I have. The sew has made me a happy person. It has saved me. Hopefully in time it will save our marriage.
I wrote into you Sept. 12 asking about how to become the most wonderful wife to my husband because I had found out he slept with someone else. Long story short, I ended up with Trichomoniasis ( which is a not so common STD) . I have not been with anyone else, so when I asked him . He pretty much confessed. I got upset etc and we kinda split up for a month. During the month, I realized I still loved him. We have 2 children together and although we are not “legally ” married, we considered ourselves married in our hearts ♥ I began searching for videos on unconditional love and TMF popped up. I felt like I resonated with everything Mr. Paul said. I wrote in and you suggested the course. I began taking it. I’m only half way through and it has done wonders for us. I feel like we’re on our way to becoming best friends again with the benefit of being lovers too.
Mr. Friedman suggests in the marriage course that we text our husband’s often and compliment them, flirt with them….but he also said use what works for you…my question is that if I constantly compliment or flirt …am I “chasing ” him and thus creating little or no room for him to chase. Thank you again. I love watching the videos, they have restored the love.
Dearest TMF Counselor,
All I can say is …Wow !! Again you have blown my mind and opened my heart. I’m rereading your email to fully grasp what you are saying. I agree with you. I feel like I need to go into prayer. Pray for strength and wisdom and pray for my heart to soften. And pray for my Cory, May all of God’s Blessings pour down on him and his life . I know and God knows my heart. He knows how I love him. At one point in time, Cory considered me his Angel ? so let’s reclaim that spot that’s rightfully mine and rightfully so! Lol And on that note…Blessings to you dear counselor, Blessings to your family and Blessings to Mr. Friedman. Have a beautiful night,
Thank you very much and yes this does explain things very well and answers my question ? You can post this review where ever you feel fit (change the punctuation as necessary as I’m not great with grammar and some wording).
My wife and I were seeing a marriage counselor in our home town with little to no success. My wife shared TMF podcast with me on “How to stop arguing with your spouse”. I loved what Paul Friedman all had to say in the podcast (everything he said made perfect sense) so I signed up for the marriage course. My wife did too after I asked her if she would consider taking the course too. The course was and is the true fix to our marriage. The information provided within the courses is invaluable. I can’t thank TMF enough for offering such an amazing approach to making a marriage work. Truly remarkable and I am forever grateful! Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you!!!
Hi, I started the marriage foundation on a Monday 2 months ago and already started noticing small results with the interaction between both my husband and I. It’s been a very pleasant environment for us where our interaction has been very soft instead of matter of fact. I have been applying the S.E.W method not only with my husband but also my kids, parents etc. It makes me a happier person, I realize and not always be negative. Thank you all!!
I was reading books and attending church but My sister in law told me about this program. She said it worked for her and I am married to her sister. So, I’m trying it with hope and prayer.
Hello Thank you Paul, I have found the course to be invaluable. I have read motivational books before by Tony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne, etc and I have never understood the concept monitoring my mind the way you put it. I GOT IT NOW! Thanks. It would be wonderful if you would consider making children friendly videos of these teachings so I can share them with my kids, i.e. where the emphasis is not on marriage as such rather general life skills:-)
Knowing that I should never offer advice really changed my mood to acceptance and trust that all things will work out. At times I used to try to teach my husband and give him advice. I stopped doing that. He changed more when I didn’t give advice at all compared to when I sometimes did. Learned just teach simply by example. A husband will never learn from advice and teaching, only by example.
Hi, thank you so much – this means so much. I felt so alone in these matters. We dated only for 2 months before we got married, so in many ways I am blaming myself for not discussing these important issues (mostly the having female friends bit) before we agreed to get married. I knew that the infatuation period would eventually end and that the honeymoon phase would also pass – but I never thought he was the kind of man that would make some of the decisions that he has made. I believed that he would not cheat, he isn’t that kind of person….isn’t that so cliché? He is a family man and I do believe that he sincerely loves me. When I found out about these conversations (they were via text message and these happened before we got married), it was after we had been married only 5 days. I let it bother me for about 4 weeks and finally confessed to him that I had looked through his phone and found these messages. Now that I am taking the course, I know I shouldn’t have done that. At the time, though, I was hurting so badly and wishing I could make my eyes unsee these words. We have talked about it all and have (mostly) patched up my hurt feelings and his pain of not being trusted and the betrayal of going through his phone. I was working to “put it behind me”, and that’s what let me to the videos from TMF. I am so thankful that I found Mr. Friedman’s videos, then the course! I am on The Anatomy of a Fight, Part 2 right now. Thank you again for helping me.
Can you please make sure that Paul gets to read this? I was raised by parents who loved each other but fought a LOT. Paul is AMAZING. if My parents knew this info that Paul teaches, it could have been so life changing for me. I am terribly insecure and I have been very critical of my husband for years. I find now that I have acted much like my mother. I have also acted like my father did when my parents had fights, especially when I would have fights with my husband and then leave. My father used to do that. My father died 21 years ago, and we got married 2 years after that. My mother is 82 and she is hateful, she suffered a lot of trauma in her life and she never had help. I have not spoken to her in 2 years because she was so hostile to me the last time I saw her. My brother denied anything is wrong, so for my own sake, I let him go too. I have not spoken to my brother in 2 years either. Now my mother in law is also in the a rehab, and she is 81. so I feel like a big dumbass because now, after being married for 19 years, now I finally appreciate my husband so much. I have worked so hard to help our kids, our youngest has autism and he had seizures when he was a baby. But now, I am finally getting the hang of how to be a wife. Thank you so much for all your terrific advice when I write in. We did a marriage preparation class at our church when we got married, but it was NOTHING like this. I learned some really crappy stuff from living in a dysfunctional family or for whatever reason, and Now I cannot love my husband and kids enough. Thank You Paul Friedman and to all of you at Marriage foundation. You have helped me be a better wife and my family is benefitting too!!! This is a much healthier place for our kids now. I hope my kids did not suffer from all the time when I was being over critical of my husband, doing the wrong things. Its so sweet now, my husband takes walks with me on his day off from work and its like he is my boyfriend again! Im delighted to have the man I married, and he recently saw a cardiologist and got a clean bill of health, he has high blood pressure but its not bad and we are both working on better diet and more exercise, but LOVE is the best medicine!!! after a couple weeks of being happy, he had a check up and his blood pressure has already come down. I dont know why I did not find your you tube videos and then the course sooner, but WOW!!! you have made such a difference!!! I am sure that the SEW method is helpful at home, with my marriage and I can truly see how using this method will be helpful with all of my relationships with every important person in my life. and our youngest is also named Joseph! I feel like I am now learning things after being married for 19 years and at 55 years old that I should have learned wayyy back before we got married. Thank You Paul Friedman, and thank you everyone at The Marriage Foundation!!! Im sending lots of love to you all!!!!!with love and blessings
Hi there My name is -a and I bought the course in September. I want to begin by thanking you. I feel that Mr. Paul Friedman’s videos have helped tremendously. I have realized my part in contributing to our problems. I’m about halfway through the course . And I guess today is just one of those days where I’m having a bit of a hard time. I’m not sure if I’m just emotional because my cycle might come on. Any suggestions on staying on track on the days that you may feel a little off? I guess I could start with making myself happy. I’m laughing at loud because I’m imagining Mr. Friedman saying something to that extent.

