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In over 40 years of pastoral ministry, I am always on the lookout for good materials on marriage. Several years ago I met Paul Friedman at a Starbucks and we quickly formed a friendship. It did not take long to see that he is a man on a mission, with a vibrant passion for marriages. Paul’s material is not only incredibly practical, but resonates with vision to see marriages be all that they can be. I believe any couple who engages this material will be inspired to take their marriage to a deeper, more meaningful level.

Although I am an evangelical pastor, this material is accessible to all people, regardless of their faith or creed, something I greatly appreciate.

Joe Rhodes Head Pastor, New Hope Church - San Diego, CA

We are half way through the course, and yes it it having a positive impact. Many thanks.

Stephen C. New York, NY

I've found Lessons For A Happy Marriage to be very inspiring and extremely helpful. I am engaged, so not yet married, but wanted to address some of the important issues that you write about in your book before our wedding.

You are does take a paradigm shift in my thinking and actions, but it all makes good sense. We were going to see a marriage counselor, but after reading your articles, I've cancelled the appointment.

Again, thanks for the great work.

Michael S San Diego, CA

Still married and doing great

I'm still married and doing great, thanks to The Marriage Foundation.

Anne L. Dallas, TX

I am happy I have ongoing usage of this course as it is so much material to cover. I feel it is a great back up for my current position, which is very good might I tell you. I have come very far because of this course and am very grateful.

Julie P. Seattle, WA

I would just like to tell you that the work I have started to implement in my marriage through reading and understanding the barriers that exist has really helped me and my husband. This program is fundamental to my understanding of what is keeping us in constant dysfunction. It is greatly appreciated.

Danielle I. Washington, DC

I have met many talented and wonderful marriage therapists who are frustrated with traditional marriage counseling. Many of the frustrations we professionals face include the lack of consistency in practices among therapists, the lack of recognition of the deep spiritual aspects of the marital relationship, and ultimately the lack of results in helping couples. Therapy sessions often become a place for couples to vent toward their spouse and drive each other further away from intimacy, instead of creating a space of loving harmony. I believe The Marriage Foundation is the future of marriage help and is the best platform for not only couples seeking help, but also for marriage counselors dedicated to providing that help. TMF's vision for the future is to reestablish the ideals of marriage: the ultimate relationship of unconditional love and harmony.

Dr. Timothy Dunnigan PhD Clinical Pscyhology, MFT - San Diego, CA

Thank you Paul! I feel free, have joy again, and the confidence I'll have a wonderful marriage and life. Plus be able to have victory over weaknesses. Thank you for inspiring me! God's blessings to you.

Mikela T. San Diego, CA

I did take the program and I love having it for a back up when I feel bad or confused. I am proud of myself for forgiving and letting go. Both mself and my husband are now doing great thanks to TMF. Life is looking good again, and I have managed to come through it. I have no anger in me at all and I certainly dont judge others when they make mistakes. Life is too short for that rubbish. The main thing is I dont let stupid things affect me anymore. We are still together and very happy. Thank you!

Mary N. London, UK

I'm so happy to have the support I am now getting from you. I'm really delighted with the course and am very much enjoying it.

Anne B. Auckland, New Zealand

If I hadn’t personally witnessed it for myself, I would not believe it possible.

Well, I have to say that if I hadn’t personally witnessed it for myself, I would not believe it possible. In 4 weeks, my husband has made a complete 180 and recommitted to me on our 12th anniversary yesterday. I told him that 13 is a lucky number and this is going to be the best year yet! He wants to do the couples program with me and add the men’s course for himself. We have a long way to go to ensure that current behaviors become permanent habits, but it is definitely all in controlling the mind. I can’t wait to finish the rest of the program and how can I not possibly share this with my friends???!!!

Carrie C. Orange County, CA

Best money I have EVER spent. It was worth every single penny.

12 weeks ago my husband walked out the door and told me he was not coming back. 11 weeks ago I was scrambling to find a marriage counselor before my face to face "meeting" with my husband to discuss who got what. The third option that popped up on Google search was The Marriage Foundation. It called to me like a red beacon on an ambulance.

I reviewed the text and introductory video and signed up right away. I was able to complete the first 3 hours of instruction before I had to meet my husband. What a gift. I cannot begin to explain how much I have learned and been able to implement over the last 11 weeks in order to salvage my marriage.

