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Our Methodical Process Has proven itself for over 2o years!

Plans for less than $10 a week.

– Mary N.

 My behavior has turned around. I stay out of my feelings and think before I speak. I think positive thoughts and bless him in my thoughts. I am not feeling anxious or fear anymore. I am feeling secure and calm. The sew has made me a happy person. It has saved me.

We guarantee dramatic improvements or you will get your money back.
In Less Than 12 Weeks

Our marriage-saving process was created over 20 years ago when Paul Friedman, who later founded TMF, gave up a lucrative divorce mediation practice in San Diego to help women and men individually save their marriage instead of end them. 

He spoke at the 2nd Saturday support group for divorcing women and men, explaining why it was not too late, and that he could help them save their marriage without their spouse participating. or even knowing of their efforts.

The first years were used by Paul to invent, test and perfect the processes, techniques and methods that now comprise the courses we offer. 

What we offer is incredibly effective because rather than try to solve myriad and diverse issues that exist in failing marriages, or rehash problems that plague troubled marriages, our methodical process works with you, first. This is our big difference.

Your changes you make yourself will change everything in your marriage for the better...steadily and surely. As you become "sweeter" (calmer, more in-your-heart, and so forth) the half of your marriage that is you will "sweeten" the whole. 

Working with individuals, rather than doing couple's counseling, is known by all marriage experts to be far superior (couples counseling is a business model that sounds reasonable put is usually fatal to marriages) for many reasons.

It is critical to have confidence in our course as you progress. Seeing changes quickly means encouragement, means enthusiasm. You are going to come out of the hole you have fallen in then rise above the clouds. This isn't a death march, its a way to marital bliss! It will not take all of 12 weeks to recognize improvements in your thinking and state of mind. 

You will gain increasing control over your emotions, anger, and moods. You will start to see, clearly, why things got out of control and you will learn real tools, especially the SEW technique that Paul invented, that will change your life and lives, forever. 

Your changes, improvements really, will start to transform your spouse and your marriage right from the first lessons.

Within days, as you apply and practice what we teach, you will have all the proof you need to know that this step-by-step process, along with support from our TMF counselors when you need it (you need only ask, it is part of what you get) works. Our methods are irrefutably beneficial. 

Your guiding purpose is to achieve happiness and marital love, isn't it? 
As quickly and as efficiently as humanely possible! 
Why try to solve one problem at a time like they do in therapy? Time is precious and should be used well, to become happy.
When you know what you are doing, and you will, there won't be anymore "marital" problems. They don't lessen, they disappear!
Why rehash things that upset you and your spouse? 
Past offenses, including the big ones like infidelity, are exactly why Paul's first clients were getting a divorce. As you learn and apply what you learn the offenses are recognized for what they were, shockers that woke you up, and nothing more.

You won't learn how to "cope". You will learn how to move forward into a revitalized marriage that will now be filling up with happiness and love.
Why blame your spouse or yourself for past mistakes?
You will learn how to shift your thinking and rediscover the love and connection that brought you together so your lives ahead are filled with joy. We want you to set the bar high. You deserve happiness and love.
Why label your spouse or yourself based on flaws?
We all have flaws and make mistakes. How dare we stay tied to those instead of the gifts we were given? Love, joy, these are our birthrights and marriage is the greatest gift that you just need to learn how to employ.
Don't you want to achieve what you originally got married for?

Some come to us after spending thousands of dollars or months in marriage counseling with little or no improvements. Others tried to fix things on their own by borrowing ideas from here or there.

Some are already "effectively" separated and a few are literally separated. It doesn't matter. Your case is undefinable in terms of "can my marriage be saved" and so it only makes sense to sign up for the 3-day free trial. Even if you aren't sure after 3 days there is still a 90 day period where you can get your money back. The guarantee was started by Paul for his live sessions. Have you ever heard of a therapist offering that??

The pressures and frustrations you are now feeling will give way to hope and encouragement! That's because the SEW technique works like mathematics and you will experience the power you have right away. From the very start you will begin to master your mind. Mastering your mind is basic for happiness. But, nobody tells us that.

Marriage is complex, that is true. But so are many things we do, like driving a car, or your job at work. You can do this.

True marital success is at your finger tips. But it takes more than a desire and determination. That's why we guide your marriage healing with truthful knowledge and a proven process, every step of the way. It is not just a course. As soon as you fill out the intake form one of our TMF counselors, trained by Paul will respond with clarity and encouragement.