Thank you in advance
I do find the course valuable and will follow it as directed. I am also reading Breaking the Cycle and hope that is ok. I do want to convey a thank you message to Paul. These materials have at least given me hope. And that in turn has given me some additional strength to fight for my marriage.
I am so grateful for finding this course, it has changed my life and saved my marriage. My experience of the course was as follows; I Believe that the change will happen and I will stick to the course no matter what happens on the outside, it’s really all inner work The significance change happened for me when I remembered my marriage vows, that I love my husband no matter what and I stopped expecting a response that was for my benefit, I completely let go of that expectation and all of a sudden there was a change, and all was good again. When I realized my part in my marriage the weight of my actions were heavy, but I put that aside and focused wholly on my happiness no matter what the outer conditions were. I also followed the course guidance and went of the anatomy of a fight and the SEW videos so many times until it went into my sub conscious. I am so grateful, there are no words. We tried everything, 3 counsellors previously, but it was the opposite that I needed. I use the course and re watch videos when I need guidance or reassurance that I was on the right path. Warm regards,
Things have been trending in a much better direction recently. I still go through a lot of ups and downs (internally) but I have not been expressing those issues externally. I am still in the process of practicing SEW (which I know will be a lifelong endeavor) but I can say that I am slowly seeing my thought process change and while I am still not where I would like to be with my attitude personally I can say that I have seen growth. There have been some moments in our marriage as well that have given me reason to be optimistic. I have definitely seen a change in her since I have started my journey. Things are trending in the right direction but I am coming to terms with the issues in our marriage. I know now this is a process and things will not happen over night.
Good morning and thank you! I repeated your default reaction phrase over and over and over again in my head yesterday. It lowered my anxiety and by doing so I realized its effectiveness in lessening my anxiety, and prevented me from starting a fight. It changed my mood. I will keep using it. Thank you again.
Have you read Napolean Hill’s Outwitting the Devil? Very interesting that Paul figured it all out before the book was released. Thanks for all you do
Hello, It’s been a long year but my husband and I are doing really well for the most part. We’ve been back together for about 8 months and are very much in love again due to this program. We have such a beautiful relationship now. I have everything I wanted
I’ve been following the Marriage foundation coursework for about three months now and it’s been fantastic and my husband who out of the blue announced six months ago that he was not attracted to me anymore decided to stay at home with me so we could give our marriage a try. After (me) doing all the work, his was absolutely mind blown by how lovely I am to be around and he enjoys all of his time with me. The marriage foundation work keeps taking me to the next level.
I have to take counseling because I lost my 2 year old son last year and CPS was asking for the certificate to show proof of my healing and that I have been getting help. Even though the course for men is for helping with marriage which is why I originally took it. I have found out that it’s helped me with a lot more than just in my marriage. It has been helping me heal as I continue to live without my baby boy to find more peace and happiness in life without him. The course has helped me in a lot of different ways and I still continue to go back through the videos every week to try to continue to keep getting better.
I agree with you. I realize its impact and thanks to y’all’s course and learning the sew technique and learning how to control my mind and how I think. It’s really helped me a lot in a lot of different ways. Even helped make me a better dad for my other 3 kids. I’ve been needing the changes that y’all have helped me make for several years now. Even if things with my wife and I doesn’t work out and it wasn’t meant to be. I now know that I’m ok with that and that I’ll be ok and I can still find peace and happiness even if not with my wife.
I learned so much and my marriage of 32 years is better than ever. I know that God led me to this program and I’m so grateful. Thank you and God bless!
I realize the importance of SEW and the depth that it takes you need to make this work. 10. Hi there, After the shock of some family traumatic issues I have survived, and I have come back to this course, to get the SEW right. I realized the importance of SEW and the depth that it takes you and how I need to make this work. I am still struggling with the “noise” when I don’t follow the system. So I’m in the homework session!! And will make a priority. This will be added in my morning awakening routine. Thank you for still being here and honoring my membership.
Hi there, After the shock of family issues (tramautic) our issues. I have survived, however my husband is so angry for the way everybody behaved including being angry with me. I have come back to this, to get the SEW right. It’s in there but was not computing with all the noise.
Hello, I have been using the SEW technique and I am approaching the end of week 2. It has really transformed me and I can see a difference in my marriage. My husband’s wall he had up started to melt a little. And he even wanted to be intimate with me after 2 months. I am excited about my change and it really resonates with me. I finally feel like my true self in being a loving wife!
Now that I have been doing the SEW method, the mood has definitely changed in my home. I noticed my husbands wall was starting to come down just a little. We were intimate a couple of nights in a row.
Hello. How long will I have access to my course? I’m hopeful to have lifetime access as I would like to be able to continue reviewing forever! Thank you.
Please tell Paul that all of you have turned my relationship around and I’m doing great for him on all fronts. Plus, the multi part YouTube series Paul did helped me a great deal!! Thank you!!!!
I wanted to thank you so much for replying to my messages. Your words always speak to my heart. God uses you in special ways to pick me up so I can continue fighting for my marriage. That woman is facing a great opponent because I am not going to let her steal MY man ✊ I will work on filling my heart with joy in despite of my circumstances. Thanks again!! I feel better tonight! Reminding me to talk to the Lord renewed my spirit too.
I’ve been doing pretty good by practicing SEW method with my words and actions. My husband and I have been spending more time together. in the last week for the first time in a while and really no arguing, I asked him to help me get groceries. He told me he’d be down in a second and took over 30 minutes. I feel I handled it well because I didn’t blow up his phone ?. It’s a start but clearly working. Thanks
Hi there! It’s been a while. My husband and I got back together in October 2023 after being separated since march 2023. We’ve done good for the most part. I’ve made improvements and things are going well as we’ve both made changes based on what I’ve learned in the course for women.
“I just wanted to write and tell of an incident that happened today.I had a friend mention that she has noticed a change in me lately ( she is not the only one to say so) .She also told me that she was learning from my example of not letting things bother her that she has no control over.I thought this was a wonderful testament to this program that not only are others seeing a change in me , but it is making a positive impact on them.It gives me hope. My Husband hasn’t said anything or responded to me YET, but if others see my change, he has seen my change, and it will only be a matter of time before my change affects our relationship.By the way I love it when Paul includes in his lessons the positive affirmations that I CAN save my marriage, and that it will be wonderful.Thank you,”


“I had just literally read an article about the 12 signs your marriage is over and it was all very doom and gloom and negative. Like there was no control in the outcome. Then i am so glad i clicked on your link, suddenly you were going through all the signs and how they are recoverable. it was actually positive, I felt an immediate lift off my shoulders.”


“I am currently on a program supporting me for sugar addiction. This program is also encouraging. So I am currently in the mindset of self improvement which is why i think your program spoke to me so profoundly”


“I now always try to understand my husband. And he is so kind and always tries to understand me. We mostly utilize our knees in prayer and exercise patience. My analytical side felt maybe our problems had something to do with our gender difference; now I discovered most communication is miscommunication because we see things differently as men and woman. We found marriage counseling wasn’t beneficial for us so I tried your spiritual, self help way. We need to protect our sacred space and now stay private about our relationship. This is so wonderful.”


“I was searching for something for my sister, who was facing divorce, so saving marriage and divorce. While praying I realized she and I too needed the right kind of support, so I feel the prayer led me to this course. Anyhow I bought your book at that time then the course and seeing how much the differences improved our marriages now I want to help others and become a TMF counselor.”


“I don’t have the ability to communicate like Paul, but truths attracted me. Truth will always attract people. As I invested time in understanding Paul’s course and approach, I found that it aligned with my deeper feelings about marriage, and what it can be. It aligns with my belief that marriage is a sacred institution that is / can be misunderstood and/or trivialized (or my made up word – transactionalized) . Sobering but Paul is able to connect societal ills to the carnage of failure in the marriage home. There is much truth to be found in this course. I love how Paul reminds or teaches simple truth such as, why we marry, so we might experience joy and happiness. I love how he focuses on all aspects of who we are. Paul is able to do that in such a deeply honest and kind way (non-offensive and diplomatic) – protecting the worth of individuals and marriage – as he communicates important points. We are spiritual. We are emotional. We are physical beings. In addressing relationships especially between husband and wife we have to address all of what we are. Paul seeks to bring out the best in relationships. Anyway, like I said, I’m not a great communicator but I recognize great communicators. I do love the way that Paul is able to communicate hard or abstract concepts and thoughts into something we can understand enough to put into practice. I could come go on and on and on..”


