Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You AnymoreWhen you are seeing signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore it’s not a good idea to jump to conclusions BUT you would not be searching for this kind of help if everything in your marriage was fine so let’s explore this with a positive attitude.

I want to help you. Everything is going to be okay because I know if you take your own observations seriously and understand that it is time to do something then we can set your marriage back onto the right track of happiness. Or, of course, you can pretend that it’s okay because the signs you are seeing at home don’t match up with the ones you read about in articles. But if you do that you are going to be in big trouble because it is your experience that is important.  This is no time to go into denial. This is the time to save your marriage.

I have been working with young women (and men) like yourself for over 20 years and so I have some idea of what you are going through. It is not an easy thing to feel the loss of love, the idea that your marriage and your family might be crashing down around you, but I rather not go into what will happen if you do nothing. I prefer, instead, to guide your steps toward success, happiness, and true marital love, the kind you signed up for when you said: “I do”. Are you with me?

Note – Don’t speak with your friends, siblings, a parent, or even a therapist about what is going on. Don’t talk with your husband about it. Talking about it will only reinforce the fear and we want to lift you into the mode of positive action, not fear. Besides, the last thing you want to do is confuse things because that means drama, and drama means not working on your marriage.

The only one you could speak with if you have to, and it is not a suggestion, but if you need a loving shoulder, speak with your minister if you have a good one, not for advice, just for consolation and prayer. Besides speaking with him or her this is the kind of problem you need solid guidance (like from us) for, not just talk, which is why I wrote this article and also included a video (which is embedded below), but yes, this is very serious and should not be ignored.

What if you don’t do something proactive? Will this disconnect correct itself? The answer is no. Not ‘maybe’ but a solid no. This cannot correct itself and thinking time will heal will only make matters worse.

To bring this into perspective I’m going to pose some other questions you may be asking yourself so you can see the way we do, through our experienced and expert eyes.

Did you make a mistake marrying your husband, are you incompatible? Some people go down that hole where you question whether you married the right man. No, you didn’t make a mistake. You are probably more than okay with the man you chose as your soulmate and you both have all the right stuff to have an incredibly loving and happy marriage.
BUT you both fell into the usual traps that almost all married couples fall into, (married includes you even if you are not officially married). There is not much good marital education growing up and our examples of happy marriages are few and far between. In other words, it isn’t your fault…and, thank God, your marriage is far from over!

You are probably less than kind to each other, probably argue and fight, are inconsiderate, have expectations and other bad things for marriage. Marriage is alive and needs constant tending to.

Do all men cheat on their wives? This is a common concern and a valid one. I am not suggesting your husband is cheating on you, but I/we cannot rule it out if you are seeing signs that your husband doesn’t love you anymore. Many men think it is “not so bad” to find missing love (in the form of companionship) they crave elsewhere when it is not felt at home. Isn’t it ironic that I suggest that your husband doesn’t feel like you love him anymore? Did you think it is just one-sided? No, if you are feeling this lack of love so is he. But we will get into that later.

Did you wait too long to address this, is my marriage going to end? Are you sliding into the pain and agony of divorce?
The truth is that if you are already wondering if your husband doesn’t love you anymore and if you don’t do anything, ‘on your end’, your marriage will slide faster and faster until you are separated and eventually divorced. I am telling you this because these signs are either going to be a wake-up call for you or a sign that your marriage will end. Which one is entirely up to you. I am not reaching out to you to be the bearer of bad news. I am trying to wake you up. It is not too late.

What does this “on your end” comment mean? Unfortunately, some women would rather think the world is filled with male chauvinist pigs and write off the idea that you alone have all the power you need to heal your marriage. They prefer to not work on themselves when doing so would get their marriage back on track. Rather than take responsibility to be the only one who works on their marriage they allow pride to destroy a perfectly good marriage. I don’t condemn them but they are holding their husband to standards that they themselves don’t live up to. They don’t realize it but they play themselves for fools by settling into the role of the victim and never consider the lack of loving behavior that left their husband hanging out to dry.

I hope you are not like that but are open to the idea that you can make all the difference by yourself and save your marriage by yourself, I can even direct you to a video that explains how. But just in case you think all you need to do is confront your husband I will tell you right now that telling your husband he has to do his part is a huge mistake.

Your marriage will be awesome with the right ideas and applied actions but if you hold back your efforts unless your husband “does his part” you might as well march off to the courts right now.

What if you already tried to save your marriage and it didn’t work? For over twenty years I have been teaching some amazing principles that I discovered that DO work, and I have seen very few failures.

Because I was a divorce mediator before I switched to saving marriages and founding The Marriage Foundation, I got my first clients from 2nd Saturday woman’s support group for women who were getting a divorce. I saved marriages that everyone else wrote off, including for the women I helped

Can I forgive my husband for straying from me? When I say stray, I do not necessarily mean he is having an emotional affair or is cheating on you. Maybe he is just ignoring you or being an ass towards you. Maybe he is not intimate with you or just wants you for sexual release. Be clear. You don’t have to forgive anyone, let’s leave that to God. The rest of us are doing the best we can and though we aren’t always right or moral we all do the best we can. Instead of thinking about getting past this, it is much better to focus on creating a future that is so filled with love and happiness that this episode is just forgotten. It will be forgotten if you follow my advice.