If you have been reading Paul’s articles or watching his youtube videos you know we mean business about getting results. Mere improvement is not enough for us and shouldn't be for you. A well understood marriage, with all of it's attributes, especially you, means you will know how to have the promises of marriage; ever-increasing happiness and ever-expanding love. You should and can have it. Don't settle. 

Our system employs easy to learn techniques and methods which are based upon universal principles of love.

You are a human being who can and should expect ever-increasing happiness and ever-expanding love. We KNOW we are intended to be joy-filled and live in love. Soulmates means we are souls. We are not religionists but we do not avoid the truth that love is spiritual, and we are spiritual. 

Settling for a mundane "saved" marriage is not our way.

No matter how bad things are, no matter what you are going through, you still can experience marital life as it is intended. Our system is effective because we offer you a course as an individual.

You can take the course alone or you and your husband, or wife, can both take the course for you.
It works either way.

No matter how bad things are, you still can have the happiness and love exactly as you are supposed to and very quickly. Our methods, techniques, focus on the positive and tapping into the love that got pushed aside. The negative trends stop and then it just gets better, and better, and better.

Our system works for everyone and our reviews bear out our claims and have for over 20 years.

Traditional counseling and the “common knowledge” about marriage is mostly wrong. Based on ideas and philosophies that ignore the essence of both marriage and ourselves being love, souls, they usually do more harm than good. They call love a mere emotion and consider it an abstract thought. We are better than that. We deserve more than intellectual labeling and hearing we are "wrong" to expect ultimate marital bliss.  

 Paul devised a methodical approach that first brings individuals into their heart’s love by taming and eventually mastering their mind’s hectic whirlpool of anger, emotions, and destructive habits.

In other words, our process is for you, as an individual, to become happy. That is our first order of business in the courses. Showing you the truth, that when you ‘improve’, and you shall, your spouse will also, they can’t help but respond to your love and happiness. A new positive cycle replaces the old destructive ones that cause so much pain and agony.

Our process methodically, like mathematics or physics, changes the negative trends into a positive cycle. It is common sense. When one learns to master their emotions, smile all the time with inner happiness, and also learns the basics of creating love in the relationship It empowers both. Given proper guidance with communication and other marriage enhancing tools means lifting your relationship to you connecting on a far deeper level where marriage is supposed to happen, love. Understanding how to nurture true, unconditional love our clients are not only able to resolve the few problems that may sneak in but one learns to gracefully navigate challenges with inner peace, calmness, and of course, love.

As human beings, we are endowed with great gifts and incredible tools. There is no better vehicle in life than marriage to experience the happiness and all-fulfilling love that was intended for us. Now, you just need to learn how.

By lifting you, the individual, our unique system works even when only one of you uses it!

Your Marriage Should Be Filled With Lasting Joy

The fact is that neither you nor your spouse ever properly learned about marriage. Unless you consider movies and sitcoms rational sources of marital education.

So, putting all blame aside regardless of what anyone's “infractions” are or were, no matter how deep the hole you have fallen into. You can take charge of your future. You can learn and apply the knowledge that will change EVERYTHING! You can do much better than just save your marriage.

By learning how marriage works, how you and your spouse work, plus getting the right tools and guidance, you'll have the love and happiness that comes as a natural result of living in a harmoniously run marriage, period. (As an added benefit you will find that nearly everything you learn also applies to all your relationships with friends, family, and business, and other associates).

The “learn as you go” technique you relied on for your marriage, and the “common knowledge” found in articles, books, therapy sessions and youtube videos other than Paul’s doesn’t work because societal standards for marriage don’t meet our innate needs for love, real love.

Our system works, perfectly. It is comprehensive yet simple to understand so you can apply what you learn to your marriage as you progress. Paul begins with what everyone can agree are basic essential premises of our need for love and happiness and sets them as the immediate goals. He specified the principles and common sense ideas for marriage that work for us, not against us. Then he used a combination of time-tested methods and special techniques he created himself, such as the SEW technique for individuals to lift their marriages out of the holes (of despair) their marriages had fallen into. The basics have never changed in the over 20 years he used them because they are built upon universal principles that never change, and never get old-fashioned.

Working with thousands of people who are just like you we have both revised some and made slight changes in other recommendations within the courses to help individuals gain greater successful results, faster. But the principles and our process works and always will because we humans all want the same two things, love, and happiness.