“I must say after 3 weeks, things are much better between wife and I. Thanks for the materials, the moral support and your prayers, they are working to the positive in my marriage. I was distraught when I started your courses. Best Regards,”

Tim Nations

“Hi, I completed the marriage course a while ago and it has made a major difference to our marriage. Our situation is complicated by the fact my wife has mental health issues and chronic fatigue syndrome which has contributed to marriage issues over the journey. Now I only want her to get better. I hate seeing her struggle, and want to encourage her to make some small changes. She struggles with energy, motivation and hates her job. She has low self esteem, has put on a lot of weight, has little social life and when she is not working, she is in bed generally watching tv. Sometimes, i can see she is physically exhausted. Other times, this is a choice (which is ok as we all deserve downtime) My opinion is (i keep this to myself) they are intrinsically linked, ie her mental health has contributed to her physical issues. Her psychiatrist has alluded to the same thing. For further background, she also attempted suicide 8 years ago (5 years prior to chronic fatigue diagnosis, she didn’t have that at the time) and has had mental health issues most of her life. Our marriage by the way is not as big a concern for her now as it was a few months ago before TMF course.The SEW method helps me keep my opinions to myself and just be supportive. Having been together for 17 years i don’t believe my wife has the will power or mental or physical strength to make any meaningful changes in her life. You will never know how much your course has helped me find happiness. You have taught me things I never knew existed.”


“As I am taking all the courses in preparation to become a counselor and I have listened to the Cause and Effect session probably 30 times or more. It was soooooo freeing, knowing that HE AND THE WOMAN HE HAS HAD AN EMOTIONAL AFFAIR WITH FOR TWO YEARS, are agents to my KARMA. I find myself mentally thanking him for being an agent to my KARMA. I know I am to be a counselor after watching the marriage my parents had and the 2 I year I have been through with mine. Mine is different for ME, thanks to Paul Friedman and I am eternally grateful!!!”


“Hi there The good part of this course is that it really helped me calm my mind down and respond to my wife and kids in a tone that does not show my anger. My wife has moved back to our bedroom, I guess that’s what I really wanted. Thanks for getting me there.”

Ian Z

Bend, OR

“Hi, Having nearly finished the program, I can testify it has made an amazing difference to our marriage, we are both much happier and the future is very positive us. Our marriage now feels very healthy, our communication is now also very healthy and open. My wife has commented a couple of times how much I have changed and has thanked me mentioning she is grateful to feel loved and appreciated again.”

Steven D

Rockford, ID

“Have covered the fist two chapters and eagerly awaiting for the next part as I need to desperately improve as quickly as possible. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and can see a lot of the issues / mistakes from my side of things; wish I’d know about this course before I got married which would have been coming up to 30 years. Going to re-evaluate the SEW methods so I can get it drilled into me.”

John K

Austin, TX

“This course has been a lifesaver, it has helped me to understand what love is and how to make marriage work. It helped me in the darkest time of my life, gave me hope & tools to help fix my marriage & life.”

Megan M

Muskegon, MI

“I fucking love you man! , this is probably the BEST video I’ve seen of yours! I subscribed about a month ago, your hilarious too ! I have never heard anyone say the word “prick” so respectfully and eloquently , HILLARIOUS! I had to play over that a few times just to laugh ! ALL being said! ,I can see where this video applies to me, in as far as trying to change my wife , we’ve been just married 23 years this past friday 6/16 , and I am sooooooooooooo thankful to the Lord , he’s kept us together through all the good and bad of marriage , but your SPOT on! , question: do you have any free workshops coming up soon ? thanks brother for your loving heart , and passion to help all of us !”

Rickie C

Piedmont, SC

“I really like your soft voice in teaching. Thank you so much”

Donna S

Udall, KS

“Boy, your videos are so refreshingly simple and honest! Can’t thank you enough for what you do. After listening to specialists talk things into knots, or play on a women’s sense of victimization- the straightforward truths you share are a breath of fresh air!!”

Rico B

El Toro, CA

“I’m questioning our 43 year old marriage. A disabled daughter, he’s not drinking hardly at all anymore. Thanks for your talk, I need to look inside and stop hating. God helped me find you at just the right time. Bless you!”

Elvia M

Charlottesville, VA

“I always value your good marriage advice and so happy for your program.”

Chance D

New Braunfels, TX

“I often listen to your guidance as a way to return to the center and restore a calmness in my mind when thoughts get muddied by intrusive thoughts brought on by the anxiety that distance can sometimes bring. Thank you. I’m getting the course!”

Hilary W

Evansville, IN

“Paul you are spot on about happiness. My wife talks about it all the time”

Byron S

Los Angeles, CA

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“Oh my dear Lord… this was such a positive video I mean finally when you seek help from public platforms there are infinite videos on narcissistic disorder…but you tell us the solution. I know the problem I am already dealing with. Now you tell me positive solutions so that I can keep the love n happiness in the relationship but those bunch of Psychologist-Therapists they just busy selling you the thought that it’s impossible and if not today than tomorrow you will have to get divorced & leave him. I mean what if that’s not what I want…!! THANK YOU SIR FOR THIS VIDEO”

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“Brilliant words. Thank you. I see this working in so many ways. A wonderful endeavor.”

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“Good insight thank you, I felt upset and defensive in my relationship when it comes to being suspected especially because am very loyal. Your course is changing eveythig”

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“I Pastored the same church for 35 years. Found The Marriage Foundation at 50 years of marriage and rekindled our teen age love! I believe Paul’s idea of not finding and focusing the problem but instituting unconditional love and controlling the mind. Two scriptures.” Be you transformed by the renewing of your mind. “ and “but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God.”

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“Excellent Paul …………. being present is the key to life , don’t let our bodies, or emotions become US! very very pertinent , and true! I will be married 23 years next month , and yes the familiarity bug has hit us like many many others , to be conscious , of our thoughts , actions, responses , and RE-actions (another word for responses lol) mean everything , see the issue is not “not loving” our spouses , we love them , it’s the fact , that you can love your brother or sister with this type of love expression , which can dull , and fizzle out the flame of marriage …… what’s the 1st step in your opinion to unravel this mindset , OR did miss something in the video”

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“Hi Dr Friedman. Your content is absolutely fantastic. I will be teaching my kids when they reach marriage age of how to be in a marriage. Your beautiful advice remindes me of the verse:- ‘Another of His signs is that He created spouses from among yourselves for you to live with in tranquillity: He ordained love and kindness between you. There truly are signs in this for those who reflect’. Quran, chapter 30, verse 21”

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“Another great video. I began this video whilst in a foul mood because sometimes I feel so emotionally neglected by my husband. Today is particularly difficult & I was looking for content relative to how I feel- & your videos are always sooo uplifting. Your views also align with my Christian views whether you are aware of that or not. In Christianity we are to be patient, kind, & long-suffering, which is tough but necessary. Thank you.”

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“I know I have grown with this program because I have empathy and understanding for my husband, where anger once lived.”

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“I have a burden for marriages in my church and community and family. Jamie, my wife, and I have adapted the principles of Marriage Foundation and it revolutionized our marriage. We are 54 years wed but only in the past few years have learned the keys to happy and enduring love through your materials and concepts.”

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“Hello Counselor, Just saying hi and thanks. In September my husband told me he was having an affair and wasn’t sure he wanted to stay married. With your help, I have been working really hard- sometimes I slip up and that’s usually when I write in. The responses always step me back on track. Here I am some months later preparing to celebrate our wedding anniversary! September seems like a lifetime ago and I’m still reviewing the course material periodically. I just want to say thanks for the support and the lessons. I am truly seeing the vast power that I have in my marriage- just as you said. God bless you all.”