Did you discover he is on porn sites, or dating apps? All of these are solid indicators that your marriage is failing but they are not all signs he doesn’t love you anymore. They are all signs he is moving away from you, and moving away from you is the wrong direction, isn’t it. That is what we need to correct.

My experience with this is extensive. Bringing back the love and happiness that is slipping away should now be your goal. We, you and I, want to make sure you have the tools to turn your marriage around, to get it on the right track and not just temporarily but forever.

Experiencing a few rough patches along the way in marriage are what most couples believe to be normal. But let’s set the record straight. The idea that rough patches and ups and downs in marriage are fine and normal is a complete misconception even though nearly all most so-called experts believe that it is perfectly OK. What is perfectly OK for marriage is ever expanding happiness based on ever increasing love.

Let’s be as objective as we can by starting with why people get married in the first place. I unhesitatingly state that these are the reasons why you got married, too.

Every single person who gets married does to be happier and experience unconditional love, or what we call marital love.

Honestly, it is only because people have gotten used to marriage failures and the ups and downs that most marriages have that they accept rough patches, disharmony, arguments, fighting, days of tension, and all the other signs of malfunctioning marriages as “normal”.

Your marriage and every marriage is supposed to be ever increasingly happy and you are supposed to feel ever expanding and uplifting love.

Now, let’s be honest. As a woman with keen intuition when you are feeling unloved by your husband you don’t need to know what the various signs are. What you need to know, and you already know, is that your husband is unhappy with your marriage and how you are interacting with him. And that is all we need to know to come up with solutions that will change everything for the better.

What I can promise you and what I cannot promise you.

I can promise you that a few ideas that I will give you in this article will have a positive effect on your marriage, but I also promise you it is not enough.

I cannot promise you that a few ideas that I give you in this article will turn your marriage around even though it will help. In fact, I can promise that just having a few ideas to work with will only help you so much and that if you don’t take the next steps your marriage will not significantly improve. it will crash.

Here is the reality. I did not write this article thinking I can get your marriage back on track with the suggestions that are coming. I knew that you need to take our course for women. But I wanted you to see from what I suggest that I really do know what I am talking about.

Revitalize your marriage and make it a loving blissful hive of happiness. So practice the upcoming ideas for a few days but then don’t pretend everything is OK. Go to our website and bookmark it so that when you see these ideas are effective you can go right back to the website & sign up for the course. That is what you need.

Try these ideas

  1. Stop arguing and or fighting with your husband all together. If he says something , anything, that you don’t like just smile and give it some thought but do not react. Men do not like to be challenged and if you understood men you would understand that it emasculates them. It is very hard for a man to feel affection for his wife when she puts him down in any way shape or form. You are his wife and promised to be there to support and love him not judge and correct him.
  2. Tell your husband you love him and do so with a smile and even a touch. When was the last time you did that? It is a big mistake to hold off giving affection just because you are not getting it in return. Your husband married you to experience unconditional love and be with his soul mate who did everything in her power to make him happy. are you trying to make him happy? Are you expressing unconditional love towards him or do you have expectations of him?

Again, there are many women who have been misguided by our societies false education about liberated women. There is simply no substitute for love. It is not a matter of sacrifice to give your husband unconditional love because it is what you promised him and are now holding back.

Some women read this and think why should I do everything when he doesn’t do anything or at least something along those lines. I understand where they are coming from but it is misguided and those ladies never fulfill themselves to their potential. Love is everything to all of us, men and women. We should never hold love back for any reason. Those women get bitter and end up with stone cold hearts and loneliness. Then from their places of misery they spread the word about how they don’t need men and are just as happy living with their glasses of wine hobbies and perpetual loneliness. We have all heard the expression that a happy wife means a happy life. Well, a happy husband does everything in his power to please his beautiful and loving wife.

I worked with very sophisticated and independent women who realized the logic of what I teach and applied it to their marriages. Again, the women who I worked with were already passed saving their marriages according to most experts. I met them in seminars where they were learning how to get a divorce. But when they heard about the things that I discovered about marriages that they never considered before they met me they were intrigued enough to give it a try.

In those days I didn’t have a marriage foundation that conveyed all of what I learned in online classes so they had to pay far more than you will have to pay for the same valuable information and guidance. The courses that we now offer have a success rate that is the envy of any expert who tries to help people save their marriage. Over 95% of the people who take the course not only save their marriages but turn them into spectacular blissful marriages that changed their lives and enrich their family.

I do not give off-the-cuff advice but have based everything on solid universal principles. When you take the course for women you will be guided every step of the way and have solid discernible milestones so that you will know how you are doing. The course itself is 100% guaranteed so you never risk anything. Within days, sometimes within hours, we hear back from individuals like you that they have had their eyes opened and their whole lives improved. That is exactly what I want for you.

If you have questions regarding the course or methods we use at The Marriage Foundation you can write to our counselors at no charge. They will be happy to help you.