I use the feather and bowling ball analogy every single day!!! But I am guessing you have heard this all before! Even my husband has commented on the fact he can see how hard I am trying to change. Last night he ventured to ask me "who was that person that I was living with because it is sure not the woman I married?" I just told him that she came from a place of extreme frustration and that is the way i learned to communicate from the women folk in my family but he didn't need to worry because I have learned a new way and that crazy woman is gone forever.

I have shared with him that I am taking this course and that as Paul says "nobody teaches us how to be married. It's like going into the woods for a hike but with NO MAP!" He seemed to like that answer.

It has been slow going but my husband in starting to respond positively to my efforts. We are going out for dinners and more than anything we are talking. Really talking. He is not in a place YET to commit to moving home but that is okay. I know in my heart it is just a matter of time. Maybe it won't be in this particular house but i have complete faith we will be under the same roof eventually.

My anxiety is almost non-existent because I am now VERY AWARE of what is going on in my mind (I call it the soap opera when it starts up) and am able to shut it down when it starts (most of the time).

You know, it's funny (not HAHAHA funny either) that the 3 people I chose to seek advice from (my mortgage broker, my accountant and a 3 times divorced friend) all gave me the same advice. "Circle the wagons and get ready for war." The only people that asked "what are you doing to save this marriage?" was a client of mine that I don't really know personally, that has been married for over 30 years! Goes to show you be careful who you ask for advice!!!!

I am so grateful for the lessons Paul Friedman has offered to me over the last 3 months. He gave me hope. He gave me tools to actually use. His gentle guiding ways are helping me save my marriage. I am forever in his debt.

PS that friend that has been divorced 3 times asked me for the name of this course. ...I think I threw her off when I refused to just give up and walk away. That always has been my style though. Whatever everyone else is doing – i go the opposite direction!

Best money I have EVER spent. It was worth every single penny.

Love to you all at The Marriage Foundation. Thanks for doing what you do.

Cheryl H Vancouver, BC, Canada

I was actually searching for a lawyer when I found the site, just stumbled upon it and ordered Breaking The Cycle on a whim. I am very glad I did though. I'm sure you hear this a lot, but reading the book is like reading something someone wrote about me. The most amazing part is as I read it feel like I am learning something that I already knew, maybe just because it makes so much sense that I feel I should have known all along. I am getting so much from the book. When my finances are in better order I plan on ordering the courses. I know it will be well worth it. Thank you very much.

Chad T. Oakland, CA

Our son and his fiance have been studying Lessons For A Happy Marriage for a couple of months and it has changed their entire way of thinking and relating to one another. They believe they are now ready to be married. Thanks for your great work!

Vick M. Perth, Australia

It has revolutionized my perspective on marriage

TMF philosophies are so simple, yet so profound. I love how plainly and clearly they articulate what helps a marriage reach its potential. The foundational elements are so obvious (one would think) yet most couples let their marriages 'cool' by defaulting to pre-marital behaviors. TMF does such a great job of exposing this problem and explaining how it toxifies marriages. The approach's exposure of the mind's influence is key as well in that it helps people separate themselves from their emotions, allowing them to make conscience-based decisions. I tell clients frequently that I don't advocate for TMF's recommendations to prove them right, I present them and then ask clients to tell me how those principles can possibly be wrong. I see the approach as infallible: live by your vows…. and here's how you do that.

It's tragic that couples enter into marriage on the wrong footing. I don't just like the TMF System, I'm such an advocate that I feel it NEEDS to be shared to as many engaged and married couples as possible, and time's wasting. I find myself sharing with clients what Paul Friedman teaches daily, verbatim most of the time. I want to continue learning as much as I can about The Marriage Foundation's work and teachings because it has revolutionized my perspective on marriage, counseling couples and what my role is as a husband in my own relationship.

Stephen Byrd LPC - Atlanta, GA

From Rock Bottom To Transformation

I feel very reassured to know that I have this program. It means everything to me right now, and certainly it is a tool I will use ongoing to keep my marriage alive and well. Things are going great for me purely from this new information i am learning. Going from rock bottom to a transformed relationship is nothing short of a miracle!