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“He asked if I needed any help today and and helped with housework and cleaning out my car. I appreciate and love him so much, and am very grateful that we are in your prayers and that I’ve learned so much wisdom from the course”

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“Hi there. I just finished taking notes on Dealing with a Cheating Husband . It’s such a beautiful concept. I genuinely appreciate Paul’s view on free will his candid views are revolutionary. They make more sense than anything I studied in my two or three psychology classes. If I had a choice between the master’s degree education I received or TMF’s courses, I’d pick TMF. TMF made more of a difference in my life than anything else I’ve encountered. TMF is better than any religious text, although I enjoy reading sacred texts. Thank you for bringing light and joy into this world!”

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“Thank you so much for everything All my life has changed in a great and magnificent ways.  I can’t deny that my life is becoming clear and I know where I am going and why . Many positive things happen. The most important thing is that I don’t fight or start arguments ….i now express my fearless love …..I feel peace and energetic”

Francine M

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“Dear Paul, I purchased your course recently and wanted to ask you, if you could kindly share some wisdom on how to practice opening your heart, to your husband but also generally to the world? Are there any daily practices you could recommend? Thank you so much for your work.”

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“Another great video. I began this video whilst in a foul mood because sometimes I feel so emotionally neglected by my husband. Today is particularly difficult & I was looking for content relative to how I feel & your videos are always sooo uplifting. Your views also align with my Christian views whether you are aware of that or not. In Christianity we are to be patient, kind, & long-suffering, which is tough but necessary. Thank you.”

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“Married 33 years. This is the best advice ever.”

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“Growing up without a father, I never got to really see or learn how a husband loves a wife. I’ve been married to my soul mate, best friend and love of my life for, four years now and last night she asked me a simple question… What do I do to show her that I love her. I couldn’t really answer the question and I’ve realised I need to better. love your videos mate your very wise.”

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“Paul this is an Excellent video .. I would say to date it’s one of your best . I don’t consider myself to be a wife who is difficult to please.. still I think each of your suggestions address areas within my marriage which account for my happiness on a daily basis . My new husband is a wonderful man on many levels. Most of your points he addresses quite naturally, & there are a few he could look at more deeply . This video articulates those areas nicely .I will share these with him . Thank you”

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“I wanted to thank you Paul. Your videos and your book breaking the cycle saved my marriage. I think of your book as a manual, something I never had. 24 years married and we’re at the best place we’ve ever been. Thank you and God bless you!”

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“Thankyou for this. i was crying the other day infront of my fiance because of family issues. but he didnt comfort me, (bcs he doesnt know how to), and i felt let down, and angry, and we started fighting. so i felt pretty lost..”

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“Hi Mr. Friedman I recently subscribed to your channel and I am enjoying your content because most of it hits home with my marriage and we are going into 2 years of marriage and I need to learn to control my anger towards my wife, and seriously she has a mouth on her but she has a kind heart and I’m still trying to learn and understand her to a point that she has been defending herself for years and now that we are married I am letting my anger close her heart to me so I am putting all of your info to work in helping our marriage to not fall apart. Thank you and I’ll keep on looking and using your content to help keep our marriage on track.”

Dan B

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“Paul, thanks very much for this wonderful video. Still learning about marriage, 29 years into this marital journey. Paul, thanks very much for this deep insight. You have just gotten a new subscriber from Accra, Ghana. God bless the marriage foundation. God bless you so much.”

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“I took notes, I came here expecting something else entirely. I am a child of God. So is my husband. I appreciate this message. It’s teaching me to grow in the Lord. I will be an example and work on myself. God bless. This was beautiful.”

Arline J

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“You are soooooo Correct. I have pushed my husband to this and I have taken the course. I admit I have done some backsliding and pray it is not too late to still make a difference back to where it was heading. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I need to go through the course again.”

Janel D

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“I took Paul’s course and have learned to not reacting to my wife’s behaviour and just love her as she is and not make things worse. This is my 3rd marriage and thank God I came to find his solution. Marriage therapy never worked for any of my three marriages. Thank you Paul!”

Micheal B

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“I am an engineer. After 2 divorces I “mapped” out the human condition and came to the same conclusions as Paul. I then took his courses and have bettered myself as a human soul with info I was never taught. I have still not yet met my soul mate (or even a girl friend), but I have found a way of life and happiness I choose as the evolution of my soul, and I like it! Thanks Paul; I hope you will create a course for those who are not married too, as I believe this/your philosophy is a divine path to happiness, love and dignity.”

Harvy L

Arlington, VA

“You’re speaking directly to my spirit’s heart! EVERYTHING you’re laying down feels like it’s coming from a place of truth and Love. Thank you for these gentle reminders… I will begin to apply what I can here and now. Much Love & Grace to you and everyone connected in this shared experience.

Carmel T

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“Thanks brother your videos are great. You have helped me out a lot in my relationship. Keep up the good work. I can listen to you for hours. God bless”

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“You have helped me and my attitude so very much! Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. God bless you and your wife.”

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“I do all the don’t and don’t do the does thanks for pointing out… let me improve myself”

Tim R

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“Thank you so much. My mouth I have conquered, the energy from my thoughts is my daily work. Making the S.E.W. technique my habit each time that first thought comes is my daily, moment by moment lifetime goal with my husband and in LIFE and meditation and letting the tears flow as they need to. Thanks again ❤️” Dawn

Dawn O

Carsonville, MI

“Even Paul has said everyone has their breaking point and this week was mine. I was almost catatonic at one point, so all things considered the SEW this week has been a life saver. I have stopped taking the anxiety medication and am practicing reading listening to SEW all day long for the past week.”

Angel E

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“All things great In one day I will write for you how much my life has changed in very positive way I can feel my husband’s guard coming down a bit, even in just the last 24 hours. I’m truly shocked but am hesitant to feel excited. But that’s not using SEW now is it? Lol”

Sandie B

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“I believe she has decided not to leave and not to give up on the marriage. She met with our pastor’s wife yesterday and I heard it was a very good meeting.”

Brannon B

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“Hey there, Just wanted to give an update. As I’ve worked on myself and focused on making all of my interactions with my wife positive experiences where I’ve been intentional to be respectful, courteous, considerate, kind, and helpful with the kids and a number of things, I’ve seen progress everyday. My wife is engaging me in conversation. Two days ago she brought me lunch. Tonight she told my son to bring her phone over to me so I could watch the video on it and laugh with them. I felt a very good moment there as she watched me and waited to see my laughter as I watched it. These are all good things and I seem to see more of them everyday.”

Claude A

Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks, the course has been challenging and helpful.  I try to employ as many of the techniques as possible in my daily interactions with my wife and also know I have a long way to go to break my bad habits. Thanks for your support.”

Maurice K

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“As this new environment in our home has become warmer, more friendly, more hospitable and a place were she gets more of her needs meet she has recently been making some moves … I work at it daily.”

William G

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“So I understand the the value of what I am learning. Its quite powerful and valuable to control my mind and body and to understand how to love unconditionally. I’m grateful to have the opportunity of having these mysteries revealed to me.”

Kina C

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“Thank you so much I have been working on this. I feel that I am becoming the man husband and father I want and should be I feel that my wife is showing signs of getting better.”

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“Thank you so much. I am learning so much through this course and I want to commit to it with all that I have. Thank you for teaching me a better way to live my life without being controlled by my thoughts and emotions. I want to learn the SEW more than anything.”

Jeffrey C

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“Paul is humble but exceptionally wise! He transformed my life into a tremendous place. I can’t thank him and TMF enough. His wisdom is so far-reaching! You’ll see more of it in the TMF Counselor course. How does one human become so evolved that a half-hour discussion has infinitely beautiful implications? He’s my guru. He’s a Saint!”

Eugene M

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“I’m a wife and mother of 2. I watched your video on being a better wife to my hubby. Loved it. Only rolled my eyes once lol. Everything else was spot on. I am a little surprised the message for women was a half hour long and the message for men was 7 minutes. But if you think about it, we women talk a bit more and need more clarification most times lol. Makes sense. Keep up the good work sir!”

