We Need Marriage Counselors & Clergy

Listen to Dr. Timothy Dunnigan speak about the opportunity available for qualified MFTs, clergy and other marriage professionals.

The Marriage Foundation was established in 2009 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

There Is One Scientific Explanation We All Should Agree Upon

The grand individual purpose of marriage is learn how to love unconditionally. Each married person can experience that highest of all joys; unconditional love, within the safe zone of a committed marriage.

Don't you agree?

There are "mechanical" laws that apply to marriage behaviors. But although knowing those laws is important, it is not enough. One must also utilize an effective technique to control one's thoughts and habits. Otherwise, all the knowledge will merely create guilt and insecurity as they try and fail to do what is right. Paul Friedman's SEW technique is a game changer. 

Dr. Timothy Dunnigan, Director of Counseling

Dear Colleague,

I have met many talented and wonderful marriage therapists who are frustrated with the lack of consistency in marriage counseling or the lack of recognition of the deep spiritual aspects of the marital relationship. Many are frustrated with the tendency for couples to use therapy to vent toward their spouse and drive each other further away from intimacy.

Our vision for the future of providing marriage help is to build up an “army” of professionals who share the same principles, utilize the same methodologies, and join together to shift the ideals of marriage to what it was intended; the ultimate relationship of unconditional love and perpetual harmony. The Marriage Foundation is nonsectarian, but we all share basic spiritual principles.

I hope you are as dedicated to the cause of reducing divorce and unhappy marriages as we are, and you consider The Marriage Foundation as a part of your future.

Best Always,

Dr. Timothy Dunnigan

Our training is simple. Our goal is simple.

Having developed a science based explanation for marriage, we desire a consistent, and universally accepted standard for practices which hinge on education, rather than therapy.​

Our training begins with our free introduction, which teaches a cornerstone for success; the SEW technique. Our simple objective is to demonstrate, in practice, the necessity for objectifying the mind so it can be systematically relegated to its rightful role as a servant of the individual.

Those who are comfortable with this philosophy, which defines the individual as a soul, who has a mind, may continue their studies of all of our unique teachings.

By training like minded individuals we will build an army of specialists who are well suited to help those who require our help; engaged, newlyweds, and couples in despair. Our efforts, together, will save a sea of future souls, who will never know the ravages of divorce.

If you wish to make a real, lasting difference helping couples, let us show you how through our counselor training program.


Those who continue on to certification, after full training, are eligible to be tested, and then hired by us, as needed. We are not a referral service. We seek exceptional marriage counselors to join us as we expand our programs globally.

We certify and hire only licensed individuals who meet specific requirements. They agree to the processes and principles taught.

Marriage officiants, clergy and marriage therapists are welcome to go through the training program without obligation to take the additional step of becoming certified. 


Our pre-mariatal program requires most students to meet with an expert for assurances. We hire those who have gone through our training and agree to our processes. Those who refer the couple are our first choice.

  • A discount program you can pass on to your clients or parishioners.
  • A scholarship program for those who require financial assistance.
  • An affiliate program (certain restrictions apply)​, and a "sounding board" resource

Benefits Of Being Trained By The Marriage Foundation

TMF Certified Coaching

  • Learn a consistent system that builds strong and loving marriages from any point.
  • Teach husbands, wives and fiancés how to behave in a way that inspires love.
  • Join a team of professionals who are dedicated to continuous quality control and learning.
  • Advertise your credentials as a TMF certified counselor.

Additional Benefits Of Becoming TMF Certified

  • Increase your income in a manner that does not interfere with your private practice.
  • Be eligible for therapeutic referrals for non-marital counseling (we carefully avoid mixing therapy and marriage help).

Certified Counselors May Be Hired To:

  1. Counsel our clients.
  2. Represent The Marriage Foundation at private and public events (e.g. a class on marriage).
  3. Write articles for publication.
  4. Help newly trained counselors as they progress through the course work.

To learn more about our training and certification program and see if you qualify, apply below.