Jessica O. Dublin, Ireland

Hello Mr. Friedman, I am a Tanzanian. I really appreciate your service to save marriage sir, most of marriages in Tanzania today suffered extra-marital problem. The reason might be lack of manual like your book to direct their marriage, and lack of God fear. Thankx for your good marriage book, Lessons For A Happy Marriage. It really made my marriage happy, fully of peace and love. Your book really works wonders! I wish your organization could have a branch in Tanzania. You could save a lot of marriages.

God bless you

Judith A Dodoma, Tanzania

Very impressed with the program!! I've tried many times in the past to make constructive changes in my behavior, but it was always very hit and miss. Now, with the understanding that the conflict between body and mind and controlling the conflict with will power will be a lifetime effort, I am feeling a sense of peace. A journey and not a destination is my take away. Thank you so much!!

Paul N. Denver, CO

I am a licensed educational psychologist. I downloaded your book and started to read it. It is very well written and informative. It is much better than many of the books at Barnes and Noble in the relationship and self-help sections that I have read over the years. Kudos to you for writing it.

Dr. Fred Paul Licensed Educational Psychologist - Philadelphia, PA

I came across you website while looking for marriage advice, it has given me hope!!! Thank you.

Julie M Dublin, Ireland

I have read your blog and insights before. Impressed! Mostly because you really speak from the heart with deepest insight that can only be gathered through experience, both personal and with your clients. I've ordered your book. Thanks for sharing yourself so authentically!!

Judy S. San Diego, CA

I'm currently taking the program for women and I can say that I do believe in what I'm learning because I have seen some changes in myself. I still have a long way to go because I am undoing several years of tension, disappointment and I never knew how to be married. I have been able to stop a few arguments, I'm starting to understand why my husband says the things he does and am trying not to take things personal. Thank you!

Rachel V. Sante Fe, NM

I was in the seminar today. Thanks to your efforts today, I think I've had a change of heart. The pathos came through loud and clear, and it motivated me -- it gave me a strong desire -- to make my marriage work, regardless of the time or emotional cost I have to incur. You're a good man Charlie Brown. Yes, you are making a difference.

Bob P San Diego, CA

I Got It, Now

Thank you TMF, I have found the lessons to be invaluable. I have read motivational books before by Tony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne, etc and I have never understood the concept of monitoring my mind the way you put it. I GOT IT NOW! Thanks.

It would be wonderful if you would consider making children friendly videos of these teachings so I can share them with my kids, i.e. where the emphasis is not on marriage as such rather general life skills. :-)

Lungile D. Los Angeles, CA

Thank you! I have been wanting to write a card thanking you again for how much you have helped our marriage. It's been the best it's been in decades. John has been amazing!

Dana H. San Diego, CA

I highly recommend The Marriage Foundation's training as they are on the cutting edge of treatment for couples that are struggling. I have found their approach invaluable in working with my clients. Their education focused protocol gives therapists and their clients tools that are practical and immeadiately usable. When i first learned this technique, it made sense from the beginning. My clients feel the same way and are so grateful for the tools that The Marriage Foundation provides. TMF is an amazing consolidation of much that I was already doing with couples but presents it in a whole new and refreshing format.

Kathleen Rapp LCSW - San Diego, CA

TMF principles have become an essential part of my practice. My clients are improving their marriages rapidly instead of slogging through a long therapy process, often getting nowhere.

Linda Sorkin MA, LMFT, TMF Certified - San Diego, CA

He's beginning to show his heart

My husband keeps ever changing to become better and better. He's beginning to show his heart. It's been a wonderful miracle! I'm not afraid anymore. My sister loves your book too.

Wish you continued success with The Marriage Foundation. (I've given some of your books away to struggling couples.) I will keep in touch.


Donna S. Nashville, TN

I finished watching the training videos today. Your work is very needed in the world and I know many couples who could benefit tremendously from your clear and articulate presentation of the ideas about the reactive mind. Not only will taming the reactive mind enhance your marriage, it is the essential tool to bring you further along the spiritual path!

Madeline Goebel Officiant - Seattle, WA

Love the messages on this site. Thank you, and keep up the good work you are doing for all of us.

Jonathan M Minneapolis, MN