Debra M

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“Thank you so much for your precious advice, your videos could literally save a lot of marriages, thanks for your valuable time and insights. I love how your videos inspire people to become wiser, merciful and peaceful in handling matters.”

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“Hi there. Kindly note that the TMF Counselor course is impressive! I’ve gained infinite knowledge from this experience and can hardly wait to learn more.”

Norman E

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“Dear Team!
I hope you are all doing well!
I confess that it took me a LONG time to complete the course! Although some of the knowledge has been there, controlling my mind and emotions were so so hard! The problems would always speak louder and I would continue with my old behavior! It was only until I heard my husband say for the first time the word divorce! It shook me! I ran to Paul’s YouTube page and found his advice in regards to what to not do if your husband asks for a divorce! I tried to follow the steps and also ran back to complete the course! I can say that once my behaviour shifted my husbands mood also shifted INSTANTLY! The house was a lot more peaceful, I was taking accountability for my behaviour and mistakes, my feminine side started flourishing and he calmed down! I am now going through the course again and will continue to do so until I am the person I truly want to be! There is still a female friend in the picture from my husband’s side but now more than ever I believe she will go, without me fighting them! The more I fought the more he would run to her. I am truly focused on me and my growth and looking forward to do everything with love from now on!”’

Michele W

Honolulu, HI

“Dear Paul, Marvelous!
The Marriage Foundation is very important for marriage education, thank You very much for the videos and books I bought that I am still reading.
Best always, -Meriam”


Golden Valley, (MN)

“Thank you so much for welcoming me. My husband and I have watched many of your videos and believe in the process. God bless you for helping married couples on their journey.”

Nicole D

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“I have really enjoyed your you-tube videos! I have a truly wonderful marriage of 18 years and 5 sweet kids and are always looking to improve and be a better wife and mother. So much of the advice I hear makes no sense! Learning how to fight? I find our marriage is golden when we lovingly care for each other. I left a lucrative job I loved 12 years ago and miss the intellectual stimulation so I am enjoying learning from your videos. Have a beautiful day and keep up the hard work.”

Jean J

Garfield Heights, OH

“I have learned so much from this course and I don’t think I’ll ever argue, complain, criticize, cry to him about him, or give him anything but a loving attitude, again. I thought I was doing everything right…”

Laurene T.

Skiatook, OK

“Appreciate you very much sir, as a husband this video validates my emotions as well has helped me learn to express myself properly”


Pacifica, CA

“Hi! I just wanted to let you know I am forever grateful that I came across this website. My husband has told me he’s noticed my changes in responses to situations. He wanted a divorce in December and I was devastated. I started the women’s course immediately and practiced the SEW method every second. I even told my children about it because it’s beneficial to all aspects of life. He told me at the end of January that he doesn’t want a divorce anymore. Since then it’s been great! I can’t even compare it to anything else. I’m so so so happy to have had this opportunity to learn about my biology, the trauma responses I’ve always acted on, the reasons why I react so negatively. The perspective I’ve learned throughout the course is immeasurable. I will recommend this course to everybody I know. It’s beneficial to everybody regardless of martial status, age or gender. The logic and explanation seems like common sense but for me it opened my eyes and heart to so much. I feel happier and fee  l like I have clarity and know my purpose now. I will share and practice all the knowledge I’ve learned for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for all the work and dedication you’ve put into these courses.”


Charlotte, NC

“Two weeks ago we were at a party. And he said that I had changed and that I was becoming my old self. I didn’t realize that I had changed but if that’s what I have to do to win him back then I will do that. We had a little Romantic moment reminiscing about our Marriage and our Sons. I was feeling great and think that maybe the “Shift” has happened. “


Columbus, OH

“I am Optimistic that we can Save our Marriage. I know that we still Love Each Other. He again calls me “Honey” and I still call him “Babe,”. Every morning we Train & Exercise together. When we talk to each other in a nice way. By Using the S.E.W technique. I feel I have come a long way since I started the course, and feel that I’m ready for the next section Module 3”


Modesto, CA

“I’m thankful to have found you. Thank you for your time, wisdom and messages of love n how to in marriages. Love n appreciate your information. Wish many others would listen n learn from you. God bless.”


Modesto, CA

“Thank U so much for your videos. Especially this one. I’ve been separated from my husband for 5mths, and we just can’t seem to get the communication right even though we’ve been seeing each throughout the separation. We always seem to butt heads and wind up fighting over the least little things. I’ve tried other relationships videos and courses but nothing seem to work. Until I came across yours. I really love the way U express how we should express love and support, and learn to communicate better so we can get along and have a happy marriage. And it’s starting to work. But, it does take work. Thank U so much. Now I have hope again, and will not give up on my 10yr marriage.”


Brooklyn, MD


“I was surprised how my actions and reactions to all people where changing. I was becoming more assertive, confident, considerate and self assured of myself which is a big deal for me. Thank you so much, Paul!”


Lombard, IL

“Thank you very much man. Your teaching really change my marriage. You the best in all keep it up. Keep pushing I highly appreciated your teaching I tie them at the bottom of my heart I rate you 100%”


Houston, TX

“I WILL keep working on my mind using the SEW technique. Today, tomorrow and once I get to that place where my mind does it automatically I will use it when unsure of what I need to do with a specific thought, feeling arising in my mind. You are truly awesome!”


Danbury, CT

“God bless you, Paul. You remind me of my late grandfather. He was so wise just like you. We need more men like you”


Fresno, CA

“Thank u so much for those videos. I watched a lot of videos about marriage and almost every video made me even more insecure about my man and marriage. But the things u say really give me a lot of hope in this dark place im currently in. And the things u say r so realistic. God bless u for your good work and help”


Denver, CO

“Good morning, I hope you are terrific today. I began the course for men on January 24 and thought I was progressing as I began to see and feel changes in my life. Still when around my wife I struggled to keep the overwhelming negative reactions from taking me over. Hopefully now, since I received a reply email over a week ago stating I have not been using the SEW technique, I have learned my lesson. I have noticed I am calmer since I’ve started using the SEW technique again on all my thoughts, feelings and anything else that comes into or I feel arising in my mind.”


Vicksburg, MS

“I wrote once at the beginning of the course and now I’m writing again, 5 months+ after beginning the course. I have seen benefits form this course, I’m doing my best to implement the SEW method, to change my way of thinking, and to approach each situation as calmly and supportively as I can. Your course confirmed to me what I knew and felt spiritually to be the truth, and has helped me deal with almost any situation in a more deeply understanding and loving manner.”


Staten Island, NY

“Thank you so much for expanding this topic with a very lovely strategy to get along with my in-laws.”


Richmond, IN

“Thank for this video I almost gave up ..I am 7 year’s and half distance with my husband”


Hayward, CA

“Things have been going well. I have noticed a real difference. My husband sent me a short text just saying good morning and he hopes I have an excellent day.”

Lexi Quintella

Preston, ID


I am writing to share some feedback.  I am now paying attention the milestones as outlined in the course and I am aware that I have a long way to go.  At this time I am really trying to use the SEW on my thoughts which I wasn’t doing previously.  Somehow I missed that step my first time through the course and I was only focusing on stopping my outer emotions/ words. In the last week as a couple we have gotten 3 separate compliments on our marriage.

The first was a convenience store employee who asked us how long we’d been together and then stated that we have a very positive energy together. The second was a coworker of both of us who wished us “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most in love couple I know” The third was a friend who joked that they were envious of our relationship and how happy we are together. All of this in the past week.  I feel motivated.  It’s hard to believe that just 1 year ago the word divorce came up in our conversations.  (Of course nobody else knows that.  We have kept everything between us)

Thank you to the marriage foundation for being there for us/ for me. “

Abegail Tracie

Long Beach, CA

“Thank you. I’m committed to make the complete change for myself and my marriage. I believe in this training program and at some later think I want to join the counselors. I have to say this by far one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through but I’m growing. I’ll be married 25 years in July so I have a lot to undo but I’m doing it, something I would have never thought I could do. I appreciate all the help for all the counselors and especially Paul. I wish that some of the counselors would share their success stories about how their marriages changed.”


