The Three Things That Stays With You For Your Entire Married Life

Be Happy For Your Entire married Life

Your wedding day will come, and go; no matter how modest, or extravagant. But there are three things which will stay with you for your entire married life.

And of those three only one will make all the difference between happiness and suffering. And, to make it even more ironic, nobody but you alone will realize just how many times it has saved you, and how many times it has saved your marriage. Can you guess?

The first thing that stays with you for your entire married life are your wedding rings. These simple symbols of love and marriage will always remain. Very much like the marital love you will learn how to create in your marriage, they have no beginning. They have no end. Yet they are always with you, securely bound without any visible glue or fastener. As you exchange your rings at your wedding ceremony when you enter into your sacred space of marriage; you will have your wedding rings until the end of your days.

The second thing that stays with you for your entire married life are your marriage vows. These beautiful words are drawn from the heart of hearts. They will guide you through all times. They will make the good times better, and they make the tough times mere stones beneath your feet.

The third thing, is what no other will ever see, or know you possess. Even your spouse, who will know you better than you know yourself, will never know when you are drawing from it; and you will always draw from it (especially the incomparable SEW technique)!

The most important thing for your entire married life is premarital education

Like an electrician who always remembers how to determine which wire is hot, and carpenters who knows the limitations of various thicknesses of lumber, the premarital educated spouse draws from their thorough training, automatically, doing what is needed to accomplish their objective. And when they are “stuck” they know exactly where to look for the answer!

contrarily, the fool who rigs weather balloons to his lawn chair and fancies himself a pilot, the stubborn unprepared couples who get married without premarital counseling and education live in fear and uncertainty. They make mistakes they never had to make, and sometimes they never recover, ending a marriage that could have, and should have, been wonderful.