TMF was founded as a non-profit organization, with a mission to end marital suffering and divorce by spreading our revolutionary system around the world. Our clients come from over 45 countries. Don't suffer or feel fear another day. Read about our system below, and let's get started making you happy again.
Our specially trained counselors help with any question as you progress through either the women’s or men’s course.

“I want your program because after watching Paul’s youtube videos I can say his approach to marriage completely resonates with me.” 

"You were literally our last chance. My husband didn't want to go to counseling or talk or anything. The system really worked for us. It didn't take very long, and I hardly needed your help. But you REALLY helped when I really needed encouragement. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Sharon P. ‧ New York, NY

What's In The TMF Marriage System?

Online Videos You Can Watch Anywhere

Watch your video classes on any device, 24x7, anywhere. Each course contains around 50 videos and written lessons, spread out over two months. Each week, you'll receive new, uplifting and informative lessons selected and presented by our founder, Paul Friedman. Once you receive a lesson, you'll have permanent access to it so you can work at your own pace, or go back and review.

Different Men's and Women's Courses

Women and men see themselves, their spouse, and their marriage in completely different ways. Providing separate courses is one of the true highlights of our system as we are able to give you each a unique, positive view of your spouse like you've never had before. Marriage is supposed to be positive and happy, just like this course.

Step By Step Instruction

The courses guide you along a deliberate path that will ensure your success and ultimate happiness. Just watch the videos, apply what you are learning to your marriage and ask questions when you get stuck. It works, and you can do it.

Your marriage will become a fountain of tangible love and joy, ever flowing for you, your spouse, and your children to drink from.

The dream we all got married for can be a reality, but only once the negativity is cleared away, the misunderstanding is replaced with wisdom, and real unconditional love is expressed. Our clients have turned that dream into a reality.

It doesn't have to be a dream for you anymore, either. These are the steps you will be guided through in order to improve your marriage:


Eliminate All Fighting

As soon as you sign up, you'll learn how to stop fighting, giving your spouse the cold shoulder, eliminate all negative forms of communication, and techniques for how to cool down emotions. This will allow your marriage to stabilize and your home to become peaceful again.


Rebuild The Foundation Of Your Marriage

Next, you will learn about The 3 Killers of Marriage™, about behaviors that are destructive or beneficial to your marriage, effective communication, and the unique natures you and your spouse express. This will form a solid foundation for you both to construct your ideal marriage.


Create An Unconditional Marriage

To elevate your marriage to the highest plane, the courses cover subjects like how to live with your spouse in a Sacred Space™, how your children fit within your new marriage, how to achieve unconditional love, and how to build a marriage that gets better every day.

Read About An Example Technique

Your emotions do not distinguish between truly life threatening situations and things that don't really matter, like towels left on the bathroom floor, or the fact that someone was rude to you. That's why many mundane situations can trigger emotions that are as powerful as the emotions we might experience while being mugged or physically attacked.

In relationships, we often establish habitual responses. This means we already know how our spouse will react to a given situation, and in certain situations this can be helpful. But if our habits have become negative emotional reactions such as yelling, giving cold shoulders, or being judgmental or critical, then they no longer are helpful and instead become the drivers for the destruction of our marriage.

It's scary to realize that as much as 90% of our actions could be driven by our habits. 

Once you realize this and see for yourself how your words are harming your spouse, you still might not be able to stop them before they slip out in the heat of an argument.

It is very difficult to change the habits that drive our lives. Paul created a special technique called S.E.W. which is truly revolutionary in its ability to help us get a handle on our reactive tendencies and to slice through negative habits.

Even beginners with the S.E.W. technique can learn to stop harmful words right away. With regular practice, you'll even be able to stop the negative emotions before they arise. In their place you'll have the freedom to express love and wisdom appropriate for the situation.

With the S. E.W. technique, you will still be able to deal with the real problems in life, but you'll do so from a more peaceful and happier place, which will allow your marriage to flourish.

Watch A Selected Video From The Women's Course

The Powerful Woman: Setting Your Intentions

Watch A Selected Video From The Men's Course

Communication: Must Do's For Men

Ongoing Support From TMF Certified Counselors

Our counselors are trained and certified in the principles taught by Paul Friedman. They are readily available to answer your questions. This service is included in the price of the system. Just write to them through the client portal, and they will get back to you promptly.