Wytheville, VA

“You tha Boss Paul!! You make it simple and easy to understand for busy husband’s like me….blessings to you and team and may you guys EXPLODE to the world!!”


Champaign, IL

“Dear Counsellor,
Thank you to Paul and the entire TMF family! I made it to the end of the course and I don’t just feel accomplished yet but I feel empowered. I have had a couple of slips ups when my emotions whipped me but I unburdened to a counselor and kept it away from my husband and importantly I didn’t share it with anyone. I am happy I did this course bc I recognized so many ways that I held back love from my husband and as I correct those – I am seeing subtle changes in him. I will continue to listen the videos in the car on my to work etc. I will continue to work on watching my mind and guarding my thoughts. I might still need to write to you, if I get in an emotional ‘battle’ but I hope not much. Continue to help and pray for marriages the world over. May God continue to bless you richly.”

Nelli Dalia

Albany, NY

“Thanks for making this video Paul. As a gay man, I really appreciate you considering us.”


Louisville, KY

“Thank you for your wisdom. I am on the crossroads in my life with a husband who has put me through a roller coaster for almost 18 years. He can be the sweetest and most loving one day and very demanding and critical the next day. I’m suffering from depression and anxiety and often I have to hide it from him to avoid gaslighting. He refuses any kind of help or counseling and  extremely confident. I didn’t want to leave yet but I’m at the end of my rope and out of options after trying all I could to improve this marriage. I feel like I’m stuck forever.”


Beltsville, DC

“Tomorrow I am going to the farm to spend the weekend. I am not going to walk on eggshells — I am going to smile, be happy and funny, and engage her with what she wants. Totally starting to look through the windshield – not the rearview mirror.”


Corpus Christi, TX

“I just have to tell you – in parts it’s as if Paul has been watching me over the years. He’s talking to a camera, but he’s really talking to me, and addressing me so specifically. It’s very heady stuff…really. Amazing. Life changing.”


Bolton, MA

“Thank you for everything. He is calmer and although it has taken longer than I thought it is definitely changing our marriage.”


Riverside, CA

“Hello! I have gotten much better with the SEW technique when it comes to moderating my behavior. Now I am starting to watch my thoughts…”


West Sacramento, CA

“Thanks for this video. So sad how I had never heard about this simple POV and focus within the marriage before. We need to have it more spread on the internet, very true. God bless you too!!”


San Jose, CA

“Hello! I am interested in becoming a marriage, wife coach. Western Psychology almost ruined my marriage. I want to help equip women with the Marriage Foundation skills to have a beautiful marriage.”

Estella Esther

Windsor Mill, MD

“Good morning Dear Counselor, I hope you are having a great day! I had another ah ha moment as I see now how even I have the problem with anger due to the drive to survive. Before I just thought it was normal. Now I see it differently. In other areas of my life I find it easier to turn the negative into a positive using the SEW technique.”


City Of Commerce, CA

“Dear Counselor, I greet you well! I completed the course last week and thinking of where I was 3 months ago to now, I am feeling and dealing with issues now is 100% times better. Since I watched the anatomy of a fight videos and applied the SEW technique I only had one slip up and after I saw the consequences, I worked even harder not to have a repeat. My husband is now quite nice and is home much more. I have observed that he spends less time on his phone. He is even busy making and organizing repairs to our home.”


Saint Louis, MO

“I am very grateful to have discovered TMF. It has already been of great help to me. I now have hope that our marriage can not only be sustained, but it can flourish.”


New Haven, CT

“My wife and I are on less shaky ground. I SEWed up my speech (more than once) and you know what?  I was happier and much less angry. I found myself not saying negative things. I found she was open to me not being negative. BOY, IS PAUL EVER RIGHT ABOUT HOW WE AS MEN TEACH OUR WOMEN TO BE NEGATIVE AND AGGRESSIVE. UGH. But! Now there is hope and God will bring us all closer to him. Cheers”

Christopher Manley

Florence, AL

“I hadn’t mentioned this before, but I’m a Messianic Jew, and find Paul’s style and substance to be both fulfilling and sufficient. By fulfilling I mean it aligns with the principles of faith that I believe in. By sufficient I mean he provides us with a clear understanding of the mind — I don’t need to have someone tell me why he loves his dog, just that he does. By the same token, I don’t need to read a popular psychology book on marriage or on the mind: what Paul says is based in love — is there anything more important or fundamental?”

Lysette Gwendoline

Stamford, CT

“Love your videos always excellent information, thank you.”

Alysa Patsy

Chandalar Camp, AK

“I just watched the SEW addendum video. It reminded me of something J— O— has said: “Don’t pray for victory, and then call in defeat” He was referring to those who pray for some turnaround event, but continue to wallow in the depths of gossip, bad thoughts, and victimhood. Say what you want about Pastor J—, he’s got some wise and Godly observations. JUST LIKE PAUL!”

Adena Cinda

Pinellas, FL

“You have definitely saved my marriage and changed my thinking.  I’m kinder and sweeter.  Months ago he’d said he wasn’t in love with me anymore and broke my heart, but everything is changing.  I’m so grateful to you.  Thank you. Your kindness is contagious.  We are all souls!!! “

Eleanora Dolores

Englewood, CO


“This is brilliant! I found the concept that the fight takes two to happen absolutely life changing. Very inspiring!


Guymon, OK

“You are so knowledgeable. I sincerely appreciate every video I’ve watched so far. I so appreciate this information. Love your teachings. So helpful.”


San Angelo, TX

“Love your videos always excellent information, thank you.”

Alysa Patsy

Chandalar Camp, AK

“SEW is going to help, thank you”

Angel Jenessa

New York, NY

“Thank you very much, I’m doing my best to make the SEW part of my mindset and I can already see how many of my bad behaviors towards my wife, not showing her the true love I feel for her is changing my thinking. Once again thank you”

Daley Chace

Tampa, FL

“Hi I’m just letting you know that I’m still doing this course. I’ve been very blessed by this course and recommend it to others. I am having a successful restoration and renewal of my marriage and want to help others after I succeed. Thank you so so much for all your wisdom and help. Yahuah (God) opened the door and I’m so very grateful.”

Caroline Mickey

Staten Island, NY

“Wow! You guys are amazing. When I Master the SEW Technique I want to because a Jedi Night (meaning counselor). I have a passion in helping others, too. Thank you so much.”

Gabriel Grayson

San Antonio, TX

“I am a man of faith. How I got from a place of peace with the Lord to what happened on Saturday worries me. I believe God directed my footsteps to TMF.”

Seth Chester

Helena, MT

“Dear Mr. Friedman, you are wonderful. Thank you for your work.”


Louisville, KY

“I listen to the TMF videos over and over, often more than ten times while I work, sometimes more than twenty times, as I get something new each time.  It truly helps me in all of my relationships. I then write out the notes verbatim as best as I can.  That’s when I move onto the next lesson.”


Stickney, SD

“Thanks Paul, I really appreciate your work. You’ve had nothing but a positive impact on my life and marriage!”


Jackson, MS

“Your courses and books have helped transform my marriage. We live every day in “marital bliss”. Thank you so much.”


Jackson, MS

“All your marriage advice is biblical based. Excellent advice indeed.”


Dallas, TX

“110% Correct. I’ve learned sooo much. Thank you for waking me up.”


Tioga, PA

“…there were so many things I could have said but I just stopped….  After a bit I could see and feel that she did not know how to react.  She soon settled down and to my astonishment, fell asleep snuggled in my arms.”


