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"My husband and I are doing great, thanks to you. Life is looking good again, and we have managed to come through our issue. We are still together and very happy. Thank you!"
Mary & Herman N.

Save Your Marriage in 12 Weeks

We guarantee your marriage will improve dramatically, or you will get your money back.

Many of our clients came to us after spending thousands of dollars and 6-12 months in marriage counseling, only to discover it had done nothing for them. Using our system, they were able to turn their marriage around for a fraction of the cost, and in only a few weeks.

We've found that traditional counseling (i.e. psychoanalysis) works well for personal issues, but fails when applied to marriages. This is clearly demonstrated in divorce rates. Marriage counseling has been around for 100 years, and in that time, the rate of divorce has gone up 300%!

Our founder, Paul Friedman, devised a new approach that is focused on educating people. It empowers couples by providing them with the knowledge of what drives their spouse's behavior and their own. Clients learn tools that help them communicate constructively with each other, put an end to fighting, and connect on a far deeper level. They get an understanding of how to nurture true, unconditional love. Our clients are not only able to resolve current problems, they also easily navigate any future marital challenge.

By empowering the individual, we've proven that our unique system works even if only one spouse uses it

Imagine feeling empowered in your marriage 

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Your Marriage Will Be So Happy

You no longer have to feel disconnected, disrespected, or unloved. By understanding how marriage works, and by having the right tools, you'll enjoy the security and love that comes from living in a harmonious marriage.

Our system is comprehensive yet simple to understand and to apply to your marriage. We have refined it by working with thousands of couples, over 15 years. TMF was founded as a non-profit organization, with a mission to end divorce by spreading this revolutionary system around the world.

We currently have clients in over 45 countries.

Don't suffer another day. Read about our system below, and let's get started making you happy again.

Sharon P.
New York, NY

"You were literally our last chance. My husband didn't want to go to counseling or talk or anything. The system really worked for us. It didn't take very long, and I hardly needed your help. But you REALLY helped when I really needed encouragement. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

What's In The TMF Marriage System?

Online Videos You Can Watch Anywhere

Watch your video classes on any device, 24x7, anywhere. Each course contains around 50 videos and written lessons, spread out over two months. Each week, you'll receive new, uplifting and informative lessons selected and presented by our founder, Paul Friedman. Once you receive a lesson, you'll have permanent access to it so you can work at your own pace, or go back and review.

Different Men's and Women's Courses

Women and men see themselves, their spouse, and their marriage in completely different ways. Providing separate courses is one of the true highlights of our system as we are able to give you each a unique, positive view of your spouse like you've never had before. Marriage is supposed to be positive and happy, just like this course.

Step By Step Instruction

The courses guide you along a deliberate path that will ensure your success and ultimate happiness. Just watch the videos, apply what you are learning to your marriage and ask questions when you get stuck. It works, and you can do it.

Your marriage will become a fountain of tangible love and joy, ever flowing for you, your spouse, and your children to drink from.

The dream we all got married for can be a reality, but only once the negativity is cleared away, the misunderstanding is replaced with wisdom, and real unconditional love is expressed. Our clients have turned that dream into a reality. It doesn't have to be a dream for you anymore, either.

These are the steps you will be guided through in order to improve your marriage:

Step 1 - Eliminate All Fighting

As soon as you sign up, you'll learn how to stop fighting, giving your spouse the cold shoulder, eliminate all negative forms of communication, and techniques for how to cool down emotions. This will allow your marriage to stabilize and your home to become peaceful again.

Step 2 - Rebuild The Foundation Of Your Marriage

Next, you will learn about The 3 Killers of Marriage™, about behaviors that are destructive or beneficial to your marriage, effective communication, and the unique natures you and your spouse express. This will form a solid foundation for you both to construct your ideal marriage.

Step 3 - Create An Unconditional Marriage

To elevate your marriage to the highest plane, the courses cover subjects like how to live with your spouse in a Sacred Space, how your children fit within your new marriage, how to achieve unconditional love, and how to build a marriage that gets better every day.

Course Samples

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Read About An Example Technique

Watch A Selected Video From The Women's Course

Watch A Selected Video From The Men's Course

Ongoing Support From TMF Certified Counselors

Our counselors are trained and certified in the principles taught by Paul Friedman. They are readily available to answer your questions. This service is included in the price of the system. Just write to them through the client portal, and they will get back to you promptly. 

This is not therapy or traditional counseling. They won't explore your childhood, or psychoanalyze you. They will help you to understand and to apply our principles to your marriage.

An Unconditional, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Most people see progress within the first week. The courses take 2 months to complete, but you'll have a full 90 days to decide if this is right for you. If not, just let us know and we'll refund 100% of the money you paid.

Complete Marriage System


For Women

Women's Course
  • Women's Online Course
  • Unlimited Email Counseling
  • 90-Day Guarantee
  • 3-Day Free Trial

Full payment

$139.95 / month
3 payments

$39.95 / month
11 payments

For Men

Men's Course
  • Men's Online Course
  • Unlimited Email Counseling
  • 90-Day Guarantee
  • 3-Day Free Trial

Full payment

$139.95 / month
3 payments

$39.95 / month
11 payments

What About Couples?

You may add your spouse now, if they asked to have it, or anytime in the future for only $129.95. First, sign up for your individual course, then you'll see the option to add your spouse. However, we recommend that you do not add your spouse unless they have expressed interest. Read more in the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Donna M.
Portland, Or

"TMF helped me find the peace I was longing for, from what seemed like an impossible situation. It caused such a transformation in my marriage, which was on the way to divorce. TMF continues to make changes for peace, happiness and beautiful love in our marriage. Because of TMF we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. In the decades of my experience, besides God and the Bible, there is no other successful marital help like it. It is deeply appreciated."

Anne's Testimonial

Anne B.
New Zealand

"I'm so happy to have the support I am now getting from you. I'm really delighted with the course and am very much enjoying it."

Testimonial Cindy

Cindy J.
Los Angeles, CA

"The fighting began before the baby. The problem is we are both so stubborn and always want the last word, instead of trying to sort it out. There is so much love in our relationship but it was always pushed to the back because of our constant bickering. Now we know how to work things out calmly and respectfully!"

Testimonial Brian

Brian D.
South Africa

"I never understood what a spiritual marriage was, or how to include God in our marriage. I am not religious and didn't want to hear all that crap (pardon the language). But now I get it! ...and I read all the self-help stuff by Tony Robbins and others but never understood about controlling the mind before. You helped us! What can I say... most unexpected, but most happy. Thanks. Can't fail now..."

Cheryl's Testimonial

Cheryl F.
Indianapolis, IN

"It’s now been 3 months and things are getting better. We are communicating more openly, and he is slowly coming back to the marriage."

Testimonial Jessica

Jessica O.
Dublin, Ireland

"I feel very reassured to know that I have this access. It means everything to me right now, and certainly it is a tool I will use ongoing to keep my marriage alive and well. Things are going great for me purely from this new information I am learning. Going from rock bottom to a transformed relationship is nothing short of a miracle."

Testimonial Rob

Rob P.
Houston, TX

"Some of what you said seemed really cheesy. But I have to admit, it worked and things are better than ever."

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