This is not therapy or traditional counseling. They won't explore your childhood, or psychoanalyze you. They will help you to understand and to apply our principles to your marriage.

An Unconditional, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Most people see progress within the first week. The courses take 2 months to complete, but you'll have a full 90 days to decide if this is right for you. If not, just let us know and we'll refund 100% of the money you paid.

Complete Marriage System


  • Women's Online Course
  • Unlimited Email Counseling
  • 90-Day Guarantee
  • 3-Day Free Trial


Full payment



3 payments

$39.95 / month

11 payments

  • Men's Online Course
  • Unlimited Email Counseling
  • 90-Day Guarantee
  • 3-Day Free Trial


Full payment



3 payments

$39.95 / month

11 payments

What About Couples?

You may add your spouse now, if they asked to have it, or anytime in the future for only $129.95. First, sign up for your individual course, then you'll see the option to add your spouse. However, we recommend that you do not add your spouse unless they have expressed interest. Read more in the FAQ below.

Click a question to expand the section.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have A Discount For Couples?

Yes, however, we do not recommend people sign up their spouse without their knowledge or interest.

Our most successful, step-by-step program is specifically designed for you to use as an individual to begin the healing and refreshing process without requiring your partner to also do their program.

Over the past 15 years, about half of spouses also sign up, though not always right away.

Even though your intentions are probably wonderful, it is best to not sign up your spouse unless they have expressly asked. In a relatively short period, they will certainly notice big changes in you. Seeing you become a happier person is what will inspire them to want to participate in improving the marriage with you.

Your spouse can sign up for only $129.95 anytime, whether that is today, in a month, a year, or even 5 or 10 years from now.

To add your spouse, buy either individual course above. After signing up, you will have the option to add your spouse for the discounted rate. Both courses are covered under the 3-day free trial and 90-day guarantee. The option to upgrade will be available to you at any time on your member dashboard. 

What Situations Can You Help?

Over the years, we have seen some true miracles happen. Many of our clients had already sought advice from a long line of ineffective counselors. Others had been turned away by counselors because their problems seemed too difficult. Yet, in the end, they were able to save their marriage with our methods. We have helped couples in all of the following situations and more:

  • Cheating and emotional affairs
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Fallen out of love
  • Constant fighting, nagging, criticism
  • Having lazy, depressed, or withdrawn spouses
  • Being on the brink of a separation or divorce
  • Anger
  • Resenting your spouse
  • Poor communication
  • Verbal and emotional abuse

Are There Couples You Can't Help?

Usually we can help couples that other professionals can't or won't help. However there are some unfortunate circumstances in which even we cannot help:

1) If there is physical abuse.

If you or your children are in danger, we do not recommend you stay in the home. Get away from the abuser and into a safe environment. However, we have seen couples move back in together when it was safe to do so.

2) If you or your spouse is abusing drugs or alcohol.

Realize that chronic abuse of any substance is never good when you want to make positive changes. Dealing with the tensions in your marriage is already difficult enough without the added burdensome effects caused by drugs and alcohol. Even in this situation, our system will certainly be beneficial for your marriage, but please seek professional help to address the substance abuse.

3) If your wife has left the home and is involved with another man.

We have not been able to save marriages in this situation. It is different if the husband leaves due to a different motivation driving the separation. Even after they had been living with a younger woman for months, we've seen wives who were determined to save their marriage be able to reconcile with their husbands. However, when women leave, they usually leave "with their heart". Men, if this is your situation, our system might help you interact more positively with her and your children, but sadly we cannot offer hope for a full recovery. Please read the Men's FAQ for more information.

In all other circumstances, we can help.

To you, the problems you are facing may seem huge and pretty complex, but in our experience they are usually easily resolvable if you know what to fix and how to fix it. If you focus on the symptoms (i.e. the cheating or fighting), you will never resolve the underlying, real problems and will not be able to make progress in healing the marriage.

If you have any questions about your unique situation, feel free to contact our counselors.

How Long Will It Take To Save My Marriage?

Most people experience individual results in days. Certain marriage improvements might take from days to weeks, and difficult cases can take longer. Once you are out of the danger zone, your marriage will continue to improve from there. Many of our clients tell us that even years later their marriages are still getting better day after day

Our courses are delivered over a period of two months. Every week you'll receive new lessons for you to study and practice in your marriage. Just follow the course, apply the principles, and you'll see for yourself within the first two months that our system is working, though usually you'll notice a dramatic shift in the first week. Our 90 day guarantee covers you in case you are not satisfied.