Omaha, NE

“Hi there, Just letting you know that it starts working. I use the course and the book simultaneously and I’m starting to understand some of the things that I deprived my husband of. ….It is hard to deal with myself because I never knew how to control my mind. I am not going to let this go south. And this technique works with every situation, even in business context and with raising children. I cannot see bliss yet, but I see myself and what I have to work on. Thank you. Today I feel better than the last weeks.”


Wausau, WI

“Definitely one of your best videos, Thank you sir!.”


Foreman, AR

“thank you so much. I really appreciate the gesture means a lot so many people nowadays just don’t care.”


Dallas, TX

“Wow Amazing man seriously needed to hear this.”


Stoughton, MA

“Thank you all, great counselors!”


Philadelphia, PA

“I have completed week 9 of the course and I have loved everything that I have learned.  I have been most intriquired because as one who has spent the past 30 years studying the bible I find that I harmonize with all that you teach and (of course) I wish I knew this sooner. I’m also a bit embarrassed that I missed these conclusions.  Hats off to you all.”


Norfolk, VA

“Good morning. I just recently started following this program, and i have learned more in 1/2 a day than in my 57 plus years.”


Austin, TX

“Hello! So I’ve been taking this course for about 5 weeks now and things have dramatically changed for the better! I could not be happier with the outcome by practicing the SEW method. I’m going to finish the course”


Indianapolis, IN

“I appreciate. I’m learning so much and you’re verifying my intuitive thoughts. Thank you”


Effingham, IL

“I thank you for a lot of your course. I’m learning so much on how to be a wife and mostly importantly about marriage as a whole.”


Parksley, VA

“Thank you so much sir. Your first 5 mins solved all my problems”


Lawton, OK

“So grateful for these videos in the course. Felt alone with everything that’s been going on in my marriage and these are so helpful. Thank you!”


Pearl River, NY

“Unconditional love, its true. There is no competition.”


Jackson, MS

“I feel like a child when I’m watching/learning this. I love my wife, I’ve never cheated on any of my partners before.”


West Nyack, NY

“This is one of the most EXCELLENT pieces of advice I’ve ever seen on Youtube.  I’m very impressed!  Seems like so many in our culture have devalued the institution of marriage, but YOU sir have brought the sanctity of it back to life.  You are absolutely correct.”


City Of Commerce, CA

“I bought the book,..Breaking the cycle…and I’m well into the 3 killers of a marriage chapter. Great stuff.”


Nashville, TN

“Love very much your teachings. Full of knowledge, and it works. Thank you for sharing.”


Phoenix, AZ

“One day I will tell my husband how the work you did brought me back to being the love and heart of our family. Best wishes to you and your families! God bless you all”


San Jose, CA

“the ‘3 Cs’ don’t even pop up in my thoughts as frequently anymore”


York, PA

“Thanks, I really appreciate the course. You’ve had nothing but a positive impact on my life and marriage!”


Rochelle Park, NJ

“Hello TMF Counselor, I just want to say thanks. I am feeling good. I can literally feel a sense of calm and happiness in our home and in our family and it didn’t happen by accident. It happened because I have been earnestly trying to apply your teachings”


Selma, CA

“Really appreciate your message . Thank you”


Fergus Falls, MN

“I feel blessed to stumble on your advice Thank you for your videos.”


Home, KS

“I love what you are doing. You are helping us understand how to live lives filled with joy. Thank you for continuing to post these videos and thank you for putting your message out there. I just want you to know that these efforts you are making are doing a lot of good in some of us random strangers’ lives, and not falling on deaf ears. I’m afraid we wouldn’t be getting these messages from anywhere else if you weren’t doing this, and my life and all of the lives I touch, would be so much unhappier if I didn’t find your messages, and if I didn’t get constant reminders about them. I’m sorry I’m such a slow learner and you have to work so hard to keep people like me moving in a happy direction, but I do want you to know how much I appreciate it!!! My life is becoming more joyful because of you.”


Louisville, KY

“Thank you I was so much I need to hear this.”


Parsippany, NJ

“Happy New Year. I just finished the 1st segment of the program. I am going to stay enrolled for the 11 month class. I really need to learn better communication skills, better disagreement resolution.”


Troy, MI

“Very informative. I’m hoping to pass this information to my children.”


Bayfield, WI

“Thank You Sir… We’ve a good understanding…Your video increase my confidence too much.”


New York, NY

“Thought would give an update about how things have been going. I do thank you for your prayers and support. Last 2 days, we have been working together, no arguing, talking very nicely to each other, there for each other, I let her sleep today while I got our girls ready for child care, and walked with them to their centre which is walking distance after they had breakfast and a bath. I know it is just a start, we went to church together, we are talking about our future together with each other in it, about our house build….”


Newark, NJ

“Like what I’m hearing lets see where this goes.”



“This is so great, I wish I had seen it earlier.”


Las Vegas, NV

“It’s really a pity that this video with such precious tips hasn’t many views… I really hope for this page to be seen from much more people in the future and maybe save some marriages thank you for your wisdom once again.”


Anderson, IN

“Thank you for the video.”


San Bruno, CA

“Thank you for responding. I am just past the 3rd segment, Toxic Familiarity, in the online/paid course. I am definitely having some wow moments. I’m only sad because I’ve let my marriage get to this point.”


Orlando, FL

“Thank you I’m on the right track but needed to hear this.”


New Haven, CT

“Thank you for your advice!”


San Diego, CA

“I am so glad I came across your foundation.”


Dallas, TX

“Thank you You are Awesome. I see it. I want to see all your information always. Thank you so much. I’m married 11 years and my wife is not happy and I want her to be happy. Thank you.”


West Nyack, NY

“Thanks for this video.”


Atlanta, GA

“Very helpful, thanks for giving us free info.”


Saint Louis, MO

“I love all your videos!”


Eagan, MN

“You know I was looking for something to retaliate against him giving the silent treatment but this is an amazing video. It teaches love.”


Cincinnati, OH

“Thanks so much for your teachings.”


New York, NY

“Thank you! You give me hope for my marriage.”


Deer Lodge, MT

“Thank you and many blessings to you!”


Munden, KS


Woman's Course

The course for women is guaranteed to produce the real results of happiness and love that we all signed up for when we got married, not just temporary fixes by using various “strategies” or “cool” ideas. You may wish to sign up for a 3-day free trial (of the same course) now and see for yourself.

Men's Course

The men’s course is going to work. It is guaranteed to produce the real results of happiness and love that we all signed up for when we got married, not just temporary fixes by using various “strategies” or “cool” ideas. You may wish to sign up for a 3-day free trial (of the same course) now and see for yourself.


“This has truly helped my heart today. Lord, listening to his calm explanation was wholesome.”


Saint Louis, MO

“Your, coming to my life was just a perfect moment. You came as an ANGEL to me… I wish you long life so that you can keep guiding us… you’re a GUIDING STAR… I would have never understood marriage this way if I hadn’t found you.. Loads of love to your God bless you in abundance.”


Lafayette, IN

“Thank you. I related to this in so many ways!”


Saint Paul, MN

“Thank you so much for these videos, Very good insights and excellent communication.”


Jackson, MS

“Thank you so much for your wise and reassuring words.”


Casper, WY

“Thank you. This is the first video I seen that wasn’t saying to manipulate and play games with my husband. Thank you for giving me a peace of mind.”


Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much for your help and your videos it’s very helpful in a big way especially with my marriage I’m learning so much from you.”


Wichita, KS

“Thank you. This is a very good perspective and I needed to hear it.”


Stockton, CA

“This is so helpful and already put it into practice today, thank you.”


Pittsburgh, PA

“I feel every point, thank you for this video. I love my husband unconditionally.”


Baton Rouge, LA

“Your wisdom is mind-blowing! The Marriage Foundation is the practical guide for how to love unconditionally that should accompany all religious texts.”


Topeka, KS

“My day brightens when I click your videos.”


Nehalem, OR



Paul’s first book is simple and effective. Although it is a wonderful and accurate overlay for marriage we recommend one of the courses when your marriage is on a steep slide toward separation and divorce.