The structure of our course was designed by our founder Paul Friedman, who personally trained hundreds of clients. He stresses the fact that there are some key lessons such as learning the S.E.W. technique and using it every day in your marriage in order to bring about a permanent recovery. 

We constantly receive emails from students who really took the system seriously. After starting the course, they learned the S.E.W. technique and the new concepts and methods of thinking, then applied these to all aspects of their lives. Often they write to us asking questions like, 'My husband says he likes the new me, and so do I. I'm happier than I've ever been, but how can I be sure it will last? How do I convince him I've changed?'

Opening your eyes is the first big step. Establishing new habits is next, and we assure you that if you stick with it, your marriage will permanently change. Your spouse will be convinced over time and, more often than not, will join you in making improvements. 

Does It Really Work, Even If Only One Spouse Takes The Course?

Yes, absolutely. This is what makes our system so unique. Once you understand why marriages succeed or fail, and study the principles we teach, you'll see for yourself that they make perfect sense.

Even if only one of you is willing to learn and apply these principles (regardless of who committed the errors), that partner will definitely still enjoy the benefits of an incredible marriage. Time and time again, we see that when one spouse starts taking the course, fighting stops, peace descends on the home, our student becomes happier than ever, and the spouse starts wondering what happened.

The improvement is so remarkable that the spouse often becomes interested in learning how he or she can participate in the process too.

We've had cases in which a husband left the home to move in with a younger woman. The wife, however, was not willing to give up, so she took the course, eliminated all fighting and negative interactions with her husband, forgave and loved him (a tough pill to swallow, for sure, but her goal was to have a happy marriage, not to blame her spouse) and after several months he moved back home. They rebuilt a wonderful marriage from that point on. We can't promise results like this to everyone, but we have seen some amazing miracles.

My Spouse Is The Problem. How Can I Fix Him Or Her?

Many of our clients come to us with this question. But you already know from your own experience that you can't change others and people only truly change when they make the effort themselves.

The only way to improve your spouse's behavior that we have seen consistently work is the following:

Very often when a spouse makes a mistake, your impulse to react negatively is strong. Your reaction is nearly as destructive for your marriage as the initial mistake, because it perpetuates a cycle of negative reactions (fighting, giving cold shoulders, yelling, etc). Surely you've already seen this happen, over and over again in your marriage.

We have found a way to break this cycle and we teach how to do that in our system. Learning this is essential for a happy marriage.

You must learn to stop the impulse that drives your negative reactions. Once you have mastered this, then you will be able to respond with love and wisdom whenever your spouse makes a mistake. We do not teach you to become a doormat. Instead, we teach you how to respond from an empowered place where you can choose the action that is best for your marriage, rather than responding from a place of feeling hurt, upset, or feeling like a victim.

When you have changed your own attitudes and behaviors, you will then see a marked improvement in how your spouse reacts to you. When you respond only with love, it's very hard for him or her to put up a fight or to intentionally continue making mistakes.

Is Your Course Religious Or From A Religious Organization?

The Marriage Foundation is not affiliated with any other organization, religious or otherwise. We have clients in over 45 different countries who are followers of all faiths or atheists. We have clients referred to us by pastors, rabbis, and other religious leaders who have reviewed our material. Our principles, books and courses are practical, not religious and work in all religious, spiritual, and atheist marriages.

Here is a summary of the "spiritual" tenets discussed in our system:

No one can deny that we have a consciousness. Religious circles call this a soul, but it's the same thing.

Marriage counseling, based in western psychology, begins with the premise that we are an organism: a body and brain that has developed consciousness as a result of its chemical processes.

Our courses are based in eastern psychology, which begins with the premise that we are a consciousness that possesses a body and mind. Evolution isn't denied, but our starting point is that our essence is consciousness inhabiting biology, not just a product of physical, biological processes.

How we got here is for religions to decide. It's not important to us unless it is useful for your marriage. However, the fundamental difference in marriage-help solutions derives from the question of what we are, which is critically important for your marriage.

If you are a body, then that implies that your consciousness is a perpetual victim of the emotions and habits that drive 90% or more of your actions. This basically means that you have no control over your life and that love is just a chemical that comes and goes solely as a response to outward stimuli or inward chemical reactions. 

However if you are a consciousness then although most of our actions are still driven by emotions and habits, we can separate ourselves from them because we are not 'them'. We own them as possessions. You can compare habits and emotions to wild horses driving our chariot. If in our whole life, we've never taken control of the reins, the horses will fight and pull in different directions. However, with the right process and patience, we can learn to rein them in.

By regarding humans as a consciousness or a soul, marriage becomes a union between souls seeking to exchange Love, rather than a union between organisms seeking to experience chemical highs.

In our system the words 'consciousness' and 'soul', and 'God' and 'Love' are interchange. However, we don't preach any dogma. Everything we teach can be proven through your own experience, in your own life.

We maintain that trying to fix your marriage without exercising any control over your emotions, mind, and expressions is futile. So believing that you are just an organism permanently and hopelessly subject to chemistry and outward stimuli will never allow you or your spouse to make changes and improve your marriage.

However, approaching your marriage as a 'spiritual union' between two 'consciousnesses' has proven to be far more effective than traditional marriage counseling. It provides a useful conceptual model even atheists can accept. This means we are beings who love naturally but its expression is blocked by bad mental habits like yelling, criticizing, and other negative emotional reactions. Once we learn to control those reactions, our natural love can flow freely. Even love itself becomes an energetic force, rather than just the chemicals in the body.

Which conceptual model resonates most profoundly with you? Are you the result of a chemical reaction; an organism entirely subject to your own biology and not responsible for your own behavior? Or are you a consciousness with free will that has the ability and responsibility to manage your own emotions and mind so you can freely love your spouse? If you are at least comfortable working within this latter conceptual model, then you'll have no problem using our system. 

If you want a happy marriage, give our approach a shot. We can show you how to have an incredibly happy marriage, regardless of your religious beliefs.

Feel free to contact one of our counselors if you would like to discuss this topic further.

Are You A Non-Profit or For-Profit Organization?

The Marriage Foundation was established in California in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization. We are registered as Global Foundation For Marriage, dba The Marriage Foundation.

From 2003 onward, prior to founding the organization, Paul Friedman had already been developing and testing his marriage-saving material in his private practice. He felt it necessary to establish the foundation so that it would be possible to bring people from all over the world into contact with this much needed methodology.

If you would like to participate in growing our cause and helping marriages worldwide, the best way is to purchase our books or courses and improve your own marriage. By living an ideal example for your kids and others to see, you will leave a lasting impact on society. Other ways to support the foundation are by sharing our social media posts, recommending us to your friends, or by providing a tax-deductible donation, all of which help tremendously.

"TMF helped me find the peace I was longing for, from what seemed like an impossible situation. It caused such a transformation in my marriage, which was on the way to divorce. TMF continues to make changes for peace, happiness and beautiful love in our marriage. Because of TMF we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. In the decades of my experience, besides God and the Bible, there is no other successful marital help like it. It is deeply appreciated."

Donna M. ‧ Portland, Or

"I'm so happy to have the support I am now getting from you. I'm really delighted with the course and am very much enjoying it."

Anne B. ‧ Auckland, New Zealand

"The fighting began before the baby. The problem is we are both so stubborn and always want the last word, instead of trying to sort it out. There is so much love in our relationship but it was always pushed to the back because of our constant bickering. Now we know how to work things out calmly and respectfully!"

Cindy J. ‧ Los Angeles, CA

"I never understood what a spiritual marriage was, or how to include God in our marriage. I am not religious and didn't want to hear all that crap (pardon the language). But now I get it! ...and I read all the self-help stuff by Tony Robbins and others but never understood about controlling the mind before. You helped us! What can I say... most unexpected, but most happy. Thanks. Can't fail now..."

Brian D. ‧ Johannesburg, South Africa

"It’s now been 3 months and things are getting better. We are communicating more openly, and he is slowly coming back to the marriage."

Cheryl F. ‧ Indianapolis, IN

"I feel very reassured to know that I have this access. It means everything to me right now, and certainly it is a tool I will use ongoing to keep my marriage alive and well. Things are going great for me purely from this new information I am learning. Going from rock bottom to a transformed relationship is nothing short of a miracle."

Jessica O. ‧ Indianapolis, IN

"Some of what you said seemed really cheesy. But I have to admit, it worked and things are better than ever."

Rob P. ‧ Houston, TX

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