Again and again we hear from clients, marriage counselors, and clergy that the principles taught by The Marriage Foundation are revolutionary because they unravel the so-called “mysteries of marriage” and reduce everything to practical do’s and don’ts. 

BTC is similar but deeper than Lessons for a Happy Marriage and we still recommend one of the courses when your marriage is on a steep slide toward separation and divorce.

“Thank you, for your wisdom and for creating the course! I’m learning so much about myself—which is a beautiful thing.”


Pittston, PA

“I’m literally binge watching your videos, taking notes! These are GEMS!!”


Seminole, OK

“I just found your material today.  Gotta say, your ideas and delivery are quite groundbreaking.  I’m only four or five videos in, but I can see your suggestions really helping my marriage.  I look forward to taking the course and reading your books.  Thank you.”


Billings, MT

“I really enjoy listening to you. It helps a lot and it makes me understand a lot more.”


Fort Worth, KS

“Thank you, this message is not only resonating with many but making me feel at peace at the moment. To clarify a situation that goes unwritten in many relationships is key to helping others understand how to change or why. Thank you for your advice!”


Tyler, TX

“Thank you so much. I am blessed by your teaching. I now realize that love is the ultimate despite the differences in beliefs. When you show your partner that pure love of God towards him or her then maybe through that God can open there eyes to see things the way you see it but if that doesn’t happen still let love leads.”


Pinehurst, TX

“Hey thank you so much for this. I don’t think I’ve heard a response like this to something like the lying issue. It is a very logical response that you had.”


Wheeling, WV

“Thanks for these great videos. You’re helping my marriage so much. I will do exactly what you recommended, I will go back to unconditional love again.”


Dayton, OH

“Such great reminders packed into a nice short video, thank you for what you do.”


Mc Lean, MD

“Love to you and health and congratulations for speaking as one who in the end lives his life and says what he feels in kindness and truth.”


Portland, OR

“This was wonderful. Thank you for this wisdom.”


Baltimore, MD

“I love your videos! Everything you are saying is so right!”


Kapaa, HI

“Thank you. I believe your perspective on marriage to be built around the idea of tranquility. Comfort and peace of mind are integral.”


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“Thanks so much for this video. I really appreciate the teaching. God bless you sir.”


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“You are so spot on with your words. Thank you so much for having great words of wisdom and love. May God bless you and hope you have a Merry Christmas.”


Hickory Hills, IL

“Wow!! Thanking God…for bringing me to this video ..It’s A message of Healing and love in itself…God bless you.”


New Britain, CT

“The TMF Marriage Counselor course is fabulous! I’d highly recommend anyone wanting to help others or themselves consider taking the course. I can’t get enough of the content as the implications are so profound.”


West Palm Beach, FL

“You completely diffused me. I was sooooo irritated. My mama bear was out and it was over something so trivial. Thank you for reminding me to come at the discussion with love. You described us both to T.”


Mountain View, UT

“This was very good to watch: it’s way different from the ideas I’ve heard elsewhere and that’s what intrigued me to continue listening. I must say, I appreciate your unconventional advice.”


Philadelphia, PA


“The most precious pieces of information I’ve ever come across.”


Canisteo, NY

“I love your videos. They are so wise and have really inspired me to live my life in love.”


Houston, TX

“Your videos give me so much hope for a better marriage. Your voice is so calming. Thank you for all you do!, Thank you so much for this video. I love your honesty and telling the truth. The older I get I want truth and honesty not things being sugar coated.”


Dillwyn, VA

“Excellent, Wise, and Beautiful words! Thank you for sharing! Much blessings to you!”


Pocatello, ID

“Thank you so much, Sir. I have this doubt issue… Really an eye opener to me. God bless you Sir, by far the best information I’ve ever come across”


Titusville, FL

“Such great advice I listen to so many of your videos. Really help me out in my later years as I moved toward very likely getting married again.”


Princess Anne, VA

“Thank you for this. I needed this. 19 years of marriage I wish I found you sooner, such simple great advice!”


Hastings, NE

“Thank you so much for everything that you do. Me and my partner aren’t married but this really help us set things right.”


Fresno, CA

“God bless you. You have helped me so much all these days that I have listened to you as I work, cook, etc. I’m working to shift my thoughts, not let my mind take complete control on me, and curb my tongue when I feel hurt. Thank you so much.”


Dallas, TX

“You have rescued my soul and my marriage from the confusion of the world and the confusion of my own mind! Please keep making your videos! I need them so much. I would be so much unhappier without your videos and your messages in them. Your videos and your messages are a gift of mercy. You are really helping my connection to God. Thank you for reconnecting me with God and with love and with my own soul. I can’t thank you enough.”


Warsaw, IN

“Right on time as always! Thank you.”


Saint Louis, MO

“Very compassionate angle you take. Thank you and God Bless you.”


East Lansing, MI

“I’ve been married for 14 years to a phenomenal guy. The love is definitely there. Appreciation is something that we need to work on for the both of us. Your voice is very soothing and I appreciate the knowledge on today.”


Mullins, SC

“This is a wonderful resource. All couples should be required to take your course before marriage! Thank you!.”


Camden, NJ

“This is a beautiful topic, thank you so much for doing what you do, when I’m upset in my marriage i stay silent to avoid any disagreements. It’s hard but the anger does pass on. All those things you said out soul has its the holy spirit in us.”

God is Love

Los Angeles, CA

“Wow out of all the marriage counseling’s I have been listening to i must really this one has touched my heart and tinted something in my inner being, i really appreciate it.”


Mindland, TX

“Really Nice words…compelled me to comment…thank you so much!!.”


Indianapolis, IN

“Thank you for saving me .and bringing me back to my safe life.”


Frankfort, Kentucky

“It was almost as if you were talking straight to me. You are so right…. I have to change some things because I have been a real trash lately. Thank you so much for your advice and my God bless you abundantly as well as your family.”


Madison, WI

“Your teachings are filled with love!!! You are the epitome of a suberb teacher!!”


Nashville, Tennessee

“I definitely appreciate your perspective and approach so much that I had to subscribe!! You have the best of intentions and pray that you continue doing what you and helping people through your organization.”


Indianapolis, IN

“Thank you .I really like the way you make me think differently about my marriage. I wish i knew this before i messed up my marriage.”

Amy F.

Raleigh, NC

“Last night I couldn’t sleep. But my thoughts were wonderful. I’ve been learning how to control my mind from course. My days are filled with laughter and joy. Thank you!”


Phoenix, AZ

“I feel like you are about to save my marriage. Thank you.”


Austin, TX

“I bought every book and course from The Marriage Foundation. I’ve been listening to his courses, sometimes for six or more hours in a day, most days. What they are doing to me as a soul is unbelievable. The impact it’s having on everyone in my life is something to always be cherished. The incredible wisdom you’ll gain from the courses will bring love, friendship, and even wealth and health you’ve never before imagined. It’s the biggest game changer of my life! It will be for you, too, the more and more you internalize the wisdom! You must get at least the books. You deserve the bliss it will bring you and every life you touch!”


Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for this . I needed this . 13 years of marriage i wish i found you sooner. My father and mother were married 60 years and fought like cats and dogs for 60 years. I was afraid to marry for good reason. I did so many things wrong and wish i could do the last 13 years over. With this we will have 13 more to fix the things we did wrong. Holy Moly ,such simple great advice!!”


Cleveland, OH

“Thank You, God bless you. I’m about to celebrate our 9th year wedding after 22 years being together with my husband. We were seriously considering a divorce, i only just found you today and i can see there is hope. You have a special anointing to save marriages, In Jesus name, thank you.”


Miami, FL

“I wanted to thank you Paul. Your videos and your book breaking the cycle saved my marriage. I think of your book as a manual, something I never had. 24 years married and we’re at the best place we’ve ever been. Thank you and God bless you!”

Wade S

Huntington, WV



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